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Rocket Academy


Dawn – Told from her point of view






Gary – Leader of the guys


Raven – A new kid. A Rocket Elite's Kid

Ascot – Raven's ex-boyfriend. A Rocket Elite's Kid

Silver – (Usually called Silver-Senpai) Son of Giovanni

Lrya – (Usually called Lyra-chan)

Wyre – Sorta mean but cool. A Rocket Elite's Kid

Celeste – Very pretty. A Rocket Elite's Kid

Rocket Elites:

Giovanni – The head of Team Rocket

Pegasus – Ascot's Father

Scorpio – Wyre's Father


Team Rocket took over the four regions five years ago. Anyone who opposed them had their children taken from them and sent to Rocket Academy where they would train to be Rockets themselves. Dawn's world is about to be turned on its head when she encounters a legendary long since disappeared, now she holds the key to hope.

Chapter One: Of Life and Change

It has been almost five years since Team Rocket took over the four regions and defeating the other Teams that were there. It had been a long five years for the people of the regions, full of change, resentment and fear but when it bottles right down to it only one thing changed: People.

As the majority often go, they peacefully accepted the Rocket takeover without much fight. After all, sometimes it's better to let things happen rather than fight the inevitable. It could've been harder for Rocket to take over but it could've been a whole lot worse for the civilians, a lot messier. I guess that's where things changed. The people who fought against Rocket were punished in the worst possible way.

I wish I could say that they were executed or thrown into prison or banished but in reality, these would have been humane. Instead, these people had to watch their youngest child grow up to be exactly what they hated: Rockets. Of course, there were a few exceptions. Sometimes older children would be taken if the younger were weak or, well, didn't mean that much to the family. They would always go for the ones who would punish the parents more.

The Rockets set up bases in all four regions: Saffron City, Sootopolis City, Hearthome City and lastly, Mahogany Town. The latter, I'm not sure why they picked that one. I guess it was because they already had a base there and it is pretty close to the Lake of Rage. There isn't really a proper headquarters there. Here is where they keep all the children they stole from their enemies. Cool, huh? All those children in one place? That can mean only one thing. Yeah, you guessed it. There's a pretty exclusive school here that only those taken from their parents could attend. Roughly, there's about five hundred of us here. It's not really a massive school as you can see but there is a huge mix of people from all over the place.

To be honest they were a bit uncreative with the name of the place. Rocket Academy. Yeah, that's really creative but at least it tells you exactly what we do here. We train to be Rockets, you know 'become the thing our parents hate the most'? Yeah, clever isn't it? They think so. We have no contact with our parents, mind you. They don't want to risk some sort of conspiracy.

I suppose I should really start my story from the beginning, from when the troubles started to get really bad. Usually, things went really smoothly for me but for some reason half way through my third year of Rocket Academy, it seemed to change. But that's later on in my story.

My name first of all is Dawn Hikari, aged sixteen. Like I said, I'm in the third year of the academy. I'm not really anything special in school, just your normal high school student. I'm not really that popular, actually most of the popular girls hate me. I have my own little group of friends who are just like me, I guess. We're just average.

I'm the baby of my friends, the youngest that is and you can probably tell. My favourite colour is pink. I wish I could wear it with my school uniform but it's against the rules to personalise the uniform too much. We're all drones while on the job. We're like bees in a hive, our headmaster tells us.

The eldest of us is Leaf, a hyperactive girl. She has long brown hair and greeny-blue eyes. She's really just an athletic girl who has way too much energy. She loves the physical side of the academy but is slow when it comes to the academic side of things. Leaf always makes me laugh because, frankly, she's a little insane. She finds the weirdest things funny.

Misty is the next one of us. She's got ginger hair, and when I say ginger, I mean orange. She wears it in a side ponytail which tends to stick up because it's so short. She has aqua coloured eyes which is kind of ironic since she's a water type trainer and a top class swimmer. She's a tomboy when it all boils down to it. She usually wears shorts rather than a skirt. She's allowed to for some reason. I'm not sure why though but I know it involves something to do with a mallet.

Then there is May. She's a bright girl who loves the colour red. She's a brunette with bright blue eyes. She has a long fringe that comes out in two strands which is weird to say she has really short hair at the back. To hide the shortness, she wears a black bandana which she is allowed to wear. May doesn't really like physical activities or academic studies but she does love to eat and sleep. She does both really well.

Lastly there is me with my blunette hair and blue eyes. My hair is straight and reaches my shoulders. I usually tie up a few strands to stop them from wafting in my face when I'm working. I have a plain red clip that I pin it back with. For some reason we're allowed to wear a few plain accessories as long as they're either black or red. They're the school's colours along with white but we don't really have much white usually.

The four of us live in the Nebula dormitory which houses all of the third year students, roughly 85 of us. We share a room, well actually two rooms. I share with May while Misty and Leaf share another just on the other side of the lounge/kitchen area. In all rooms there is a small kitchen and a lounge area. We're allowed to decorate ourselves. This means that May and mine's bedroom is half painted pink, half red. Likewise, in Misty and Leaf's room, Misty's half is blue while Leaf's is green. It's a thing about boundaries I think. May and mine's room is quite dark since we don't have a window. It's because our room is in the middle. The other side of the wall it the boy's zone. It was to block off the girls to the boys. None of us had seen the boy's side before. It was quite a mystery to what it looked like.

May and I were sat in our room one evening. May was eating a tub of ice cream. We were allowed to leave the campus at weekends for personal time which meant we could go and buy stuff from the shops, like ice cream. We got the money from our 'hits', but I'll explain that later. I was digging into a fruit salad as we talked. I was lying on my bed while May was sat on the floor with her back against the bed.

"Man, this is the life," May said suddenly, "Is this best school or what. Who would think you get paid for homework?"

"Is that all you care about?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at her. She nodded vigorously. I sighed as I stuck my plastic fork into a piece of watermelon.

"What is it with you and fruit, Dawn?" May asked, "You're always eating fruit."

"I just like it," I replied, "The grapes, the strawberries, the melon. I'm not too keen on oranges when they're cut up like this though."

"I could go for a strawberry," May commented.

"Get your own," I snapped, slapping her hand away as she tried to steal a strawberry from my plastic box. She giggled lightly as she sat back against the bed.

"You're so quiet," she said, "Sometimes I don't know whether to be worried or not. I never know what you're thinking."

"It's nothing worth telling you," I admitted, rubbing my head, "Usually it's just garbage. Of course, I know what you think about, May."

"What do you mean?" May asked loudly.

"Well, you do talk in your sleep," I went on. May blushed red. I laughed at her for a moment before I went back to my fruit salad. "Brendan this, Brendan that. I wish I knew what was so great about him."

"I forgot," May said grumpily, "You don't like anyone."

"That's true," I agreed.

"Even though you have Barry, Kenny and Conway chasing after you," May went on, "Can't you just pick one?"

"I don't like any of them," I said, "I want someone cool, someone strong but also kind in his own way."

"With a like for pink?" May asked.

"The pink thing isn't needed," I replied with a wink, "I'll just make him like it once we're married."

May erupted into girly laughter. After a few minutes of frantic giggles from the two of us, the door opened and Misty peered in.

"Should I ask?" she asked.

"It's nothing," May replied.

"You two should really go to bed," Misty told us, yawning, "It's almost eleven."

"That late?" May asked, "But when I looked at the clock last it was almost eight."

"You should really buy yourself a clock, May," Misty told my roommate in a stern tone, "Now hurry and go to bed."

"Fine," May said. I passed May my half full carton of fruit as she stood up to take her ice cream back into the kitchen.

"Night, Dawn," Misty said to me.

"Night, Misty," I replied. Once the red head had left the doorway I began to get changed. May returned a few minutes later, closing the door behind her. She began to change as I climbed into bed. I waited until she was in bed before I bid her good night.

For a while I laid looking up at the ceiling, wondering about pointless things. I smirked to myself before turning over and falling asleep.

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