Title: IM, Me and You Part 3/5
Author: Emma (IAMAMYTH)
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: T (for now)
Pairings/Characters: Roy/Jen.
Disclaimer: I do not own The IT Crowd.
Summary: Who says romance is dead?
Spoilers: 'Friendface' (S3E5)
Warnings: Sexual tension.
Authors Notes: Lots of reasons for the delay, but I'm back. Haven't written for this pairing for a long time, so I apologise now if the writing isn't up to standard or there's major OOC-ness, but please let me know. Thank you all for reading and supporting this. I love you for it.


"Two portions of fish, and one portion of chips please?"

The spotty teenager on the other side of the counter mumbled something, before serving up Roy's order. Roy tapped his foot repeatedly, glancing nervously around the fish and chip shop that was around the corner from Jen's flat, twisting the £10 note in his fingers.

"Here you go mate, that'll be £8.99." The kid said with the little enthusiasm he could muster, sliding the bag of food towards Roy. 8.99? Ridiculous. How bad of a state is the economy in anyway? She had better be worth it. Roy thought angrily, although he couldn't stop the smile at the thought of her. Exchanging the note for his change, Roy grabbed the bag and hurried out of the shop. At a near jog, he turned the corner, weaving his way through the street until he reached the opposite end of the street, and the block of flats where Jen lived.

As he walked into the building, Roy pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened up the mobile version of Friendface. He opened the IM window to send her a message, and frowned in concentration, searching for the right words to say. As he entered the lift, he pushed the button for Jen's floor with his thumb, toying with possible things to say, to break the ice so to speak.

As the doors pinged open to reveal Jen's floor, Roy's mind pinged with an idea. Quickly tapping into the phone, Roy sent the message to Jen; 'It's not a Friday without fish and chips, is it?'

Roy glanced up and noticed that he had reached Jen's door, he took a deep breath before anxiously, almost tentatively, rapping his knuckles on the door.



Tentatively, Jen approached her door and squinted through the peephole. Chuckling to herself, she opened the door to reveal Roy, who was holding a white bag in one hand. He grinned happily as he held the plastic bag in the air, lightly swaying its contents side to side. Jen laughed, and gestured for him to come in, subconsciously holding her breath as Roy's body brushed against hers. Jen locked the door, before joining Roy in the kitchen.

"Red wine?"

"Oh yeah, why not?" Roy joked, as he began dishing up the food. Jen nodded to herself, and reached up into the cabinet to retrieve two wine glasses before getting a bottle of red wine that in the fridge. Silence fell for a while, until Roy took their plates into the living room, Jen following behind with the wine glasses. Settling into the sofa, plated balancing on their legs, they made small talk, ranging from film and television to the economy.

Jen had to admit to herself, she had never enjoyed spending time with someone as much as she had tonight. She revelled in finding out so much about her colleague, her friend. Roy too was enjoying the company more than the company he held in the past. Although there was a strange feeling in his gut, a feeling he wasn't used to experiencing.

"Another glass of red?" Roy asked, gulping down the last from his glass. Jen nodded, holding her empty glass in the air. Roy's fingers lightly brushed hers as he took it, he ignored the spark that went through him however as he went into the kitchen. Returning only two minutes later, he noticed Jen was slumped further into the sofa, practically draped horizontally. He smirked with amusement, before putting the replenished glasses on the table.

"Oh, more wine." Jen murmured from her seat as she half-heartedly lifted her arm in the air, to which Roy carefully placed her drink in her hand.

"Shall we see what's on the TV Miss Barber?" Roy asked, grabbing the remote and sitting next to Jen. Jen nodded, not saying a word as Roy flicked through the channels.

A comfortable silence fell as together they went through the TV guide before setting on Mock The Week marathon, the odd laugh or "I like that comedian" breaking the quiet. About half way through the third episode Roy realised Jen was snoring lightly, her head resting on his left shoulder. Carefully, so as not to disturb her, Roy lifted the sleeping woman into his arms and took her to what he guessed was her bedroom, before gently laying her on the bed. He reached over the bed and pulled the other half of the duvet across her body, before placing a chaste kiss to her forehead.

"Goodnight Jen." Roy whispered, glancing one last time at her as he closed the door.


Author's Note: Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Just a little teaser, chapter 4 will be longer. Keep reviewing :) xx