The Lost Sister/Thief/Prisoner

Uhh hello. This is my first Oblivion fanfiction…I hope it's enjoyable.

"Ahh Lexie, when am I going to get you out of that uniform?"

"You're not…and don't call me Lexie," Hieronymus Lex growled back.

The dark elf he was holding pouted. "Harsh Lexie, harsh,"

The guard captain squeezed the bridge of his nose in annoyance with his free hand. Malvi was a regular at the Imperial prison; she had a habit of stealing things and was constantly being jailed for short periods of time before her sister Vilania would pay her bail. Hieronymus was usually the one catching her and apparently, Malvi had grown rather fond of him. Lex didn't return this affection however; he had no time for lawbreakers.

"Hello Malvi. Caught again?" The jailer Jobert stood up as Hieronymus bundled the slender elf into the room. Jobert was a jolly looking man in his mid-thirties who unlike Lex seemed very affectionate toward the thieving elf.

"Yup. Tried to nick some jewels off some rich guy," Malvi nodded, looking rather proud of herself.

"That 'rich guy' was High Chancellor Ocato," Hieronymus stated through gritted teeth.

Malvi shrugged signifying she didn't know who that was and nor did she care. She smiled sweetly at Jobert.

"Can I have an apple?" she enquired, nodding at the fruit bowl on the jailer's desk.

"Sure," Jobert nodded before chucking an apple to the young elf.

Malvi caught the apple deftly with her shackled hands before proceeding to the door to the dungeons, crunching on the fruit. Jobert followed her over, unlocked the door and then led her down.

Lex tapped impatiently at the desk as he waited for them to return. When Jobert did return –looking rather red in the face- he tutted.

"You could make it a little less obvious that you favour her," the captain sighed.

"Sorry sir, she's just so sweet," Jobert shrugged, looking embarrassed.

Hieronymus shook his head in distaste and then left the room.


"The Grey Fox!" Hieronymus shouted as he awoke to a frenzied knocking at his door. "Uh?" he looked at the door, the sound of banging still very much apparent at the hinges.

Dammit he cursed. He had just been in the middle of a wonderful dream, just about to rip that damned Grey Foxes' cowl off of his face. The guard captain rubbed at his eyes and looked out of the window. The moon shone round and full in the dark sky accompanied by the twinkling of the stars.

Who in Oblivion could that be?Lex thought bitterly as he glanced at the door again. Not many people knew where the guard captain lived when he was off duty…and he fully doubted that any of the other guard captains would wake him up at this hour just for help with a criminal.

Though actually…Lex wouldn't put it past Adamus Phillidia; that man was obsessed with the Dark Brotherhood, it wasn't healthy…and it was nothing like Lex's own fixation on the Grey Fox…because the Grey Fox was real. In fact…

Wide-eyed, Hieronymus shot out of bed. What if someone had caught the Grey Fox? Covering the space from his bed to the door in two bounds, the captain then proceeded to rip open the door.

However, much to his disappointment, his eyes did not fall upon two proud looking guards holding a sheepish looking masked fiend. Rather, they fell upon a curvy dark elf with dark red hair fashioned into a high, loose bun, with a partly furious and partly worried expression on her face.

Lex remembered that she was Vilania, Malvi's older sister. Vilania wasn't often seen around the city as she fancied herself an adventurer, and was often out spelunking in old forts and caves. She only really tended to appear back in the Imperial City once word had reached her about Malvi being jailed.

"Wha-" Lex began but Vilania interrupted him.

"Where's my sister?" she demanded.

What? This foolish woman had awoken him for that?

"She'll be in jail," Hieronymus groaned, he flicked a glare her way. "As usual. You know you should really learn to contro-"

"Oh very funny," Vilania interrupted once again. "Now where is she really? I swear Captain Lex, if you've done anything to or with her, I will wring your head from your neck."

"Excuse me?" Lex drew himself up to his full height (which, incidentally, wasn't very tall) he was not one to cower to threats, nor would he allow people to blame him for something which was not his fault. "I'll have you know Dunmer that threatening a captain of the Imperial Watch is rewarded with jail time."

Vilania wasn't put off however. "Is that what you're calling it now then? 'Jail Time'? You're sick!"

Unable to grasp what the elf was implying, Hieronymus could only garner up enough sense to say: "Whu?"

"She told me you two were engaged in a relationship, but I never believed her," Vilania continued –apparently unaware of the Imperial's mouth dropping open in surprise- "I thought it was just the childish imaginings of a teenager! But you took advantage of her didn't you? Where is she?"

"She told you…we were…in a relationship?" Lex repeated, too outstanded by Malvi's gall to deny the accusations being thrown at him.

"Yes you sicko! Now where is she?" Vilania pushed past the man and into his small, humble abode.

The Imperial turned, still flabbergasted, to watch her rampage through his room. Vilania ducked under his bed, as if she was going to find her sister tied up and gagged amongst Lex's armour. Growling in frustration, the elf started checking the cupboards and shelves. It was only when she checked under his covers, did Hieronymus launch into action.

"I'm not hiding your sister!" he exploded, grabbing the elf's elbow and yanking her off his bed. "Last I saw of her she was being jailed by an overly friendly jailer! And we…we were never in a 'relationship'! That'd ludicrous!"

Vilania shook her arm free of his grasp and glowered hard at him, her dark eyebrows furrowed in anger and confusion. "Then why isn't she in jail?" she questioned furiously.

"She isn't in jail?" Lex replied in confusion.

"No! She isn't in jail! If she was in jail why would I be here?" Vilania shot back.

This logical question was answered with a helpless look from the Imperial before her.

"You're helping me find her," Vilania hissed, shoving a finger in his face. "Come on."

"I didn't become the captain of the Imperial watch to help find every missing civilian," Hieronymus retorted. "Take this to another, lesser, guard."

Vilania laughed mockingly, gazing at the hard, wooden floor for a few seconds before she looked up at him, from the sides of her eyes, her head tilted. "If you don't come and help me find my sister right now, I'm going to start telling people about your 'relationship' with her. It is rather suspect how many times it was you who caught her. I'm sure tongues are already wagging."

Lex stared at her in shock. If people began to suspect he was engaged in a relationship with a thief –not to mention a terrible thief- his whole reputation could go down the drain. Who knew the older dark elf sister was so devious?

Slowly depression took over the man's face, his eyebrows furrowed and his lower lip jutted out in defeat, he slumped visibly before sighing. "…fine."

"Good," Vilania nodded before heading out of the open door. The guard captain went to follow, but Vilania shook her head, a smirk upon her full lips. "Maybe you'd like to put a shirt on first? I mean I'm not complaining, but…"

Lex looked down, and couldn't help the blush that spread across his cheeks as he realised he was only in his pyjama bottoms. He walked backwards to his bed, his eyes watching Vilania dutifully, and yanked a brown shirt off of his dresser. He stepped into his boots, grabbed his sword from under his bed and then joined Vilania back at the door.

"Loving the trousers," Vilania nodded as they began making their way to the Imperial Prison.

"Shut up," Hieronymus returned, keeping his eyes on the horizon.

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