A/N: My fanfiction muse has been waning as I focus on my original novel. But I had this idea for the 'escape' prompt at Fanfic_bakeoff on livejournal and I couldn't resist.

Lord Voldemort strode down the corridor, black cloak billowing about his countenance and filling the hall with a sinister chill. His red, slit eyes narrowed further as a nameless, masked and hooded death eater approached him.

"My Lo—" that was all he could manage before Lord Voldemort removed his wand.

"Crucio" Voldemort said, dispassionately.

The death eater fell to the floor writhing in pain.

"How dare you interrupt me," said Lord Voldemort.

The tortured death eater begged for forgiveness inaudibly, his words minced into a gurgling moan of pain instead.

Though the apology was dissatisfactory, Lord Voldemort let him escape with his pathetic life. Freed, the death eater fell to his knees groveling expertly at his lord's feet, exalting his master for his compassion. Voldemort rewarded his servant with another flick of his wand hand, which flung him into the nearest wall where he crumpled, unconscious.

Without a second glance, Voldemort continued on down the hall. He had more important matters on his mind.

Down a spiral staircase, carved of stone and dripping with precipitation from an unknown water source, Voldemort stalked. Down and down he went, sconces on the walls sputtered from lack of oxygen but his snake like eyes easily adapted to complete darkness.

After what seemed ages, he arrived at his destination. A few exact incantations and the swipe of one pale finger later, a door appeared in seemingly solid wall.

Voldemort entered an empty room but for a single writing desk with a bound-leather book upon it. First closing the door behind him with a twitch of his wand, Voldemort glided over to the desk. With a wave of his hand and the volume opened to a blank page. Turning his hand over, a quill manifested there.

He leaned in and wrote:

Dear Diary…