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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Of Epilogues and Preludes

Ten years pass so quickly, I thought as I walked down the busy Veilstone City high street. Ten years. I had won three Grand Festivals and five Hearthome Collections. I loved my life. I was famous and happy. My back did hurt a little, though. I put the bags I was carrying on the floor so I could rest a little.

I was seventeen. My name is Dawn Shinji and I am really happy with my life. I married a guy called Paul Shinji when I was sixteen and now we were expecting our first child very soon. To be honest with you, and don't tell my parents, Paul and I knew about the baby before we got married. We decided to get married quickly rather than wait until we were eighteen because of that. A teen pregnancy, we never saw that coming but then again who would? Never-the-less, I was happy with my life but there was still something missing deep inside of me.

"I thought I told you to wait for me." I glanced up and noticed that I had managed to stop right outside the Veilstone City Gym, where my husband worked. I sweat-dropped as he picked up the heavy bags.

"I wanted to get stuff done so I could just relax later with you," I told him.

"Fine, whatever," Paul replied, rolling his eyes. He pointed at my rather large stomach. "But remember, you're carrying another with you now."

"I do," I snapped, "You're not the one getting kicked all the time are you?"

"I don't know," Paul said with a smirk, "When you're in a mood."

"Jerk," I slapped him on the shoulder. He chuckled lightly at me. We began walking back to the house we owned. It was pretty near the gym but as we got closer to the house someone called Paul back.

"Paul Shinji?"

We turned round to see two people chasing us. One was a guy with spiky brown hair. He was wearing a purple polo shirt and brown cargo pants. I eyed him carefully. He looked like a trainer. I'm sure I'd seen him before. The other person was a girl with long brown hair and greeny-blue eyes. She smiled at me as she stopped running.

"Sorry," the guy panted, "We missed you at the gym. I'm Gary Oak."

"And I'm Leaf Green," the girl said.

"We're working for Professor Oak in the Kanto region," Gary explained, "We were hoping you might be able to help us."

"Sure," Paul said with a shrug, "Come with us, we're just going home."

I looked at Leaf as she looked at me. My smile vanished instantly. Hers did too as she stared at me.

"Dawn? Is something wrong?" Paul asked. I looked at him and shook my head.

"No, I just got a weird sense of de-ja-vu," I replied. We stood in silence for a while just looking at each other. Why did I get the feeling we all felt the same way? Leaf laughed it off.

"It's weird, isn't it?" Leaf said, "It's like I know you two from somewhere but I swear we've never met."

"That is strange," Paul agreed.

"Hey, that's the only reason I started dating her," Gary said, pointing to Leaf, "We walked into each other one day and bam, I felt as if I could never leave her."

"I think we knew each other in a past life," Leaf giggled. Paul and I looked at each other smiling.

"So what's this research about?" Paul asked Gary as we began walking towards the house.

"It's about the Legendary Pokémon in Johto, actually," Gary explained, "But there have been reports of Suicune in this area. So I was wondering that, since you're the local gym leader, you could help me a little with my research. Legendaries come to trainers they see as worthy and you're strong, right?"

"I'll help anyway I can," Paul replied, "It sounds interesting, but I can't really do too much work."

Paul pointed at me, or rather, my stomach. Gary let out a whistle as Leaf giggled.

"Huge commitment there," Gary remarked.

"I don't know," Paul said with a shrug, "Sometimes I feel like our lives were leading to this."

"No kidding," Gary said. I turned to Leaf to find she was watching me with a smile on her face. We chuckled at each other in a friendly sort of way.

Our attention slipped as Gary walked into someone. We stopped walking to find Gary had totally walked into a girl with brown hair. She had a huge white hat on her head with her pig tails poking beneath it.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said to Gary, "You're not hurt are you?"

"Not at all," Gary replied.

"Lyra," another girl yelled running onto the scene. This girl had sea green hair. She was laughing wildly. "You idiot."

Two more people ran towards us. Two boys. One with red hair and the other had black hair.

"Can't you go two minutes without causing trouble?" the red head asked, smirking. Lyra ignored him as she dusted herself off.

"Brother, don't annoy her please," the green haired girl said.

"Fine, Raven," the red head said, "I won't. For now."

"You're a jerk, Silver," Lyra snapped, "And Ascot's not much better."

"Hey, don't get me involved with this," said the remaining guy that must have been called Ascot. They looked round at us as we looked at them. The girl named Raven titled her head to the side with an expression of extreme confusion on her face.

"Do we… know you?" she asked.

"Wow," Leaf commented, "There's a lot of that going round today."

"No kidding," Paul agreed. Silver and Paul looked at each other.

"Silver," Silver greeted with a hand shake, "Who's your girlfriend?"

"Paul. I'm married to Dawn," Paul replied, "I've only just met him."

"Hey… did you just call me a girl?" Gary asked. We chuckled before stopping oddly. None of us spoke for the next few minutes until a red bandana was blown onto the floor between us.

"Grab that bandana!" someone called. Paul automatically grabbed it. Another group of four were running towards us. This time it was a brunette girl and an orange haired girl with a dopey looking black head and a guy with weird grass hair.

"Thanks," the brunette said as she stopped in front of Paul. Paul handed her the bandana.

"It's no problem," Paul replied.

"I'm May," the girl introduced. The boy with black hair pushed to the front of the group, looking at Leaf and Gary like he knew them

"Hey, Gary, Leaf," the black head said. "How are you doing?"

"Ashy-boy," Gary said, smirking in a friendly way, "Fancy seeing you here. And Misty too."

"Ash wanted to challenge the Veilstone Gym Leader but he's gone home for the day," the orange haired girl named Misty explained.

"Still trying to become the Pokémon Master, eh?" Gary asked.

"Sure am," Ash nodded, "We met Drew and May in Hoenn. Actually it's a pretty weird story."

"Yeah," Drew said, putting his hands behind his head, "We met by accident and then it was like have we met before or something?"

We all nodded slowly.

"Well… This is awkward," Paul mumbled. He rolled his eyes. "Come on Dawn. Let's get you home."

"Sounds good," I agreed. Paul looked at Ash.

"If you want to challenge me then you'll have to wait until tomorrow," Paul explained.

"You're the gym leader?" Ash asked.

"That's right, genius," Paul replied, "If you want bring Carrot-Top, Bandana and Grasshead to watch your defeat."

"Again with a grasshead," Drew said, "I've known him two minutes and he's calling me a grasshead."

"If you're so self conscious about it, why don't you dye your hair?" May asked.

"At least you're not a white haired freak like that Brendan guy," Misty said.

"You do know that's just a hat right, Mist?" Ash told her. She slapped him on the shoulder.

"Well," Silver said looking at his watch, "We should get going now. Let's see how many people Lyra can take out in the next ten minutes shall we?"

"Jerk," Lyra snapped. The two of them walked off squabbling like three year olds.

"Good bye," Ascot said with a wave. Raven stayed behind looking between me, my stomach and Paul. She looked genuinely confused. She eventually turned away.

"Why do I have the incredible feeling that I was right about something?" she asked.

"Beats me," Ascot replied.

"Do you need help with your shopping?" Drew asked Paul. Paul handed Drew a bag of stuff. "Man that's heavy."

"You get used to it," Paul replied.

I fell into step with the three girls while the guys walked ahead. It was weird as I walked beside them, three strangers I had only just met but I felt like I knew them all so well. As the thoughts bubbled in my head about these three strangers and their partners I couldn't help but feel like that empty feeling inside of me had been filled. May and Misty were chatting away to Leaf about their travels. I smiled at them. Up head of me Gary and Drew were arguing about something and Ash didn't have a clue what was going on. I could see Paul growing more and more annoyed with each passing second until he snapped.

"You're a bunch of girls really, aren't you?" he said. Well that sparked an argument. We girls giggled.

"Say Dawn," Leaf said suddenly, "Do you have this crazy feeling that we know each other?"

"Maybe in a past life, Leaf," I said, "Maybe we did."

"That's such a weird thought," May commented.

I happened to glance behind me at Mount Coronet. I stopped walking but the girls continued. The sun was setting yet I made out a shadow of a most peculiar creature. It was blue with a purple mane. It looked like it had an Emerald crown in its head. Slowly it bowed its head to me before it ran up the side of the mountain.

Slowly a smile grew on my face. I turned round and walked along the path to catch up with the girls and the guys. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind I felt glad that it had all worked out for the better.


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