Hello, all! Welcome to the first Penny-Arcade / Ouran High School Host Club crossover! :D This was co-written by KyoTohru97 and another one of my friends, (who does not have an account here) so I hope you enjoy our messed up creation! :D (FYI, Gabe and Tycho are high school aged in this fanfic.)

There at the end of a lightened hallway in a prestigious school stood two figures, each with different thoughts on their minds. Were they supposed to enter the door to the supposedly abandoned music room 3?

"Tycho…I don't think we should do it." Gabe suggested.

"Why not?" Tycho shrugged. "We need a quiet place to study. Why not in an abandoned classroom?"

"Well…" before Gabe could finish, Tycho had placed a hand on the door handle and slowly pushed it open.

The two were briefly blinded by a flurry of rose petals that pushed past the opening door and once Gabe and Tycho could see again, there in the middle of the room was a group of seven boys.

"Welcome!" the one in front with blonde hair greeted. "I see we have new guests today!"

"We're not…guests." Tycho clarified, picking stray rose petals off the shoulders of his periwinkle colored uniform. "We came here to study."

"Study, you say?" the boy pondered aloud. "Why don't you try and have fun now and put your studying aside for later?"

Tycho was about to retort when he glanced over and saw Gabe's face. He was smiling from ear-to-ear and staring at everyone.

"Is this a club? Can I join? I want to join the club! Can I join your club?" Gabe was asking a million questions a minute as he raced toward the boys in anticipation.

"Now, now, settle down, gentlemen!" the boy said. "I haven't even introduced us yet!"

Tycho simply stood by the door and watched as Gabriel was lead around by the tall boy.

"I am Tamaki Suou. Welcome to the Ouran Academy Host Club!" The flamboyant smile on Tamaki's face brightened up the room, but not Tycho's face. "Please, have a seat!"

Gabe and Tycho were led to a table on the far left of the room, with the group following them. Tamaki looked toward the rest of the group and smiled.

"This is my lovely host club! Our mission is to entertain the girls of the academy and brighten up their day~!" his sing-song voice rang out through the near-empty club room as most of the members smiled.

"I'm Haruhi. Haruhi Fujioka. Pleased to meet you!" A boy with short brown hair greeted, shaking Gabe and Tycho's hands.

"These are the Hiitachin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru." Tamaki said, gesturing to a pair of orange-haired boys. "Though you can never really tell who's who…"

"Pleasure to meet you!" The boys smiled, speaking simultaneously.

"I'm Mitsukuni Honeynozuka, but you can call me Honey-senpai!" A short, blonde-haired boy pranced up and shook Gabe's hand enthusiastically. "And this is Takashi-senpai! But you can call him Mori!"

Gabe and Tycho looked up and saw a really tall boy with short, black hair and a monotone face. The two were stunned at how menacing he looked compared to Honey-senpai…

These kids are NUTS… Tycho thought.

"I'm Kyouya Ootori, third youngest son of the Ootori line." A young man with black hair grinned, the light catching on his glasses.

"Say, this is a pretty prestigious school. How'd you get in?" Hikaru asked.

"Well, I was accepted here because I passed my middle school test without a doubt. Both Gabe and I are second-years here at Ouran. We transferred." Tycho said, standing up.

"I have NO IDEA how I got here." Gabe smiled. "I think my dad said something about…studying abroad so I could get out of the house and make some foreign friends."

The host club just blinked.

"So…neither of you are wealthy?" Tamaki asked forlornly.

"I'm not." Gabe answered.

"Only if you mean by parents." Tycho said. "And even then, my mother was only wealthy in an abundance of alcohol. She used to beat me with an extension cord every day."

The host club and Gabe were silent for a moment.

Tamaki bit his lower lip and Honey's eyes filled with tears.

"Geez…that's harsh…" Haruhi said.

Tycho simply nodded before letting out a stifled chuckle.

"Oh, I haven't fully introduced myself yet. I am Tycho Brahe, and I'm from Washington state." he said.

"I'm Gabe! My real name is Johnathan Gabriel, but I absolutely HATE my first name, so everyone calls me Gabe!" He smiled. Then frowned. "Or they PAY."

Tamaki cleared his throat and shook Tycho's hand.

"Well, I heard you mention something earlier about joining the host club!" he said. "would you like to?"

"YESYESYES~!" Gabe hugged Tamaki around the middle, smiling again. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUUU~!"

"So…we call you…Tycho-senpai and Gabe-senpai?" Hikaru and Kaoru asked, testing the names. The senpai tag didn't exactly sound right with American names…

"Sure, or you could just say Tycho and Gabe. We wouldn't be offended." Gabe said, letting go of Tamaki. Hikaru and Kaoru shrugged.

"Well, to be a member of the host club, you'll have to go through a lot of training to know even the basics on how to impress the girls!"



-Ending theme plays-

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