Gives You Hell

Chapter 1: The Impending Storm

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Characters~ Arthur & Merlin

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Warnings~ SLASH, slight jealousy/paranoia (don't ask XD), mild quarrels, and hints of citrus (as this story goes on ;3)

Music on My Mind~ Gives You Hell by All American Rejects (don't own)

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Today…was probably the worst day I could ever ask for in my life.

No, wait—let me think for just a second…

Yes—definitely the worst. Why?

For one thing, it was literally raining cats and dogs outside, but that wasn't the only issue that made my life seem miserable for now. Compared to something…or someone in particular, this was merely a trivial matter.

(insert sigh here) So—where do I begin?

Today, my master, or better yet, Prince Prat-a-lot, was being extra arrogant for some reason that will probably remain unknown to me for the time being. It all began this morning when he had me wake up early to go out for a hunt with a few of his knights.

During that whole time, he rarely said a word to me—well…of course not counting: "Merlin, hand me this!" or "Merlin, hand me that!"

"Merlin, what the hell do you think you're doing!"

With that, my mind snaps back to reality. Oh wait, we're still outside in the bloody rain—chasing a unicorn, for crying out loud.

AGAIN—after all the trouble we'd gone through the first time around, if you can remember the drought and food shortage and whatnot.

Prince Prat-a-lot turns to give me a death glare of some sort and continues to yell at me.


As soon as I get myself together, I notice a white blur rush right past me, and Arthur begins to go after it. But after a while, the mythical creature gets away and the blonde grabs me by my shirt collar.

"You idiot! Why'd you let it get away!"

I stare back at him with a puzzled expression on my face. "Because I don't want what happened before to happen again. You of all people should know that by now."

But Arthur only growls and shoves me aside.

God knows what the hell his problem was. All I know is that I did absolutely nothing to him to deserve this.

He cursed under his breath, then gave us the orders to return back to the castle. But before the two of us followed after the rest of the group, I glanced back to see him place his hand of his forehead and let out an irritated sigh. Then he shifts his gaze towards me, and I begin to follow behind the other knights.


His mood never changed, even when we finally got inside. As soon as we'd entered his chambers, he merely tossed aside his armor and sword and made his way towards the other side of the room to undress.

"Merlin, get my bath ready—and make sure the water's hot this time."

I do as he says and pull over what was supposed to be the bathtub, pouring in buckets of bathwater and checking its temperature.

Too cold.

With that, I briefly glance at the blonde, still taking off his tunic with his back turned. Then I softly make an inconspicuous incantation, causing the water to heat up not long after that with clouds of steam hovering over it.

Hopefully it wasn't boiling this time.

That was when I stopped to think and remember what happened that time.


"No—let me!"



I sigh, then quickly dipped my finger into the water. A bit hot—but nothing like before, so it should be okay…

In just moments, Arthur was standing in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. Then he exhaled sharply out of exhaustion and dunked his foot in the soapy water.

And to my surprise, he cries out, whipping his foot out not long after that and looking at me with angry eyes.

"Merlin! How many times must I tell you not to make the water too hot!"

"But sire, you just asked me to make the bath water hot this time. And it actually wasn't boiling."

He growls. "Yeah—it's probably close to boiling this time!" The blonde cried out in frustration and swiped the bucket of cold water off the table, dumping it right over my head.

Yup—extra cold today. Why the hell do I keep leaving it over there?

I pause for a moment to let his head cool off for a moment. Then I open my mouth to speak.

But that was when Arthur cuts me off.

"You know, Merlin, your stupidity is just aggravating to me."

Not like I haven't heard that phrase before.

"So I see."

"No, really—it is."


"There's absolutely no one in the world that's dumber than you are."

I still wonder who shoved a stick up his ass this morning.

"I'm sure there isn't," I reply blatantly.

It goes on like this for a while, but even after ten minutes, it was yet to end.

That was when he really crossed the line, which actually ticked me off for once.

"I bet your father was a moron, too."

In that instant, my face grew serious. He didn't just say that. Of course he didn't. I told him, he knew, and he wouldn't dare.

"You don't really mean that."

Arthur scoffed and laughed sardonically. "Of course I do! No wonder you're as stupid as he was!"

At that moment, I get up to leave. I wouldn't take any more of this. "That's it. I'm leaving."

"So go then!" the blonde continues, acid dripping in his very tone. "No one's stopping you! Except your father's idiocy, that is! No wonder he left you in the first place!"

Immediately, he hits a cord somewhere in the very core of my heart, and I whirl around to narrow my eyes at him. "Don't you dare. Continue, and I'll never speak to you again."

The blonde chuckles and slowly shakes his head. "So what? I wouldn't care." He looked up at me with a sarcastic grin on his face. "I could find a servant better than you, Merlin! One who's actually not a bumbling idiot!"

Without thinking, hurtful words begin to spill from my mouth.

"Oh, is that so? I bet I could find a master who's not an arrogant clotpole like you are!"

After that, we both ended up yelling at each other at the top of our lungs.

"Shut up!"

"No, you shut up!"

"I hate you!"

"I hate you, too!"

"You tick me off!"

"You tick me off even more! You always have!"

Then pretty soon…it came to a point where I'd realized that I'd gone too far.

"I bet your mother wasn't an ass like you are now! She'd probably be ashamed to see the likes of you here where you stand!"

After that, I swallow, breathing heavily at the same time.

Then I paused for a moment the minute I'd noticed the room become deathly quiet. After a while, I glance over to see Arthur just standing on the other side of the room with his face rigid—as if he's just been slapped across the face by a giant.

In that instant, I recoil for a second, thinking about what I'd just done. I swallowed, looking at the blonde with remorse. "Arthur…I didn't mean—"

Before I could finish my sentence, the blonde looked at me with probably the coldest glare I'd ever seen. Then his face turned red, and he screamed at me.

"Get out! Just get out! I never want to see you again!"

My breath wavered at that moment, and I began to feel faint.

Obviously this had to be a bad dream of some sort, like with Morgana…but sadly, it wasn't because I noticed I was wide awake.

With that, I found myself absent-mindedly heading for the door, almost stumbling.

Then as soon as I stepped into the hallway, the door slammed behind me.

Dead silence.

I lean my head back against the wall and put my hand over my forehead.

what have I done?


It wasn't your fault.

My head never stopped pounding ever since I left.

None of this is your fault, Merlin. It's his. He started it all.

Like a blind man, I fumbled for the doorknob and staggered into Gaius's chambers, shutting the door behind me with a sigh.

At that moment, Gaius raised his head from his work to look up at me with a concerned expression on his face.

"Merlin. You look pale."

I took a deep breath, then slowly came down from where I was to approach him.

With that, Gaius turned to place his hand on my shoulder. "What's the matter? Did something happen between you and Arthur?"

For a moment, I was silent and held my breath. Then I spoke in a soft voice, avoiding his gaze.

"It's nothing."

"Merlin. Tell me the truth."

I swallowed, then turned away from Gaius. I chose my words carefully as I answered him wholeheartedly. "He yelled at me, and we got in a fight. But it wasn't my fault. He insulted my father."

I glanced back to see him open his mouth to speak up, but I cut him off and continued. "I know…that he didn't mean it, but I got really mad at him back there and…ended up insulting his mother as well." My voice faltered slightly. "Then Arthur got mad at me, too…and told me to leave—that he never wanted to see me again."

With that, I turned around to face Gaius. "Of course I didn't mean what I said, either. I'd never go that far to say anything like that to him. But he gave me no choice—he crossed the line. You can't blame me for what happened, because he started this from the very beginning."

That was when he cut me off himself. "No—you are definitely not to blame here for this situation, since none of this was your fault in the first place." He paused. "Is Arthur all right? How has his mood been since this morning?"

"Since this morning he's been…" I exhaled sharply. "Unbelievable. Nothing like I've ever seen from him before."


I stopped for a moment, then noticed that Gaius's face was solemn.

"Why? Do you know anything about it?"

He pursed his lips, then turned to look down at his desk.


He paused for a long minute, then spoke in a serious tone. "…it feels like eons since I've mentioned that very day."

In that instant, questions began to riddle my mind. "What day?"

Another moment of silence.

Then Gaius looked at me with sad eyes. "Today…is Arthur's birthday."

At that moment, I wrinkled my forehead in confusion. "So? Then he should be thrilled to know he'll have some special treatment today.

That was when the physician closed his eyes and sighed. "Today is also his mother's death day."

Immediately, I held my breath. Uh-oh.

Gaius saw the worried expression on my face and put his hand back on my shoulder.

"Go apologize to him quickly. I'm sure he feels just as guilty as you are for beginning this trivial quarrel."

I frowned for a moment.

"…I hope so."

With that, I headed for the door.

"Be careful how you word things with him from this point on, Merlin," Gaius called over my shoulder.

I nodded once and ran outside.


Just two words and that's it, I thought to myself as I reluctantly walked along the main hall. Then I turned left on one corner and continued until I came across a specific wooden door.

his door.

I paused for a moment and let out a sigh as I reached out for the doorknob in front of me, a brief image of Arthur's terrifyingly angry face flashing through my mind at the same time.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before finally pushing the door open.

"Two words," I muttered softly to myself.

And hopefully he didn't take this too hard…

With that, the door to his chambers effortlessly opened, revealing the very inside of the room.

Of course—at this point, I was still expecting the mess to be there: puddles of bath water all over the place, his dirty armor left in an askew pile on the other side of the room, forgotten (by me). And knowing Arthur for more than a while now, it was obvious that he wouldn't have bothered to clean any of it up "because it wasn't his job to do any of that whatsoever."

I sighed. Just wonderful.

I swallowed, prepared to face whatever I would end up seeing before me at that moment.

But just as soon as I'd opened my eyes…

I couldn't believe it.


The room was clean—spotless, if you really want me to go that far. But that wasn't the point.

At the small table near his bed, I could see Arthur sitting there with a plate of food out in front of him—the breakfast that I was supposed to have brought up a few minutes ago but ended up forgetting to do so due to the commotion…

That was when I saw him standing next to the blonde—a frail brunette not much younger than me with big eyes as blue as a deep ocean—pouring water into the other's cup with a carefree, innocent grin on his face.

The two were laughing over something one of them had said: something that I was yet to know.

And Arthur…was smiling.


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