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"Oh, by the way, I've heard some rumours flying around that Bakura and I… Well… You know. So I'd like to address those rumours right now… I'd like to come out of the closet, you could say."

"Marik?" Bakura questioned him, a glimmer of hope entering his voice hesitantly. His heart fluttering at what Marik was saying. Could it actually be..? Was Marik finally going to say it…?

"Don't worry Bakura, I know what I`m doing,`` with confidence radiating from his voice. "It's true…" Bakura's heart leaped so high it seemed like it was in his throat, and beating wildly. Fuck butterflies, his stomach was full of fricking falcons! He couldn't think straight… It was finally happening; Marik was going to say it. Bakura had picked up on all those hints the sexy Egyptian teen had been dropping, and he was ecstatic (well… maybe not so ecstatic…) to admit he returned the feelings. He opened his mouth ready to spill his heart to Marik, but Marik beat him to it.

"Bakura and I… Are evil."

Bakura's knees went weak. His heart, that he was just about to so willingly pour out, shattered into a million pieces. He felt misused, dirty even.

"And we aren't ashamed of it!"

Bakura tuned the rest of Marik's latest 'Lets Play' out of his head. His body was numb. He was just aware enough to laugh coldly at the times when the oblivious blond dropped some of what Bakura had previously thought were straight up flirtation and 'come on's. He felt cold again. He put on his coat and gathered a few choice knives and he didn't realise Marik was done his stupid video until he felt a hand on his arm and a voice say: "Bakura? Where are you going?"

Bakura ripped his arm away from Marik harshly. "Out."

"Ill come with you! I kinda wanted to stop by this 'Micky D's' that everyones talking about! They said it actually burns more calories to eat then it gives! Its food that makes you skinny Bakura!"

Bakura turned on Marik and glared at him coldly. "You're an idiot." his voice held no teasing tone, as it normally would. It was just flat out anger and aiming to be hurtful.

Marik flinched back and let go of Bakura's arm. "Wha-What?"

"I'm going out to kill some people. I might come back, I might not. Horrible night to you Marik." Bakura glared at Marik ferociously and span on his heel, marching out of the room and house, his blades clinking and anticipation for the rest of the night filling him with a harsh glee.

He licked the last of the blood off his blade and picked the lock with it. Sure, he had a key, but he liked to open the door to his and Marik's flat like this a lot better. It was a comforting tradition that he had developed over the past year and a half of 'rooming' with Marik. The tall whitenette sighed softly and turned, shutting the door behind him. Normally some good old death and torture helped him feel better, but not tonight. He had even stayed out three hours longer than usual, but that hadn't helped.

"Where. Have. You. Been." Marik demanded. Bakura could feel the bronzed Egyptians eyes boring a heated hole into his back and he turned around slowly.

"I told you, out."

"I know what you said, but that isn't NEARLY enough information! Do you have any idea how worried I was about you! Three hours and ten minutes longer than you're normally out Bakura! Explain yourself." Marik had marched forward during this little rant of his, and now he was standing level with Bakura, those passionate eyes boring into his soul. And it seemed they must have because they softened, and Marik put his hand on Bakura's shoulder. "Bakura… what's the matter? What happened?" The sexy teen tilted his head and looked at him; concern the most prevalent emotion in his eyes. "You know you can tell me. I'll listen; I'll do my best to help! And don't bother saying there isn't anything wrong, I know you far too well to believe that."

"You wouldn't care." Voice lazy in its coldness.

"I would too! I care about you Bakaur-!"

"Not enough! You'll never care about me enough!"

The shock silence that followed was deafening to the two shocked males. I didn't just say that, I didn't just say that, I didn't just say that…!

"I… You..?"

"Oh fuck it!" Bakura then, on a pure whim born of desperation and frustration, lunged and, grabbed the teens face beginning to kiss one Marik Ishtar.

Marik was shocked for a short period. Who wouldn't be? Ones BPICF (Best Partner in Crime Forever) leaning in and kissing you out of the blue was not something one expected, anticipated or even fantasized about (Well… Maybe the last one was a lie.). Here he was, standing there motionless as the object of his affections was kissing him thinking about it! What am I doing! Marik thought to himself, Kiss back you dullard! And just as he was about to do so Bakura pulled away sharply.

Bakura was looking away, an almost sheepish expression on his face, a light blush dusting across his cheeks. "God Marik- If you didn't want me that way you should have said something before I went and embarrassed myself!" His voice had a rough edge to it, trying to cover up his hurt. Marik saw right through it in an instant. "God! Now I'm going to have to kill you and cover up the murder so you won't tell-"

Grabbing the front of Bakura's striped shirt Marik silenced him quickly, pulling him into a kiss that was hard and was striving to prove something. It lasted seconds but felt like years. When Marik finally pulled away he left Bakura stuttering and wide eyed. "Bakura. You surprised me idiot." Marik declared slapping his shoulder. "And this doesn't mean I'm gay. You're just… an exception."

Bakura's face immediately moulded back to its normal over confident look. "I knew it. I knew you wanted me."

"You did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did no-"

And then Bakura's lips were on his own again, kissing with a passion that practically slapped Marik in the face and told him to bloody well kiss back. And Marik did.

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