Chapter 10 - Ever After

My parents worried we were moving too fast, but when they saw the way Edward looked after me and the way I longed for him, even when he would be in the next room, they knew that we belonged together. I had never missed a man like I missed him.

With the help of my mother, Alice and Esme, the wedding was planned and perfect. I let Edward take care of the guest list, as I really didn't have anyone other than our families to invite. I was curious, when I saw him stash a stack of invitation to the side. I thought he was being sentimental, but Alice explained that he was going to mail them all to his old flings after the wedding to let them know he was off the market for good. I loved that he wanted everyone to know.

The wedding was quick and beautiful. We had it in our backyard, and I just loved the perfect decorations that lit up the night sky. The addition of the swans to the pool was perfect, and the soft candlelight gave it all a romantic feeling.

My father gave me away, and when I threw my bouquet, my assistant, Angela, caught it. I happened to know she was attending with her very serious boyfriend, Ben. I hoped he got the hint. I was not surprised that none of the Masen side of the family came to the wedding. I guess they still had hard feelings about Edward taking over, but he had done so well for the company, they had no reason to complain. His grandfather had known what he was doing, when he left it to Edward.

Edward was excited to have us move into his house. He considered getting an elevator installed, so I wouldn't exert myself going up the stairs. I had my OB/GYN explain to him that a little exercise was good for us both. She also let him know that having sex would not hurt the baby. Thankfully, Dr. Johnson was a kind and understanding woman and thought my husband's paranoia was endearing. I had to admit, it was kinda cute. Thank heavens she let him know sex was safe, because my sex drive was in overdrive. I just couldn't seem to get enough of him, but lucky for me, he couldn't seem to get enough of me, either. Of course, with me being pregnant, he was always gentle, but I hoped once I wasn't, that would change. He had opened me up to the wonderful world of good sex, and I was ready to explore it with my husband.

He still worried non-stop about me overdoing it and constantly begged me to take it easy, even after the doctor explained to him the baby would not fall out if I was upright. Yes, my husband was adorable. He did finally talk me into putting a comfy couch in my office, which I would admit to napping on occasionally, but at least it wasn't a bed, and it was definitely useful for a little bit of afternoon delight. I loved working close with my husband.

I didn't know why I had been so worried about being with Edward. All the signs pointed to him being a good family man, it was just hard to see past all the women, but he took to being a husband and father like a fish to water. Word got out fast that he was taken and would not tolerate his old fling's attentions. He was quick to call security if he was at work and one of them showed up, and he spent the rest of his time with us. I was worried that he would feel trapped, but I could see in his eagerness to come home and spend time with us that he was happy.

He did his best to come home by five o'clock every evening, and he always took the weekends off to spend with us, and boy did he spend them. He was coaching Charlie's little league team now and teaching him how to play guitar. He was also in charge of making the pasta for the week. Yes, I said the week. I was pregnant, and I got what I craved. His pasta was amazing, but very time-consuming to make. So every Saturday afternoon, he would take time to make noodles, so I could have them to make for dinner the rest of the week. He really was an amazing cook. I so hit the jackpot with him.

We changed Charlie's last name to Cullen, and he was moved to the private school that Jackson and Joshua attended. Those three were thick as thieves and tried to spend every free moment with each other. I was happy that Charlie had such good friends and family no less to fall back on.

Our daughter, little Annabelle, joined us in September, a beautiful six pounds five ounces. She had thick red hair and beautiful blue eyes when she was born that quickly turned Cullen green. Apparently, the Cullen genes were strong ones. She was beautiful. She had Edward wrapped around her finger instantly. He got himself a baby carrier and would keep her with him whenever he had free time. He didn't want to miss anything this time around. He was the one to encourage her to say her first words and take her first steps, and he was loving every minute of it. I had to admit, she was a daddy's girl.

I did have to stop him from wrapping everything in bubble wrap to "baby proof" the house. He did, however, actually pay some people to come in and do it. I didn't even ask how much it was, I didn't want to know.

I ended up staying home with the kids. Yes, I said kids. Annabelle was joined by Clarabelle. Yes, Edward was picking the names. I'm guessing you see a trend here? She was born the July just before little Anna turned two. Her red hair and green eyes let everyone know she was Edward's, too, and her demeanor was just as loud as her hair. Anna was rather quiet and reserved, where Clara was into everything. She really tested out the baby proofing.

Charlie was getting a little bummed that we had yet to give him a brother, but that was resolved two years later with little Masen Carlisle Cullen. Our house was overflowing with children. Well, at least it felt like it. The girls shared a room, and Charlie had his own, as he was thirteen when Masen was born. Edward gave up his sports room, and it became the new nursery. It, of course, had a sports theme.

Edward was cutting his hours back more and more and finally just ended up working from home, because he wanted to spend time with his kids. It also made slipping in an afternoon quickie during naptime totally doable. Yes, I liked having my honey home.

It was the summer after Charlie had turned fifteen that we took everyone to the cabins in Arizona to visit my dad. We rented one out for a few months, just like Edward's family had done so long ago. Alice's family, along with Edward's parents, planned on joining us. We were looking forward to having a good time with our family. Edward bragged about my expert snake handling and fire-making skills. I just mentioned that he looked good moving luggage.

I had to smile the first night we were there, when Alice plopped down beside me in front of the fire and gave me something that I thought I would never see again. It was the dirty book with the nasty cover I had let her borrow over fifteen year ago. I burst out laughing and was about to toss it into the flames, but my insatiable husband grabbed it and wanted to read it together. So we did. The next day, my dad took all the kids fishing, and Edward and I snuck up to the loft in his cabin. My same bed was still under the same window, and so Edward and I cuddled up together, laughing and reading the smutty story. It didn't take long for us to be out of our clothes and wrapped up in each other.

"Wow, if this bed could only talk, huh?" I teased as I caught my breath.

Edward looked sad for a moment. "I'm glad it can't. It'd be calling me some pretty choice things, no doubt."

I reached and took his face in my hands. "I have no regrets, Edward. We have an amazing family. If things hadn't started here, who knows where we'd both be right now."

"I know one thing," he said as he pulled me against him, where I could feel that he was already getting hard again, "I'm happier now than I've ever been. We started our family, albeit inadvertently, in this bed. Who knows, maybe history repeating itself would be a good thing," he grinned and pressed himself into me again, as he whispered how much he loved me.

I had been waiting for his birthday soon to surprise him with the news that we were already expecting again, twins this time, but it would be fun to play it off as cabin karma. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. In fact, I was pretty certain it would be just what he wanted to hear.