Gay Piplup

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is what happens when you turn a Pokemon into a Mario character.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

Gay Piplup was playing with his spaghetti in his own little house, on top of the Sharpedo shaped alcove by the sea towards the west. He kept humming to himself until he heard a bell ring.

"Spaghetti?" Gay Piplup asked as he walked towards the door, opening it, to see an angry Garchomp standing right in front of him. "Spaghetti!"

"Forget spaghetti. You've let your electricity on for the previous three months," The Garchomp stated as he folded his arms. "You have to pay up now."

Gay Piplup looked around the house, getting an idea as he rushed into the kitchen, handing Garchomp a fresh plate of spaghetti. Garchomp tossed the spaghetti away, unsatisfied with the gift. Distraught, Gay Piplup got several random items, including glue, some stickers, two cotton balls, and a steel plate. Garchomp still tossed the items away as if they were nothing.

"Where's my money, bitch?" The Garchomp demanded as he barged into the house, angrier than before as he towered over the little meek Gay Piplup.

Gay Piplup gulped as he began trembling, wetting himself as he felt like he was going to be crushed. Using a last minute tactic, Gay Piplup fired an Ice Beam at Garchomp's face. It seemed to work, except Garchomp broke through the ice with a powerful Crunch, much to Gay Piplup's horror.

"And now, you pay." Garchomp finished off as he grabbed Gay Piplup and tossed him into his gigantic mouth, chewing on Gay Piplup like he was an after dinner mint. Gay Piplup screamed in agony as his blood fell out from Garchomp's mouth, not being able to see anymore as he slowly tumbled down Garchomp's mighty throat.

The End