Okay guys, this is it. The epilogue and part one of the two part lead in for my Justice League fic. I hope you've enjoyed Vol. 1 of this fic, and I'll be putting Vol. 2 chapter 1 up following the completion of the Justice League fic. R&R, please, no flames. B.


November 24th 2011

Clark flew through the city, scanning it with his X-ray vision. He was on his typical patrol, the one he'd been going with for the last few months as Superman. Every once in a while, he'd go with a different one, but this one took him by the apartment he was living in now. Well, the apartment he shared with Jimmy.

The handy thing was Jimmy, being an intern who was also a photography student, was just that, a student. Half the time, he'd be out over night and then for most of the day. Clark's odd hours being kept were also easily explained away by his claiming to have a deadline. Jimmy would seldom bother asking Perry if that were the case, so Clark didn't need to worry about it too much.

He did, however, need to worry about Lois. With her somewhat odd, almost dysfunctional, pseudo-sibling relationship with Jimmy, she had a tendency to be round their apartment a lot. Especially with the fact that they had the sports channel and Lois had something of a love for football. There were days where Clark had considered taking in his state champion trophy from when he was on the high school team, just to see her face, but doing that would be risking her figuring out that Clark Kent wasn't all he seemed.

As he flew through the city, trying to figure out how best to keep his secret from her with her showing up so often, a large green wall of light appeared in front of him. He rapidly decelerated, stopping just short of the wall. He looked around, trying to find the source, and was shocked when he found it.

It was a man, floating in mid air, who looked to be in maybe his late twenties, with a green eye mask, a black and green skin tight bodysuit with white gloves. The man had light brown hair and what looked like a green ring, from which the wall was being projected.

"Got a minute?" The man said, half smirking "I've got a friend and he and I want to talk to you. He's down on the roof below."

"Fine." Clark said, following the man's lead as he descended to the roof below "Who are you?"

"Me? They call me Lantern, Green Lantern." The man replied "And no need to ask who you are. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, last son of Krypton, all that jazz. I miss anything?"

"My day job but you're not getting that." Clark said as they set down, looking around for a moment before clocking the familiar face of Detective John Jones "Detective Jones? You're his friend?"

"Indeed I am." Jones replied "I'm also here to ask for your help."

Clark looked between the two of them. Green Lantern didn't exactly seem the type of company a Metropolis PD detective would keep. Actually, he didn't seem the sort of company anyone Clark knew would keep.

"Okay, I'm listening." Clark said "What's up, Detective?"

"Please, call me John." Jones replied "Or, actually, J'onn."

Before Clark could question the change in pronunciation, Jones' appearance began to shift. His clothes were replaced by a skin tight purple bodysuit with a red cross over his chest, joining onto a red belt. On Jones' back and over his shoulders was a long, billowing, sky blue cape with a large flared collar attached. As the collar finished apparently growing into place, Jones' eye colour began to shift, turning red, as his skin turned a pale green colour, the thin hairline that was present normally fading away.

"I apologise for the subterfuge, Superman, but I had to be sure you were a friend and not a foe before revealing myself to you." Jones said "My real name is J'onn J'onzz. I am the sole survivor of an alien civilisation, like you. I am the only life form to survive a cataclysm which took place on Mars 100 years ago."

"Mars?" Clark said, not sure what to make of the story "You're from Mars? But it's been shown that Mars could not support life."

"Not in it's present state, no." J'onn said "However, up until the cataclysm, Mars was rich with life. It was fortunate that I was away from the planet tracking down a criminal when the planet was decimated or I would share it's fate."

"And what was that?" Clark said "And how does this tie in with me?"

"Something's coming, Kal-El." J'onn said "We'd tell you what it is, but we don't know ourselves. All we know is it's the size of a planet and has something to do with what happened to Mars."

Clark paused, trying to take everything he was being told in. It wasn't too much of a stretch, given Clark's own origins. He was just trying to figure out exactly what the other two wanted with him.

"Okay then, so let's get back to my question." Clark said "What do you need my help for?"

"We're putting together a team." Lantern said "So far we have the protégé of the fastest man alive, a kid who calls himself 'Impulse'. Then there's Hawkman, whose name speaks for what he does, and Black Canary, who gives new meaning to the term 'screamer'. You're our second from last recruit."

"Okay." Clark said "So, you want my help, okay, you've got that, but whose the last recruit?"

"Someone we'd like you to go and get, someone who can help us figure it all out. Ask him about the Apokolips, with a 'K' and an 'I'." Lantern said, handing Clark a folded up piece of paper as both he and J'onn slowly raised into the air "We'll be in touch."

Lantern and J'onn both flew off into the nights sky, leaving Clark stood alone, the piece of paper still in his hand. He unfolded it and looked down at the image in it.

A yellow oval with a bat emblem in the middle of it.

...To Be Continued in "The Bat, Vol. 1: Origins." – Epilogue...