This fic was done a whim. I was browsing some Jack x Carly stuff over at Pixiv when I stumbled upon a fanart between them that made me squeal. I was inspired after reading the fanart, and I wrote this. The fanart's content is roughly the same as my fic, but I added some elements in my version.

Just a bit of a warning: Jack may be OOC here because his attitude and actions were based on the fanart. Heads up for those who don't like the characters going OOC.

With that, enjoy!

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Seeing a piece of candy on top of the dining table of Carly Nagisa's apartment made Jack Atlas walk over to check on the said item.

For one, he was fond of sweets, and two, he wanted to eat it.

He did the latter.

"Hmmm… it actually tastes good."

Just when he started chewing on the candy jelly, a startled gasp rang throughout the apartment living room.

"Jack, did you just eat the candy on top of the—" Carly was making her way towards him, and as soon as she saw him chewing, she glared at him through her glasses. "Hey, that was mine!"

"Sorry." He said casually.

"As usual, you just eat things whenever you feel like it!" she huffed.

He gave her a haughty look. "Next time, write your name on the candy." he suggested, sarcasm evident in his tone.

Ignoring what he said, the reporter looked thoroughly sad, which slightly startled Jack (he never was the type to get startled easy). It was just a candy jelly, right…? Why would someone get so worked up over it?

"T-that was given to me by my friend. It's the new flavored candy jelly to be released by next month… I was saving it for later, and I never even got to taste it…" she said, though it was more to herself than to Jack. The young woman looked like she was ready to cry over the loss of her sweet, while Jack looked on with a bored expression on his face.



As soon as she had opened her mouth, the blond duelist had bent down and grabbed the sides of her face to give her an open mouth kiss. At first, she was startled by his sudden gesture, but relaxed slightly and began kissing him back with equal fervor. Usually, Jack wasn't the type to make the first move when it came to kissing, and this was definitely a first. What she did not expect as well was the fact that he was so aggressive with his kissing that he was nearly pinning her against the table. Several seconds later, he pulled away all of a sudden, leaving her both puzzled and flushed at the same time. When she closed her mouth, she noticed that he had left… something in her mouth.

Ah yes, the candy jelly.

… Or what was left of it anyway.

As she chewed on the remaining bit, he looked at her intently with his amethyst-colored eyes. To further her shock and embarrassment, he bent down again, his elbows on the table, stared at eye-level with her and asked, "So, how did it taste?" with that position and closeness between them, she was now effectively pinned against him and the edge of the dining table.

"H-how should I know? I only ate a tiny piece of it!" she was so sure that it was possible to cook something on her face because of the embarrassment she was feeling right now.

"Oh, is that so?" he took a chocolate bar from his pocket and popped a piece in his mouth. "Let's try again, shall we?"


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