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Chapter 15

Gerard POV

Wow I never knew that Frank was that kind of person. I had gotten to know so much about him when we were friends but I barely knew about his past (well other than his whole parent situation.) I only really knew him then and everything to do with his future. I guess I had never really thought much about what his life was like before we were friends.

But who would have thought that something I had done to Frank was something that Frank himself had done just a few years before. To think, all those people who knew about what had happened never said anything. Was it because they were all afraid of Frank? Or was it something more simpler and along the lines of they just not wanting to relive the events that had transpired just that year before.

But maybe learning more about our past is what's going to save this friendship. Revive it to the friendship that we once had. The memories we had and all the fun. But something as deep as that has me wanting to change my ways. Lighten up on the kids, show people that he is more than just someone to make fun of. Someone that I had ruined. Multiple times. Not just emotionally, but physically as well.

I looked back at Frank's house before walking away. Who would've thought that someone could have so much guilt and uneasiness contained inside.

It had poured the whole walk home. So once I got home I was completely soaked from head to toe.

The moment I walked in the door I knew what I had coming to me. My mother would be completely worried and would be all over me because I had been caught in the rain.

"Gerard, Sweetie? Is that you?" I heard the worry in my mom's voice.

"Yea mom" I replied.

She rushed over to the door and took in my appearance; soaked clothing and disheveled wet hair.

She clicked her tongue and shooked her head in a bit of disappointment.

"I knew you should have brought an umbrella with you." she said.

"yea mom, I'm sorry." I replied.

She looked at me and nodded and walked away. Like maybe she knew that there was something troubling me. The only thing that she didn't know was that it was something that you may of never wanted to hear from someone.

I went upstairs to my room where I can do my thinking. Thinking solely of what Frank said. What it would be like if it was me that caused Frank to kill himself.

My room wasn't just for my thinking about what Frank said. It was where the nightmares of it would be occurring.