Korea sighed, watching his dearly beloved brother sitting by himself among the trees. Days like these, when the weather was just so cold and dreary, China could be found sitting there, taking time to ponder life and its wonders. The first time Korea had stumbled upon his brother in such a state he hid away, in awe of the side of his Aniki that he was never shown. Most often he witnessed his brother in irritated moods, on occasion seeing an ever-so-slight grin on his face, so something like this was almost mesmerizing to him.

Today, however, Korea was greeted with an Aniki he'd never wanted to face.

A crying Aniki.

Under the umbrella of foliage China was curled in on himself, tears staining the front of his shirt from the wet trails on his cheeks. It broke Korea's heart to see his adored brother so vulnerable, and Korea wanted nothing more than to rush to him and tell him that everything would be well, that he'd do all he could to protect China. But of course he'd never let him. China's heart would forever be out of Korea's reach.

And he had to wonder if China was in as much pain as he was.