The Lost Sister/Thief/Prisoner

As Lex ventured over to the deceased Blades member, Vilania began feverishly investigating the other bodies, whispering her sister's name over and over again like a mantra, praying that Malvi would not be amongst the bodies before them.

Hieronymus knelt down next to the woman dressed in the garb of The Blades. Worry was rushing over the guard captain like a tidal wave. The man did not know much about The Blades; he knew about as much as any other civilian did. The Blades were known for being secretive, but it was said they were always around the Emperor, protecting him from harm. If this member of The Blades was dead…where was the Emperor? Sighing heavily, unease building up in the pit of his stomach, Lex slowly lowered woman's lids giving her a peaceful look.

"Malvi's not amongst the dead bodies," Vilania reported appearing next to him as the guard captain got to his feet.

Hieronymus nodded and then gestured down at the dead body at his feet. "This woman was one of The Blades," he murmured softly. "I'm not sure about the others. I don't recognise their outfits."

"The who's…?" Vilania scrunched up her face in confusion.

Lex decided to leave it. He was not in the mood to explain that this situation had gone way beyond Malvi now. Vilania obviously noted the man's mood and so softly pressed forward, leaving her question in the air.

"Well…" she started gingerly. "Um. I recognise the others."

Hieronymus turned to her, intrigued, this was vital information. From the looks of things these people had attacked –and killed- a member of The Blades. They were criminals and any leads would be a huge help.

"You do?" he questioned curiously.

"I think they're a Daedric cult…that worship…" Vilania trailed off before continuing. "Dagon."

"Dagon?" Lex repeated. He would be the first to admit that he had no idea about all the different Daedra. In all honesty…Daedric worshipping made the man ill at ease.

"He's the 'Prince of Destruction'," Vilania explained. "I encountered some of his followers in a cave I was exploring."

"What're they like?" Hieronymus enquired.

Vilania paused for a few moments before giving him an incredulous look. "I didn't engagethem," she snorted. "For the love of Azura! They were doing all sorts of crazy things."

Hieronymus blinked at the logic of the sentence. Vilania seemed to have the unique ability of disarming Lex with her answers.

"Right," he agreed. "Well-" the guard captain's next words were cut off when the door in front of them suddenly creaked open.

Both Vilania and Lex jumped and Lex's hand went to his blade as he put an arm out to shield the Dunmer behind him. The man visibly relaxed however once a Red Guard –wearing yet more armour of The Blades- popped his head around the door.

"What're you doing here?" the Red Guard enquired. "Who are you?"

"I am Hieronymus Lex, captain of the Guard. This is Vilania. We're down here looking for her lost sister," Lex explained, he watched as the other man's grip on hilt of the sword at his hip slackened.

"Her sister?" the man repeated, he looked dazed and Hieronymus noted what appeared to be tear tracks lining the man's face. "Malvi?"

Vilania gasped. "Yes! Yes that's her! Have you seen her?" the Dunmer rushed out from behind Lex and grabbed at The Blades' member's hand. "Where has she gone?" she continued, a wide happy grin stretched across the woman's dark face.

"She…" the man trailed off and Hieronymus tutted.

"Vilania back off a moment," he murmured. As Vilania did so –casting a glare over her shoulder at Lex as she did- Hieronymus watched The Blades' man with unease. Why was he here and not with the Emperor? "Where is the Emperor?" Lex voiced his worries, no longer able to contain them.

The other man looked up and his face contorted with pain for a moment before he checked himself. "The Emperor has died-" both Lex and Vilania gasped in horror. "He sent your sister," the Red Guard nodded at Vilania. "To find his heir and save Cyrodill."

While Vilania digested all this information, Lex raised a hand to his forehead in disbelief. "No…" he whispered. "The Emperor…"

"I must continue upstairs," the Blades' member decided briskly all his other emotions vanishing behind a business like demeanour. "I need helpers to help me with the Emperors…body," he nodded at the two people before him and went to leave, but Vilania turned after him.

"Wait!" she called. "Where has Malvi gone?"

The Red Guard turned to look at the dark elf, one of his feet already on the stone stairs leading upwards. "She has gone to Weynon Priory," he answered. "Please don't try to stop her from doing this. What she is doing is of extreme importance…without Malvi the whole Empire could crumble," and with these parting words the man departed, leaving Lex and Vilania alone once more.

"The whole Empire could crumble?" Vilania repeated she turned to look at Hieronymus, aghast.

"Malvi has been put in charge of protecting Cyrodill from some unknown threat. A threat that has gotten the Emperor assassinated," Lex said, he was crouching, his eyes fixated on the floor. "By the Nine Divines we're doomed!"

"Hey!" Vilania protested. "Give my sister more credit! If the Emperor could trust her then shouldn't you?"

Hieronymus looked up at the Dunmer before him outstanded, once again, by her reasoning. "I suppose you're ri-" he began, but Vilania cut him off.

"I am right," she interrupted importantly. "Now come on we need to go help her."

"Helpher?" Lex repeated. It was now his turn to look aghast. "But we don't even know what we're fighting against!"

"Well…" Vilania paused for a moment her face contorted into a thoughtful pout, then she clicked and grinned at him. "We'll find that out when we find Malvi!" the curvy dark elf pulled at Hieronymus who let himself be yanked up.

"Why're you so chipper?" he enquired as he trudged along behind his companion, up towards the cells once more. Lex, himself, felt like a part of him had been ripped out. He was an Imperial guard, servant to the Emperor. The man couldn't help but feel slightly responsible -and lost- after his leader's death.

"The way I see it," Vilania answered. "The Emperor entrusted my sister with a mission; that means there's still hope, right?"

Lex tossed this over in his head before answering. "Yes, there'd be hope…if it wasn't your thieving sister who had been sent on this mission!"

Vilania tutted, but didn't reward the man with an answer choosing instead to raise a threatening fist at Valen Dreth as they emerged into the cellblock.

"What if she tried to pickpocket the Emperor?" Hieronymus continued as they made their way up the stairs, towards Jobert.

"Malvi isn'tthat stupid Lex," Vilania tossed over her shoulder as they entered the Jailer's office.

It was void of life. Hieronymus figured that The Blades' man had gathered Jobert to help him move the Emperor.

As the two of them exited into the fresh air of the Imperial City, Lex replied. "She tried to steal from High Chancellor Ocato."

"Stop bringing that up!" Vilania retorted.

"It happened yesterday," the guard captain shot back.

"Ugh," Vilania crossed her arms in a huff and turned her back on the man. "Look, just go gather your things and then meet me outside the Chestnut Handy Stables."

Hieronymus raised a finger to argue back, but then relented and slowly turned his back on the dark elf. Mumbling to himself about being roped into stuff he didn't need to be involved in, the Imperial mooched off in the direction of his house.

Malvi,Vilania thought grimly to herself, a bittersweet smile plastered on her face, What have you gotten yourself in to?

I'm sooo sorry for being away for so long! I just got so uninspired. The funniness will be picked up once Hieronymus and Vilania are travelling together. I hope this was ok. R&R