New Species

Hello again everybody! Welcome to my first published muti-chapter fic! As an added bonus, I'm going to post chapter 1 later today, so be sure to review and let me know what you think!

WARNING! Yes, there will be mentioning of Pokémon/human relations, but only mentioned as part of the plot and not gone into in detail. If this offends you, please do not read this fanfic. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Pokémon and I still can't make the stupid accent on the "e" without the computers help. XD


The sun was shining over Pallet Town, as a fifteen-year-old boy was packing for his long overdue Pokémon journey. Shoving several items into his bag he suddenly felt something brush against his back and then flop onto his shoulder. With a sigh he pushed his tail off and it quickly resumed its normal position behind him. After zipping up his bag and tossing it onto his bed, he grabbed a large leather coat off the coat rack and proceeded trying to shove his long pink tail inside it. His tail on the other hand was not cooperating, waving every which way, like a Pokémon trying to escape a Pokeball.

Pokémon, he thought to himself, running his fingers through the pink hair that framed his face. His tail, meanwhile, had just knocked over a lamp. "Crap!" he cried out, hurrying over to where the lamp had just smashed into a million pieces. Please don't let her have heard that, he silently prayed.

"I heard that!" a female voice called from downstairs.


"Ken, did you break another lamp?"

"No, Mom," he replied, carefully picking up the remains of the lamp.

"Did your tail break another lamp?" his mother laughed.

Ken sighed. "Maybe," he replied, hurrying to pick up the shards of glass without cutting himself. He heard his mother tapping her foot impatiently. "Yes," he finally admitted. He then heard footsteps and knew she was coming up the stairs.

His door opened with a click and his mother walked inside. She stood there in her apron with her arms crossed, her brown eyes full of irritation. Then her gaze softened and she wrapped her son in a big hug.

"It's ok," she assured him softly. "We can get another lamp."

"I don't want another lamp," Ken replied angrily. "I want another me!"

"Now Ken," his mother scolded. "What would your father say if he heard that?"

"Mew," Ken replied bitterly.

His mother smiled, although her eyes were filled with sadness. "I know."