Be nice to me it's my first time writing I wanted to base this story on Lock and Key a book by Sarah Dessen. It's got different characters but sort of she same plot. Enjoy =)

I hate change some people say that change is a good thing but for me it never is. I want my life to have a routine, to be stable so when I get used to everything it doesn't all get muddled and blow up in my face. Change is something that you can't stop from happening but you can put up a bloody good fight and that's what I intend to do.

I was sitting in my dads old beaten up Honda which smelled of his favourite sweets, peppermints. I had my window open I liked the way the cool wind felt on my face in the blistering heat. My dad had not said anything to me for the whole journey apart from when he pulled over for petrol and asked me if I wanted anything. I don't know if that's because I haven't seen him in six years and he knows nothing about me or if it's the fact that he knows if he tries to make a conversation with me then it would probably turn to my mother, which is the reason why he is stuck with me in the first place.

"So, I'm probably going to have to make another stop soon the old baby keeps guzzling up the petrol and my money." Said my dad as he pats the dashboard he looks at me briefly and smiles this is his way of trying to make small talk, even though I haven't seen him in six years he still has the same tricks.

"Yeah sure." I look straight ahead at the long road that's stretching out in front if us, bloody hell it seems to go on for miles. Great.

I turn my attention to out of the window it's the same scene that has been rushing past me since we drove off of the motor way, fields and lots of them. I never understood my dad's fascination with wanting to live in the countryside it just looks the same there are no shops, no town centers, nothing. As a little girl my dad would sit me on his knee and tell me all about when we had the money me, mum and himself would get a little white cottage in the countryside with a lovely neat back garden with loads of flowers and how we would sit by the log fire and warm ourselves up on a bitterly cold winters night. This never happened, shortly after my ninth birthday my mum and dad got divorced after my mum had found out that my dad had an affair with a woman who was now pregnant and now his wife. Instead of me living in that white cottage in the country side with a perfect family another little girl got my dads dream. On this thought I closed my eyes and let sleep take me away.