OMG. SO LATE. IM SORRY GUYS. I never got around to it at camp and… just… didn't get it done. -_-" Im sorrrrryyyy.

Ryou had worked all day on the food for the picnic. I knew he wanted to impress every one (cough, Mariku) on his marvellous baking skills, but he had mixed so many batters and eggs and flour that my arm was hurting from sitting and watching! I hadn't seen anyone work this hard on food before. He paid so much attention to detail… He asked me on my opinion of the colour of the cupcake icing! Who cares! It just goes in your mouth, gets ground up and then adds a layer of fat on your hips! Why do I care what colour my fat cells come in? It was borderline tear jerking.

Watching him work made me feel even guiltier then I had before for yelling at him. My mind kept flying back to the instant when his eyes widened with hurt. Every single time it did my stomach got a bit tighter. Ryou would be lucky if I could eat any of his amazing food later. Ryou and I had to stick together, being the responsible hikaris and all.

I was suddenly struck be the fact that I was dating a yami. I couldn't supress a little shiver of happiness running up my spine at the thought. I couldn't believe I finally got his attention! I'd been trying for months and it was just humiliating how much he reasoned off all my brilliant innuendo as me being oblivious. Seriously Bakura. Who says, 'I love a good man hole!' and not mean something, that's my question.

I smiled as I packed some dishes away into the picnic basket. I made sure there were no breakable ones, as Mariku would no doubt be throwing anything within reach at curious wildlife passing by. I was having difficulty fitting all of the colourful dishware into the picnic basket, which was already stuffed to the point of it not being able to shut with sweet treats and freshly backed bread and cheese from the local Superstore.

I could see Ryou supressing a giggle at me predicament as he was bending over to slide some cookies into the oven, peanut butter chocolate chip, my favourite.

He was so bribing me into liking him again. He knew I'd give anything for those cookies.

Well not Bakura, but…

"Well come help me then!" I huffed crossing my arms, pouting at ryou.

He smiled and headed over. I poked him and backed off, watching his super awesome spatial skills at work as he fit everything into the basket, leaving enough room to fit in the cookies. I shook my head with mock disdain.

"Ryou, Ryou, Ryou. You disappoint me."

"Oh do hush up Marik." He said, giggling.

"Make me!"

I lunged for him and he screeched. "Not in the kitchen Marik!" I ignored him and tackled him to the floor, spilling the flour on us as a cackled, pinning him to the ground. "Hah! I win!" I bellowed, watching Ryou struggle underneath me. I smirked down at him and heard a chuckle.

"Cheating on me already I see. " Came a rough voice, but thankfully held a teasing lit to it.

I looked up and saw my boyfriend (boyfriend!) and a grin instantly lit up my face as I stood, covered in blotches of flour. I let an evil grin slide across my face as I ran at Bakura and tackled him in a hug, covering him in flour.

He looked slightly distressed at the state his clothing was now in, all rumpled and covered in dusty white stuff, clinging to his new-ish shirt and clean jeans.

I leaned down so that my lips brushed against his ear as I whispered too him, "Want me to take your mind off it…?" My tone was wily and seductive as I twisted my hips up against his slowly, a sly smirk on my lips.

"Hn… alright." He grinned at me for half a second before I was kissing it off his light pink lips.

I still wasn't used to it, this rushing feeling in my head, the speeding of my heart whenever our lips met. I wondered if I ever would. I almost hoped I wouldn't. It was such an amazing feeling, being here in this moment, kissing the man I loved.

My eyes had shut the instant our mouths met and he had started kissing back, they opened again, wider than they had in sometime as I felt cold water pour down on me and my make out partner, courtesy of Mariku.

I blinked up at him, expecting I looked a bit like a drowned rat, and I could feel my make up running. Damn! "Don't look at me! I'm ugly! I-I I look like a kitten that is half drowned!" I sprinted to my room. At least that was my intent, if I hadn't tripped over Bakuras foot, all because I wasn't actually able to see because I had been covering my face.

I landed with a wet plop! On the cheap linoleum flooring, my legs at awkward angles and caked in slowly drying flour, make up still running down my face.

I don't think I have ever looked this bad in my life.