Garchomp sighed, turning back around. "Well, class, we'll just carry on without Piplup. Now then..." Just as Garchomp was about to open his text book, Salamence broke through the window, startling the class. Garchomp stumbled backwards as he fell on the ground, dropping his book. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Salamence laughed as he flapped his gigantic red wings. "I'm here to give you the beatdown of your life, of course!" He opened his mouth and fired several hot, red and yellow fireballs at Garchomp, who dodged the flames and ran around Salamance.

Buneary, Croagunk, and Pachirisu gave each other odd glances as the rest of the class ran to the back of the room, screaming for their lives as Garchomp pinned Salamence in the chin. Salamence groaned as he bit Garchomp's right arm, dragging him towards the window. Garchomp then used Ice Fang on Salamence's neck, forcing the winged dragon to release him. As the two overpowered dragon Pokemon faced each other, they both used Hyper Beam, causing the entire classroom to explode, ashes everywhere. Garchomp and Salamence were still standing, though it seems that Garchomp had the dge as he growled at Salamence.

"Grrr... fine, I'll grant you this victory..." Salamence grumbled as he opened his wings and flew out of the classroom through the broken wall, shouting to Garchomp, "But you haven't seen the last of me!"

Garchomp cleaned himself as all the Pokemon hiding in the back of the classroom fled for their lives, screaming at the top of their lungs. Buneary sighed as she placed her right hand on her heart, while Croagunk and Pachirisu both shrugged. The sounds of a toilet flushing was heard, as Piplup came back, feeling much better.

"Man, did I had to get that out..." Piplup muttered as he patted his stomach, walking up to Garchomp as he looked around the destroyed classroom, looking back up at Garchomp. "What the hell happened here?"

Garchomp sighed as he wrapped his right arm around Piplup. "You'd better come into my office, boy."

Piplup blinked as he and Garchomp left the classroom, with Buneary, Croagunk, and Pachirisu left by themselves.

"What do you think will happen to Piplup?" Buneary asked curiously as she placed her hands together.

Croagunk rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arms around the back of his head. "Oh, he'll be fine. I'm certain of it."

"Yeah, but what do we do now?" Pachirisu asked as he blinked several times.


"...Well, I'm gonna get working on the homework!" Buenary suggested as she took out a pen and a piece of paper.

Croagunk sighed as he folded his arms together. "Is that all you think about, Buneary? Just doin' your duty?"

Buneary stuck her tongue out at Croagunk. "I rather be active, unlike you."

Pachirisu giggled as he pointed at Croagunk. "Ooooh, burn!"

Croagunk slapped Pachirisu in the back of the head, causing the electric squirrel Pokemon to rub the back of his head as Croagunk folded his arms together, while Buneary sighed.