'Hello, you have reached Phoebe Herydal. Sorry I can't reach the phone right now. But I promise if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you immediately Goodbye! Helga groaned loudly.

"Hey Pheebs, listen, I know your down in Kentucky with your family, and sorry I keep calling, but I just really need your help! I need advice immediately! It s urgent! It s about-" She took a deep breath. "-it s about Ice Cream." She stated in a soft monotone.

"So please give me a call back. Miss you, come back home soon." She hung up the phone. And fell back into her pillows on her bed and just stared at the ceiling above her.

'Criminy! What am I going to do? I can't take it anymore! I gotta know if that kiss meant anything! Or if that was just straight gratitude, and because he already knows I love him. Maybe he was just grateful I found his parents. Probably wasn't anything special.' She mentally ranted.

"Either way I need to know." Helga finally said out loud. She knew what she had to do.

And with that, hopped off her bed, grabbed her locket off of her nightstand, and ran out her bedroom, slamming her door in the process.

~Arnold x Helga*~Arnold x Helga*~Arnold x Helga*~Arnold x Helga*~Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~ Arnold x Helga*~

"So are you gonna tell her, man?" Gerald Johnson asked, still sitting in the occupied space on his best friends' bed, sipping on a Yahoo Soda while asking.

Arnold's whole face heated up. "I really don't know." He answered honestly. "I mean, I know she loves me too. But where do we go from there? I know she already thinks I'm acting weird by staring at her when she's not looking. And I already know she thinks I just kissed her out of pity."

"Well, your gonna have to tell her soon enough. Unless, you never want to be with her."

"I know." Arnold sighed.

"Well then, what are you waiting for?" Gerald complied.

Arnold head snapped in the direction of his best friend. Eyes as wide as he had seen a ghost or something. "What? Are you nuts?"

"None of the sorts. Just knowing how much you love this girl, needing to give you advice to go for it man! What are you scared for?"

"I-I'm not scared! But-!"

Once again Gerald cut him off. "But nothing man! Look," He had now walked over to put his palms on the football headed boy's shoulders. "I know you re scared. It s okay to feel scared. This is the first girl you ve had these feeling for, your losing it, doesn't know what to do, or say. That okay, Arnold! Everyone feels that way, when the person you like thinks they don't like you back. But you will never know how she feels unless you make the first move. You gotta do what your heart tells you. Follow your heart, I know your head's telling you something else, but your head is acting like a coward. Listen to what your heart is screaming out." He took his hands off Arnold's shoulder, and gave him a more serious look in the eye. "You re my best friend, and I just want you to be happy. Go for it. Make. A. Move."

Arnold stared at Gerald for a few more minutes at his pep talk. And gave a more determined look. "You know what? You re absolutely right! I need to stop being a coward and Helga how I feel!"

"Yeah! There you go, man!" Gerald smiled widely.

"Thanks Gerald! You re a real pal!" Arnold said hugging his best bud.

"Anytime man," Gerald said as he pulled back, and they did their secret handshake.

"Cool," Arnold said starting to head for the door.

"Hey, where ya going, Arnold?"

"To go tell Helga how I feel, of course!" And with that, he ran out of his bedroom.

Gerald crossed his arms. Determined smile on his face. "You did well, Gerald. You did well." He said out of admiration of himself. And with that, he walked out of Arnold's room, and to outside, seeing his best friend half way down the block already.

Bold kid. He chuckled.