One day in late summer, a man looked out over the lake in the shade of a large tree. The lake was not extremely large, but it had many appealing qualities; such as the crystal clear; water that was so clear that you could see all of the water Pokémon swimming around. As the man watched a school of Magikarp and Feebas play, a sudden shadow appeared below them. The school scattered as a beautiful cream colored Pokémon shot up out of the water. Two long red scarf-like appendages came out from its head which held two powerful, blue eyes. It was a Milotic.

"Miiii," it squealed. The man just chuckled to himself as the Pokémon stared at him playfully.

"And how are you Mia?" the man asked. The Milotic, Mia, responded by spraying him with a small jet of water.

"Looooo!" it purred as it slithered its way up onto land and cuddled its head up to its faithful trainer.

The man, whose name was Seth, started to scratch the beautiful Pokémon's head. Seth was not a particularly noticeable man, except for the fact that he wore all black to go with his longish jet black hair that fell evenly on all sides of his head, so that he had to part it to the right. He was fairly tall at 6'1" and weighed a good 190 lbs of pure muscle, though he was not extremely well muscled. He wore a black t-shirt with black jeans and black tennis shoes.

Seth sat there scratching the Milotic he called Mia's head. She purred contently. However, the calm scene did not last long, for both of them turned their heads when they heard what sounded like shouting. Both of them sprang up quickly, Mia jumping back into the water while Seth ran to his campsite in a small clearing.

When Seth arrived he saw an Infernape and Electivire squaring off while shouting insults in their native pokespeak. He looked around the clearing a little more to see a Roserade and Froslass huddling together in an attempt to avoid getting into the fight. At that moment both the Infernape and the Electivire ran at each other, the Infernape forming a fire punch while the Electivire forming a thunder punch.

"STOP IT BOTH OF YOU RIGHT NOW!" shouted Seth anger clear on his face. Both Pokémon turned to him, surprised and dropped their fists. "Now I don't care what caused this fight you both are the oldest of this team and you're acting like a bunch of pathetic babies!" The Infernape, named Ignis, hung his head in shame while the Electivire, whose name was Shock, did the same.

"Vire…," Shock mumbled obviously still frustrated with Ignis.

"Now," Seth commanded, "I want no more fighting for the remainder of this trip, when we get home you two can go spar. Deal?"

Shock shouted his name enthusiastically while Ignis breathed fire into the air. Seth was happy to see that his two friends had made up, sort of. He then turned to the Froslass, Lacy, and the Roserade, Fiore.

"What did I tell you about letting those two off their leashes?" Seth chuckled, while the two Pokémon laughed. This is what Seth liked to see, but he looked up and saw that he had missed the sunset. He sighed and said, "Alright I better get some grub ready for you guys." Soon Seth had gathered firewood and Ignis had lit it using a weak flamethrower. Seth gathered the ingredients for his famous pokeblocks. They were specially made for each of his Pokémon, red for Ignis, yellow for Shock, blue for Mia, green for Fiore, and finally light blue for Lacy. Each one was made with specific berries that benefitted that breed of Pokémon.

After he finished cooking, Seth looked up at the stars. 'They're beautiful tonight,' he thought. 'Too bad that they have to disappear into the light of the city in a few days,' he thought. Seth then thought about his life back in his home at Creativita City. It wasn't a huge city but it was full of artists, musicians, and writers. The gym leader, who happened to be his sister, was famous for having an amazingly powerful Smeargle. He lived in a big house with his brother and sister after their Mom died. He thought of how he was torn between signing a huge record deal for himself, or becoming a professional trainer. His brother, a painter, was encouraging him to go with the music, while his gym leader of a sister was trying to convince him to become a trainer.

The more he thought about it, he realized that he had not done much with his life. At 21 he was the oldest of his siblings, while his 19 year old sister and brother already were successful bringing in more than enough money to support them all. He felt like he was using his family, and not doing anything to help it. At that point he felt lonely, desperate, and quite angry with himself. 'Damn my laziness,' Seth thought to himself.

"Lass?" A feminine voice broke through Seth's thoughts. He looked up to see Lacy looking at him with a look of concern in her eyes. 'She must have felt my negative feelings,' Seth thought. He looked at the Froslass and smiled his warm smile.

"Hey Lace, what's up?" Seth asked. She merely floated up to him and gave him a hug. Seth had to laugh, he had often heard stories of Froslass being mean and loving to show off their frozen prey in their lairs. Seth had caught Lacy as a Froslass after finding her nearly melting from being on Mount Calor instead of Mount Frio. He didn't know why, but she just instantly took to him.

"Alright, thank you Lace, I'm feeling much better now," Seth said pulling out of the embrace.

"Froslass!" Lacy said happily.

Seth looked up into the sky and saw that it was dark. He glanced at his electronic watch that he had owned since he was only 11. The time read almost eleven o' clock. "Alright everybody in your tents, and off to bed!" he shouted.

Being rich had its advantages; Seth bought special tents for each and every one of his Pokémon that wanted one. Ignis' had a heater and hot coals in it for him; Shock's had a high power generator in it that he could plug his tails into. Lacy's had a cooling unit in it that kept hers at a comfortable, at least for her, minus 38 degrees. Mia slept wherever there was water, and if there wasn't any than she just slept in her Luxury Ball. Fiore slept outside in the grass whenever she could. If there wasn't any around than she would just join Seth in his.

One by one they all filed into their respective sleeping areas. As Seth got settled into his sleeping bag, he started to think about what he wanted to do with his life. He always loved battling and so did his team, that's why they joined him. Seth was always very conscious of his Pokémon, as if you couldn't tell. When he caught them, he didn't really "catch" them but rather asked if they would like to travel and battle with him. Looking back on it now, he laughed at the fact that the only thing that said he wasn't a trainer was a title and the fact that he rarely battled trainers. Finally, sleep overcame him. However, right before falling into dreamland, Seth thought 'Today was almost perfect for everyone. I bet there was no one who had a bad day today.'

While Seth and the team were soundly sleeping, a little Kirlia was attempting to scream. However every time she tried she got a hard punch to the face from a Machamp. This was the way it had been since the day she was caught by her evil trainer. She had been caught as a Kirlia, and thought that this would finally be her chance to travel and see the world. She was dead wrong. Everyday her trainer would find new ways to torture her; from making her bend over backward enough to touch her feet to making her pee then drink it. She shuddered remembering all of those times, such as that morning. Suddenly a dark figure dressed all in black came out of a tent. The Kirlia knew to be scared; she could feel his lust and desire.

"Hello my little slut," the man said, malice dripping off of every word. "You ready to earn your keep, bitch?"

With that the man yanked on the leash the Kirlia was on which was attached to some sort of collar that the man put on her. All she knew was that it kept her from using her psychic powers, leaving her defenseless. The man then proceeded to take out his cock. "You know what to do bitch," he said. Indeed the Kirlia did know what to do as she started licking the massive thing. The man then yanked the Kirlia up and forced his massive penis all the way into her mouth causing the young Pokémon to gag and start to cry. The man laughed evilly as the Kirlia cried and he continually pulled her back and forth on his cock. Then he pulled it out of her mouth and positioned her so that he could enter her. However, before he did, he pulled out a pokeball and released a Gengar. The man nodded to the Gengar, who nodded back. The Gengar pulled out his own cock and forced it, brutally, into the Kirlia's mouth.

Both the man and Gengar began pumping until they both came, leaving all three of them exhausted. During this time the Machamp had fallen asleep. The man returned both Gengar and Machamp, and kicked the Kirlia.

"Lia!" the poor girl screamed as she fell.

"I'll see you tomorrow, bitch!" laughed the man as he went into his tent and fell asleep instantly.

As the Kirlia laid there she realized something. Her master had forgotten to tie her again! With renewed vigor the Pokémon stood up and ran over to where her master kept his Pokeballs. She rummaged around until she found hers. She then listened to the tent to hear her master's loud snoring. 'Yes!' she thought. The Kirlia then ran as fast as her small legs would carry her. She didn't care where she was going; she just never wanted to see that man again.

As the Kirlia ran, she couldn't help but realize that the forest was void of any emotions. Everything was sleeping, so there would be nothing to help her if she was caught.

Early next morning Seth got up and stretched. He exited his tent in his night clothes which consisted of no shirt and a pair of basketball shorts in the summer, and sweats in the winter. Seth then strolled over to the lake where he watched the early morning sun dance across the beautiful lake. As he was enjoying the sunrise, he did not hear small footsteps rustling the grass behind him.

The Kirlia had run all night, so she was exhausted and cut up from all of the sticks and stones. She then felt a huge spike of happy emotions, so she ran towards it. When she peeked out of the trees, she saw a man without his shirt on standing and looking at the sunrise. A quick peer into his emotions revealed that this man harbored no evil side. Noting this, the Kirlia tried to run towards him only to trip on a rock and break her leg. Being the calm Emotion Pokémon that she was, the Kirlia held her leg and began to cry he eyes out.

Seth was enjoying the sunset when out of nowhere he heard crying. Turning around he saw a small Kirlia with cuts and bruises all over its body, holding its left leg close to it. Seth quickly walked over to the Pokémon and knelt when he was about five feet away.

"Hi," Seth said gently holding out a hand. The Kirlia looked up at the man through tear stained eyes. Suddenly, without warning the Kirlia leapt at the man who caught her as she embraced him. Seth was a little surprised at how eager the Kirlia was to leap into his arms.

Seeing the little Pokémon weep into his arms, Seth decided to return the hug, cooing to it softly. After a good ten minutes, the Kirlia managed to stop crying, so she looked up at the person holding her. Seth saw her face and smiled a warm smile.

"Hey there, little one, are you ok?" Seth asked. The Kirlia shook her head and pointed to her broken leg. "Your leg is broken?" Seth questioned, receiving a nod from the Kirlia. Seth thought for a few seconds before noticing the Pokeball that Kirlia had dropped when she jumped. He went over and picked it up.

"KIR!" the Kirlia shouted, snuggling deeper into Seth's chest.

"You don't want to go in?" he asked. Seth once again received a nod. "Alright, fair enough," He said smiling.

The Kirlia smiled back until she heard an all too familiar voice, and felt and all too familiar emotion. Shrieking, she snuggled into Seth's chest as if trying to hide. Seth was curious until he heard a gruff voice shout,


Seth turned around to see that he had turned to face the barrel of a shotgun pointed directly at his head.

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