Elena stepped out of Damon's shower. She was naked and dripping wet.

She saw Damon's eyes pop before he rearranged his face.

"What are you doing, Elena?" he said in a bored tone, almost annoyed

Elena's heart fell. "Damon, I…" she stopped. Now beginning to feel a little embarrassed. This is not how she had planned for this to go. She and Stefan were on a break. He'd just left the boarding house after a colossal row had erupted between them. Elena's feelings had changed drastically since she read about his past in Jonathon Gilbert's journal and all she wanted now was to be reckless and stupid. Her life had gotten way to serious. And this had led her to Damon's room, she knew he wanted her, well she had thought so anyway.

"…Don't tell me you've never thought about this, Damon." She said, her hand trailing down her wet body.

His eyes quickly fell down from her face to survey her naked body but then they snapped back to her eyes. Her tummy squirmed a little when she saw his eyes were brimming with lust but then they were blank and vacant.

"Elena" he sighed looking at the floor

"Damon…" she replied in a teasing voice.

He walked towards her, and she gasped, he was practically pressed against her, he leaned over her and she was sure he was going to kiss her neck but then he stepped back and pressed a folded, white towel against her.

"Get dressed." He said, and Elena was shocked that it sounded almost pitying.

She stood shell shocked as Damon crossed his room and sat down on his bed, his back towards his bathroom.

Feeling humiliated and with a huge rush of rejection she wrapped the fluffy tightly around herself. She scooped her clothes up and rushed towards his bedroom door.

"I thought you wanted me?" she mumbled

Damon looked up, his face pained; he opened his mouth to speak but hesitated,

"I'll see you in the morning, Elena" She turned and left the room a flicker of hope re-igniting inside her.

Damon jumped of his bed and closed his bedroom door tightly. What had just happened? This was insane! How had he managed to restrain himself? God, how many times had a played out this scenario in his mind and not once did he see himself saying no. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the image of her named body.

One hand still on the door, he found his other opening his belt. He pushed his black jeans down and his massive erection fell out. He wrapped his free hand around himself and began frantically jacking himself off. His mind lingering of the memory of her breasts. Bigger than he had imagined, he imagined he had walked to her and pushed her back roughly into the bathroom stall. His hand worked faster He take her breast in his mouth and suck her hard nipple while his hand would open her legs. He used the pre cum to slick his shaft further. She's wrap her legs tightly around his waist and he'd push himself roughly onto her tightness.

Damon came hard and fast, his seed splashing down the back of his bedroom door. His hand continued to work until he was utterly spent. As the after glow of his orgasm faded, Damon wondered why this girl had such a hold on his heart…