First off happy Birthday to me! Now with that out of the way it is back story time, read it helps. Like most of my Vamp fic, posted or not, the Night World book series, sooooo NOT Twilight, helped inspire it. The Witch circles, pure blood Vamps calling themselves Lamia, Vamps created by a Witch with a spell, all from the books. Reading them is not required, a good idea though, as the world is similar but little else is, Vamp Anime inspires too. This one uses the Traditional or Fan Cannon Yaoi pairings for the show, the partners. I do a lot of non-cannon yaoi but not everything is, fan cannon yaoi is fun too. If you like my other Gundam Wing fics you should like this one, I hope. Like in the show certain pilots get along better or worst when the first meet. OOCish is because it is an AU, plus monsters, but they are not completely not them.

WarNinGs: AU, OOCish, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Occult references, Blood, Partly inspired by The Night World book series, A few OC's, Very slight Shounen-Ai hints, A little language, Not Betaed, that should do it.

Aishi Say

"Here I stand, helpless and left for dead

Close your eyes, so many days go by
Easy to find what's wrong
Harder to find what's right."

And yes Breaking Benjamin's 'Dance with the Devil', is the source of the name, and a bit of the plot. I watched an X tv AMV to this, KamuixFuma, and fell in love with it.

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

Quatre felt a predatory gaze on his back, the look of a hunter surveying likely prey, and he turned the moment the gaze shifted. He saw two of them, it was clear as day they were Vampires, well clear to anyone not human themselves. As a Witch he knew well how the undead moved with the grace of a hunter and the control of a fighter, an intriguing mix humans and non alike found captivating. The one had wild dark brown hair and deep ocean like eyes, he held an intensity about him as if something in him was barely contained. The other was taller, lighter of hair, and moved with cool indifferent movements as if he were some lazy feline. Lighter brown hair was gold kissed and swept over his sharp face with a wing like grace, orbs a rich green, and those eyes turned back to the blonde meeting his aqua gaze. Quatre froze, he had never really met a Vampire's gaze before he had always been too afraid to. He had heard all the stories about their powers, how one look could rob even the strongest of their wills, so they could be crushed without much thought. He did not feel mental claws crushing anything, all he saw was the cold beauty of emerald, a captivating beauty but his will was still intact. Studying the Vampire more closely, when he turned his icy gaze form him, the blonde noticed all his beauty was a cold beauty, a terrifying allure, and he understood why humans were so fascinated by them. "Who are you looking at so intensely Quatre?" His fellow Witch asked following his gaze to the two Vampires with a grin.

"Duo?" Quatre asked turning, spell broken, "Do you know them at all, either of them?" Duo was a darker person then he was, he ran with Vampires sometimes Circle Midnight was like that.

"Sure, that one there is Hiro Yui, Lamia and I mean from one of the top clans, like the strongest in all of Japan. As for the other one, the Bloom family wanted a male heir, since they only had one daughter, and the daughter chose him. All I really know is he has a love hate relationship with the clan, except for the 'sister'. Oh and most people just call him Barton since he does not get close to people, let alone non-blood suckers. His pretty face hides an evil mind, which is why he can be as bold as he is." Duo sneered, he hated smug punks like him, the other had been a lowly human and now he acted like he was some god. The young Witch would love to put the Vamp in his place.

"He was human?" Quatre asked, he was Circle Twilight they did not hate humans as much as their darker counterpart, but many did not like the Made much either. They were often seen as sub Vampires made only to amuse the Lamia, the true Vampire, the ones who never were, never would be, human. Lycan Mades were rarely treated differently once accepted by the pack. He did not hate humans, he pitied them for their fear and ignorance of the world around them. Generally many Made came to hate what they had been with such force it was almost frightening. "He was looking at me, is that good or bad?"

"You?!" The braided youth asked surprised, Quatre looked like some angle from a human's dreams, but he was a powerful Witch from an old and noble family, which made him powerful but still. "Well that deepens did he look hungry?" Duo cooed, Vampires fed on Witches and on others of their own kind if they felt like it, they were very lose about such things.

"I don't think so, I felt his eyes and turned and we just stared at each other for a long moment. I have never seen such cold eyes." Quatre bit his lip, what had made them so cold? Had he always been that way, is that why the Bloom's only daughter had chosen him because he was like one of them, a cold killer born as a human?

"You looked him in the eyes?! Hecate save you my friend, just like Lycan you do not do that and walk away, not with him," Duo had heard stories. Some Witch girl had done it and he had ripped her eyes right out of her skull, crushing them between his claws without any expression at all, you treated humans like that not your own side.

"I'm not a threat Duo…well not physically," Quatre bit his lip again, freezing when Barton dropped from the second story balcony, black duster flaring like wings before flowing like living shadow as he moved up to them.

"What?" Duo asked before turning, long braid swishing as he did so, frowning up at Barton, but careful not to meet his gaze.

"Move Witch, or I shall move you," Trowa ordered, voice calm almost indifferent, he watched Duo move as ordered before walking off. Turning his attention back to the blonde beauty who had dared to met his gaze he tilted his head slightly, "You, who are you?"

"I am Quatre the Winner heir, who are you to address me so informally Vampire?" Quatre was from a powerful house, he was no longer an arrogant youth but he would not allow himself to be intimidated. He was scared of this man, he had heard of Barton and the Bloom, a family with a nature taken name. The blonde could not help but wonder what the other's first name was, and why he had been made into what he now was.

Green eyes narrowed slightly but the delicate looking blonde held his head high and he sneered, cowardice really pissed him off. "Winner hm? I am the Bloom's heir so that makes us equal name wise. Tell me Witch do you think you are superior because I was once vermin?" Trowa knew many did and that was fine they could be easily corrected, but the blonde seemed prideful not arrogant, which was an unusual change.

"No, Barton, I do not. And it has nothing to do with your reputation, Duo told me about you, I just do not think all humans are worthless beasts. Made or born a Vampire is a Vampire just as a Lycan is a Lycan, they are no longer human. Now what do you want from me Barton, I know you want something, otherwise you would not have bothered to come and converse with me." Quatre was good at being formal and when formal nothing got to him, he would not be caught off his guard. He was as strong a telepath as any Vampire, no mind games would work on him, but as before none were being used.

"Fragile appearance but with a steel will, I see your reputation has not been inflated to keep your house from shame. I have heard many stories of house heirs only to find them nothing but empty tales, I so do hate when that happens, don't you?" Trowa's sneer soften to a half smirk he rather liked this one, he had nothing against Witches really so maybe he would try and make friends? "As for your question, I was curious to meet someone who did not shy from my gaze as so many others do."

"Duo told me you do not let other's meet it, I must admit I do not understand your reasoning." Quatre frowned, this young man was most confusing even for a Vampire, but he enjoyed the sound of his soft voice maybe he could get behind that cruel mask he wore?

"Ah yes, the Maxwell adoptee, well I do not like fools meeting my eyes like they have some right to do so. You, however, have a respectful fear of me but you refuse to cower like your friend, this I respect." Trowa nodded at him but did not try to touch him or move any closer, he stayed where he was waiting to see what the other would do.

"Duo isn't cowering he just…you can't respect me and not him as well, I am sorry but that is the way I am. He does not like you that is why he left," Quatre looked up meeting those rich eyes once more, noting they had lost some but not all of their chill.

"To leave a friend all alone with me after warning them does not sound like a very loyal friend, leaving you to my mercy as it were." Trowa chuckled a cold sounding mockery of the laugh, "Tell me what spell you would have used to stop me if I chose to bind you or something?"

"I have no spells or talismans that would protect me from you on me, but if you did you would be held accountable, my father is very protective of me." Quatre knew spells that if done would stop any one from even being able to touch him, but he had firmly told his father he would not go through a week long spell. He watched those cold eyes turn to Duo, who was talking to a few other Midnights, probably amazed he was not only unharmed but had been able to start a conversation.

"Yes, I have heard of Lord Winner, a Vampire who he caught with what, your fourteenth sister? One little taste and he blew the fangs from her skull, it took her over a week to die you know? My kind can starve to death and no blood stayed in her, poor little thing. Tell me what will your father do to me?" Trowa cooed arms crossed and curious, Witches knew so many nasty spells, and the Winner Lord allowed no one to touch his offspring unless he approved of them, it made Winners dangerous.

Quatre blinked confused, "Do to you? Why would he do anything to you Barton, you have not done anything to me?" He remembered the Vampiress, she had been a pale women with long blood red hair and dark blue eyes. She had been Aroree's lover for a month before she had been caught, and Aroree still did not speak to her father. The pale Witch did not want to imagine what his father would do to a Vampire like Barton. His father would make sure it took a long time for the Made to die, but he had not even tried to touch him. "Did you know her? I mean she was a Made like you so…"

"No, but I did see her before her death, as for Made yes, she was vermin once too but that was all we had in common, her house is a rival to mine. Just because you Witches all get along for the most part don't assume we do," Trowa shook his head, "To do so is foolish, Lycan are territorial, and let me see we are…the jealous type?"

"I do not put much stock in stereotypes, and I only asked because you knew. Are you always this defensive or am I just special?" Quatre watched Barton unsure why he cared so much. He had never really cared what Vampires had thought about him or even his family, but for some reason he cared what this one thought. "You can not be jealous when you care for nothing," He took a step back when green eyes flashed.

Trowa glared, taking a menacing step forward before sighing, "It makes life easy nothing to love, nothing to lose, nothing to live or die for. Have fun Witch Prince, some of us have to work for our power."

Quatre watched Barton close his eyes as he sighed before speaking in that soft voice of his then just walking off, trench coat flaring behind him as he moved. He sneered at Duo and the three other Witches before walking off heading Hecate knew where, "Well that was rude."

"Dude, what the Hell did he want?" Duo asked walking up to him, "Seriously, I mean you and Barton talking. I would never believe if I had not been here to see it for myself."

"He was curious to see if the rumors about me were true, and since they were he did not harm me. Duo I know Made are normally colder and more defensive but he is just so…" Quatre trailed off not sure what he was saying, Barton was just a Vampire, he was no friend of the family. The Bloom and the Winner houses were not enemies, they were nothing really.

"Yeah I know, he's somethin' alright and nothing good, that Bloom girl has some strange tastes, maybe he's only a good little boy for her?" Duo laughed unable to see Barton submitting to anyone, but there had to be some reason the Blooms did not take him out and replace him, and it was not his sunny personality.

"No Duo, there is something about him, something…not frozen and dead I know there is. It's strange but I enjoyed talking with him, even if he did seem to try and pick a fight. Duo do you remember the Vampire who bit Aroree?" Quatre asked, he did not want to think more about why he wanted to learn more about Barton, but he did and he knew he did.

"Oh yeah, some upstart took her almost a week to starve and bleed out, no one could feed her and they tried, they said some guy even tired to kill her but nothing worked. Why did he say something? The punk I'll…" Duo turned when Quatre took his arm, "Cat?"

Quatre shook his head, "No Duo, he only mentioned it, you know my father. You can't hurt him and you know it, I don't want to see you getting hurt when he did nothing."

Duo sighed but pulled his friend into a hug, "OK fine, I'll wait to deck him until he tries something and he will, I don't trust him little buddy." He smiled ruffling golden hair, "I gotta go, we Midnighters are going to a little meet and greet of our brothers and sisters."

"Sure, go have fun Duo I need to go see Iria anyway before she starts worrying, after Aroree the whole family worries." Quatre smiled waving goodbye to Duo before heading into the mansion.

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

"And where have you been?" A gruff looking man asked puffing on his cigar, glaring up at Trowa from where he was sitting.

"Out, you bore me," Trowa answered giving the man a blank stare, arms crossed, unimpressed with this man.

"Why you little punk if I had my way…" He was cut off by a door opening, heals clinking on hard wood as a tall red head in a dark green off the shoulder dress with a high split on her right side walked in. "Lady Bloom," The Vampire said bowing low, Trowa only turned.

Lady Bloom walked up to them, fingers slipping around Trowa's chin, "You come with me. As for you, do not speak to my dear brother like that again, or I will strike you down." She smiled taking a black leather clad arm pulling Trowa with her.

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

"Katharine?" Trowa asked as she pulled him in to her room unsure if he was in trouble or not.

"Kathy, Trowa, I swear sometimes you are too bold little brother." Katharine teased gently pushing him to the bed, "That's my good boy, now why are you here, I do not remembering calling for you?"

"I knew you would be here so I came. Kathy why an enclave? You don't fear humans, you like them, so why?" Trowa asked removing his duster and setting it aside, his maker was the only one who called him by his first name.

"I know I like them, and I like you Trowa. I know what you think of me sometimes, but I do love you as if you were my kin, and you are of my blood and I am of yours." The Vampiress hugged his shoulders cheek on his left one, "Tell me why did you speak with the Winner boy, he is not someone I thought you would talk to?"

"I've heard stories of him and I wanted to see if there was any truth to them," Trowa answered with a soft sigh, this women was a strange one to be so kind to a former human being as pure of a Lamia as she was.

"Oh yes, the gentle angelic looking youth with a will of steel, and fierce loyalty to those he considers friend, tell me were you satisfied they were not just stories?" Katharine knew who he was, if Trowa wanted to know he would know, he was very headstrong just as Tobias had been. That brunet had reminded her of a bird of prey with his golden eyes and silent sometimes brooding nature, but he had been slain by a Hunter and she had mourned. Until she meet this young man, an orphan of natural predatory grace, who was as much a feline as Tobias had been a raptor. So she had tried hard to win his trust, which she learned was a task onto itself, but once done she had a loyal killer. Which she changed, and claimed as her counterpart and male heir of her house. At first her father had been furious, but after he had been pinned to his throne he decided to stop fighting with his headstrong daughter about such things.

"Yes, he is not the fragile thing he appears to be at first glance," Trowa smiled, he preferred people with character. "He isn't scared of me either, I think I hit a nerve though when I insulted Duo."

"Maxwell? Oh must you test your limits all the time? I did not make you so you could try to find that one living thing that could kill you. If you died I'd miss you so." Katharine sniffed before kissing his neck, "Sometimes I wonder if you care about me at all."

"If I hated you I would kill you, it's what I do," Trowa reminded the red head leaning against her closing his eyes. "I would miss you too…sister."

Katharine smiled holding him for a moment before laying him down, fingers absently playing with his long bangs. She did love him as if he was her true brother and she worried about him, he was cold to all but she and their mother, and she wished just once he would try to make a real friend. Hiro was close, a Lord's son and a Lord in his own right, he was much like her sired, but he needed someone to love, she knew that and Hiro was not it. He seemed curious about the Winner's son Quatre, Trowa's opposite in many regards. But the blonde was like her he bared Made, or even humans, no ill will, perhaps she should encourage this interest? "Rest well my brother I will return," She kissed his cheek before walking out glaring at the guard, a Lycan, "No one is to enter that room save for my parents, if anyone dose I will drink the blood of your litter before your mate's, and finally yours."

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

"Iria what do you know of Barton? I mean you know his sire don't you?" Quatre bit his lip, he felt strange asking about the Vampire, but he want to know all he could so when next they met he would be prepared.

"Yes, Katharine had a dear friend named Tobias, with darker brown hair and golden eyes like a hawk, he was slain by a Hunter and she just broke. After a few decades she met this young man, a human with lighter hair and animalistic green eyes like a feral cat, and she was able to win the cat's trust so she changed him and named him her counterpart. The upstart attacked the Lord Bloom at her command and since then there has been no further discussion. He was the male heir and Katharine's loyal assassin, some say lover, though no one can prove it." Iria sighed softly, "I meet him once, he had his hair tied back and he was fighting with some Alpha Lycan, who had issues about the Bloom's choice. He did not even transform, he just ripped the Alpha's lower jaw clean off, to this day those four fangs hang around his neck. He is a terrible beast of a Vampire, more like a Lycan, I still do not know what she was thinking turning him."

Quatre bit his lip, he had not noticed a chain but he had been looking at the Made's face most of the conversation. He could see Barton doing that too, but he could only imagine what loss had caused Katharine to do what she did. "I met him today, he was curious about me, but we did not talk for very long."

"Did he touch you?" Iria demanded thinking back to Aroree, her poor sister had been tricked by one of those vile creatures.

"No, he did not even try to touch me Iria he only talked. I know how their powers work sister, but he did not use them." Quatre did not think Barton relied on his powers to do anything, "He was talking to Hiro about something, Duo told me who they both were."

"Hiro is here?! Who else? If Barton is here then there's a good chance his 'sister' is here too hm…I know a few Witch families where meeting here but not Vampires too." Iria frowned rubbing her chin, "I wonder if the Lycan will show up?"

"I'm not sure. I should go see if Duo is still around, good bye sister," Quatre said walking out of the room, he knew it had not been the Vampire's fault Aroree hated Father, she had told him about her and what their bite felt like. His sisters all distrusted the races that had to feed on humans for life he did not, every predator had it's prey that was life and nothing was corrupt about it.

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

Trowa snorted from where he was sitting on the end of a pier, deep gaze as distant as the horizon, soft breeze playing with the few lose bangs he had not tied back their tips ending past his eyes. He sighed softly closing those eyes mind drifting back to his human life, alone, always alone even now he was alone. Katharine and Hiro were friends but even his sire did not know him all that well. There were secret parts in all souls fears, desires, anything that could or would not be shared were locked in these dark places, and these were things that he kept for his mind only. Fear was almost foreign to him, he only felt it for those few he let close but none for himself. As for dreams and desires he had few of those as well, and that was fine by him, feelings only got in the way. Dark eyes half opened when he heard soft footfalls nearing him, with a sniff he knew what and who it was and he closed his eyes chin still on his knees, "And you want Winner?"

Quatre bit his lip, but he knew Barton would hear or smell him long before he got close, he was a very deadly predator. He walked up to the Made's right, noting the ponytail but did not ask, "Do you hate being the Bloom's heir? It is an honor to be one."

"Maybe to you, but I don't care. I am loyal to Kathy not her house, I would slay them all if she bide me to." Trowa thought about that feeding on an entire Lamia clan, now that would scare the other houses and likely start a war.

"Iria told me of your sister. She does not trust you, she thinks you will harm me in some way, but I do not believe that you will," Quatre looked out across the sea, vast and empty.

"Because I am a Vampire no doubt, now Winner why do you believe I will not harm you?" Trowa asked not bothering to look at him, he could rip out the other's pale throat and leave him to bleed out in the water if he chose before the Witch could even scream.

"Because I will not give you a reason to. Was Barton your human last name?" Quatre asked sitting down, the Made looked so different with most of his hair tied back but he did not hate it.

"Yes, I am not a Bloom I am a Barton," Trowa turned his head to face him, "Aren't we being awfully personal Winner? Why do you care anyway hm? Trying to get on the Bloom's good side? If so go talk to my sister not me, I hate politics and I will not waste my time with them."

Quatre bowed his head, "Forgive me it is just that…I have to know, I have never needed to know about anyone before but." He froze when Barton stood and moved to stand before him, "Barton?"

Trowa tilted his head, this was one strange little Witch, more like a curious little kid talking to the stranger mommy told him not to then any other Witch he had ever met. "Winner I'm not going to hurt you so stop that, or I'll see if Witches really do float."

Quatre looked up meeting those captivating eyes again as he stood, and he wondered if mice ever felt just like he did right now. He was not afraid of Barton, or even what he was, but there was something about him that Quatre knew meant danger do not touch. So far neither of them had even tired to touch the other, and he was unsure what he would do if Barton tried. "We are not all that different from humans in that respect, so I would care not to be thrown in the ocean right now. Why are you out here anyway, I thought you said you had work?"

"I did, now I want to be alone," Trowa sighed softly when the blonde just stood there not taking the hint, "Why are you still here?"

"I do not think you really want to be alone, I think you only want others to leave you in peace." Quatre smiled gently, taking a step towards the Made unsure why but he felt compelled to do so.

Trowa frowned at the smiling blonde crossing his arms, "My, my, aren't we presumptuous? Tell me Winner why would I want you near me? I have yet to use your first name, even among vermin this is a clear sign of unfriendliness."

Quatre sighed, "Be as crude or as cold as you want Barton, but I will not be scared off by you, and I would prefer you call me Quatre." He caught the blink of surprise before Barton laughed, it sounded more like a real laugh this time, but it still sent a shiver down his spine.

"Would you now?" Trowa jeered leaning close studying him, watching the Witch watch him with cautious eyes and he closed his own, "Give me one good reason and I will, sound fair?" The Vampire whispered into a pale ear, smiling when the pale Witch shivered, amused.

Quatre watched the Vampire closely as he leaned close, watching those dark eyes close before feeling the heat of his breath against his ear, shivering as his own eyes closed. The Made wanted a reason to trust him, befriend him, a reason for both maybe, but in a way they were the same thing. The gentle heir wanted to give him a reason, he wanted to become closer to this killer, to see what Katharine saw in him whatever that was. "Because I am no threat to your sister," Quatre knew that his sire was the only one the Made cared for and he wish her no harm, she had never done anything to him. He felt a soft sigh before Barton pulled back with a nod and Quatre knew he had chosen wisely and he smiled.

Trowa opened his eyes catching the blonde's smile, "No you aren't Quatre, you're too gentle to be a threat to anyone."

Quatre blinked confused by the gentle faraway tone, he reached out, hand stopping before it touched darker skin and he looked down, "Forgive me I should have…" Quatre trailed when is wrist was carefully taken, "Barton?"

Trowa shook his head at the paler youth, he could be so timid, "You can touch me, I don't bite those I don't intend to make suffer or kill, and you are neither."

Quatre meet the other's gaze before touching his cheek, it was as warm as any other he had ever touched, not at all what he had expected from too many human stories. He could feel the former human better as well but there was an icy wall keeping him out, which was to be expected Barton was not the trusting sort likely he never had been, "You are so warm, I thought."

"I'm not a zombie fool, I am still alive. Did you think we were icy to the touch like so many humans? It seems your family is afraid of my race." Trowa watched pale fingers move down his cheek, Quatre was a strange one but he liked strange.

"Yes we are, I had never met a Vampire's gaze, never touched one, I never wanted to before. Iria would be furious but I do not care, there is nothing to fear from you, no lust for power, or hate for our house." Quatre smiled, "You look so different with your hair like this, but at least I can see both your eyes clearly."

"When I'm working I tie my hair back, it was just something I always did, but…I'm not working anymore," Trowa reached back to pull the tie free blinking when Quatre touched his arm, "What?"

"Iria told me there is a rumor you are your sister's lover, is that true?" Quatre gaped when he realized what he had just asked, he paled taking a step away from the Made sure that would incur some sort of wrath.

Trowa watched the blonde gape before backing away clearly expecting to be struck, he pocketed his hair tie before stepping forward, grabbing slender wrists when the blonde moved to run, "No we aren't, as for you relax I'm not going to hurt you, I know the rumors all right?" The blonde stopped struggling and stared up at him gentle eyes so confused, and Trowa closed his eyes lowering his head. "I'll admit you surprised me with that one, but it's hardly worth killing you for." He released Quatre, if the other still wanted to run out of shame or confusion he would not stop him.

Quatre could only blink for a moment, this was not Barton he had heard of, the merciless killer who's wrath spared no one, this was someone he longed to know, "Barton?" He whispered his fellow heir's name softly, questioningly, as he took a step toward this Vampire so feared, so gentle. Pale hands touched a black clad chest he could feel the Made's heart, his breathing, his life, he looked up relived he would not be chased away. "It's because she made you isn't it? She was so sad and lonely, but you made it better and they thought…and we call humans fools."

"It seems Iria told you a lot, since I doubt Maxwell would speak of my sister at all. Do you feel better now?" Trowa leaned close, "You can ask me what you want, I will not strike you for it."

"It's just I…I can't believe I just blurted that out like I did, it was so not like me at all it's was so…Douish," Quatre closed his eyes, it felt strange having someone so unknown so close to him but he enjoyed feeling the other's presence. He blinked, backing away when he heard a clearly female laugh, and he just stared at the red head hugging Barton from behind, chin on his shoulder whispering something to him. She looked so much like that Vampiress and Quatre took an another step back, getting violet eyes to focus on him.

"Mm, brother dear who is this adorable little friend you have made?" The red head asked in a teasing tone and Quatre realized who she was.

'His sire, his creator, his sister, this is his sister oh Hecate.' Quatre looked down, he did not know this women personally only her reputation, though she now used Barton to do her dirty work she had been a deadly creature in her day, and he knew still was. He looked to Barton, who had pulled away from her sneering at something she had said, meeting his gaze when it fell on him and the Vampire only nodded. "I am Quatre the Winner heir Lady Bloom," Blonde crown lowered in a bow, while equal in rank he did not want to insult her.

"So you are the Winner boy? My you aren't a pretty little thing? I am Katharine child, there is no need for titles when it is only the three of us," Katharine smiled at the polite blonde, he was adorable. "I assumed you would be here when you were no longer sleeping where I left you, he just loves to worry me."

Trowa snorted at her, "Please, you worry too much. Quatre here has been clearing up certain rumors."

"Mm I bet. I'm only friendly, human siblings are friendly," Katharine commented looking to Trowa to back her up.

"Yes, well, Vampires are lose," Trowa countered, he knew Vampire pairs made up of every combination of family ever shown on Jerry Springier, only without Steve, he kind of missed Steve.

"Oh for heaven sakes be quite you sick minded little thing!" Katharine shirked covering his mouth, "I swear you Made have no couth or tack sometimes." She smiled sweetly at Quatre, "Don't mind him."

"I don't mind him," Quatre informed her, blinking when she blinked, Barton just stared at her looking just a little bit annoyed about having his mouth clamped. He smiled at the Made knowing how sisters could be, "In fact, now that he decided to be nice I rather like him."

"Oh yes my baby brother is such a mean little kitty isn't he? It makes Father furious, and Mother…well Mother hasn't been doing so well lately. So kitty why no biting, you always bite me?" Katharine teased smiling, Witches always said 'Blood does not a family make', and she believed that now, she had one person who would always care about her never her power.

- If you want I can rip your palm off? – Trowa smiled behind her hand before turning his gaze to Quatre, the pale Witch smiled at him and he smiled back.

"You do that and I will claw your pretty little face. Since you two are playing nice you keep him out of trouble while I go talk to Father, you will won't you?" Katharine asked lowering her hand, perhaps the two of them could get her brother to lighten up somewhat, and if not well oh well.

Quatre bit his lip looking from one Vampire to another, he knew Katharine was up to something, but since he also knew it was nothing sinister he nodded. "I am willing to try, but I make no promises," Aqua meet dark green and he smiled, "After all I am only one person, Witch or not, and if he will not listen to you what possible chance do I have?"

Katharine laughed ruffling sun kissed hair getting a mock growl, "You are wise beyond your years, I'm sure he will be a good boy, after all your father may strike at me if you are harmed. You children be good now I will try to make sure Father does not lecture you too much about…whatever he lectures you about."

Quatre watched her walk off, she seemed to be in very high spirits, which was good, happy Vampires where better then bored ones, or so his sisters always said. "She is not what I was expecting, but I like her," He looked out across the water the sun would soon be gone and he shivered.

"You cold?" Trowa asked walking up beside him, Vampires were less bothered by the elements, Witches were the most human. Green gaze studied the pale youth as he rubbed his arms, and even without his heighten senses he knew the other was, but not everyone minded the cold.

Quatre turned to the duster wearing Vampire nodding as he looked away, he was not use to the chill the ocean breeze brought with the dark. He froze when he felt warm leather around him and he turned hands clenching the duster, "Barton?"

"What? I don't care about the weather, but you're cold," Trowa shook his head at the blonde, hands slipping into his pockets, it was only a coat.

Quatre smiled slipping it on, it fell around him just as it did his owner, "Thank you. I will not forget your kindness, if there is ever anything you, or Katharine, need I will do what I can."

"I'm sure you will, but I take care of my own," Trowa glanced at the setting sun before turning his back to it and started walking slowly.

"I have no doubt, but I am glad you did not become insulted," Quatre sighed softly, "I know you are not being nice to try and win my favor, you are doing because you want to, that is all there is to it, and that is a very nice change."

Trowa nodded, "It would be annoying to always have to keep other's away until you are sure they are not just looking for handouts, or an easy ride. I do not believe in easy, but that's just me."

"It can be, but that is the price of being born into privilege, at least I do not have to worry about you," Quatre smiled, he never imagined he could feel so at ease with a Vampire. Aroree had told him about them but everyone one else in his family disliked them, saying they were nothing but lose moraled punks, and while he may agree Barton was a punk he did not see him as his family did. He was fascinated by humans and as a former human Barton was very fascinating, especially this kinder version he had stumbled upon.

"As long as you don't change there will be nothing to worry about. Tell me something though, why weren't as scared of me as you should have been?" Trowa asked eying the Winner heir, he was no longer afraid of him anymore, which was not all that surprising since all claws were in.

"Well I was, but I knew I would be all right as long as I was honest, I'm empathic so I can read moods." Quatre watched the other blink before nodding, he did not seem upset or creeped out as some others were.

"Somehow that makes sense, some humans can gauge if a person is a threat or not, powers not needed, I was one of those lucky ones. So tell me what I am feeling right now? You can touch me if that will help," Trowa stopped walking, curious to see just how good this Witch's powers really were.

Quatre turned confused, but he nodded walking up to the taller youth reaching up, gently touching his cheek, watching those deep eyes close before closing his own. That shimmering wall was still there but he could feel what the other was feeling clearly, he was not even trying to hide it, "Your at ease, but why not I'm harmless."

Trowa smiled, "Not bad, and harmless for now, you would kill anyone who tried to hurt your sister as well. They say it takes one to know one, tell me what would Iria think if she saw you now?"

"She would be furious, she and most of my family blame Aroree's so called attack on the Vampiress not her, but I know better, Aroree loved her and that is why she hates Father. She would think you were trying to seduce me as well, but you've barely touched me, she's so blind sometimes," Quatre opened his eyes with a sigh.

"True, but it is easier to blame the Vampires, after all I'm sure your father wishes to ally the Winner house with as many Witch houses as possible, but Vampire and Lycan houses matter as well. If war broke out it would likely be those who feed on humans vs. those who are closest to them. Why did Aroree confide in you, is it because she knew you would not judge her?" Trowa frowned in thought, humans and non were not as different as they liked to think they were, and he knew that better then most.

"Yes, she knew I judge on who not what someone is, Iria find's your powers intimidating and after Aroree…I shudder to think what lies she would tell Father about you." Quatre sighed softly, "You're thinking she could just tell him the truth, like about blinding that women, no, don't think like that she would make something up. I know her if she…it's not her fault, please don't hate her?"

"I don't hate her Quatre, she has an understandable fear of a Vampire's powers, and after her sister fell in love with one it just made her even more paranoid about our kind." Trowa smiled stroking a pale cheek getting aqua eyes to close, "You are a very sweet person Quatre, Iria just worries about you just as Katharine worries about me, thought for opposites reasons. She would have every right to worry about me so don't worry about it, I'm not going to hurt her unless I have no other choice."

"Thank you," Quatre whispered placing a hand over Barton's keeping it against his cheek. "What should I tell Duo if he asks? If anyone would asks it would be him he's…"

"A Midnighter yes, I know and I don't care, tell him the truth you made friends with Barton by standing up to him. Strange isn't it? You all think your world is so very different from the human's but it's not, it's just more intense." Trowa laughed a bitter sounding thing to Quatre's ears, "So many humans would sell their souls to become what I am thinking immortally will solve all their problems, like all their pain can be washed away with blood. Fools, only the truly dead have no problems, blood cannot wash away anything, not that they would listen."

"Do you hate being what you are?" Quatre asked taking a darker hand in both of his pale ones, he knew some Made hated what they had been forced to become, and he still did not know if he chose this life or not.

"Hm? No, but I do hate fools who romanticize it, I have watched all those Vampire movies, what a joke," Trowa glanced down at his engulfed hand. "My life has not changed much fighting all the time, not welcomed at home, the more things change and all. Don't look so sad all right I am what I am, tears will not change that."

Quatre looked up, Barton was serious but he was also all right, he could feel it so he nodded before walking up to, leaning against him for a moment then stepped back. "I will not cry if it will upset you Barton, but I do feel for you," He smiled when Barton squeezed his hand, such a normal action coming from a stranger rumors painted as someone who crushed hands never reassuringly squeezing them.

"I know," Trowa assured him before turning, pulling his hand free, "Yui-kun, hai?"

Hiro walked up to Trowa's right, ignoring the blonde for the moment, "Barton-kun I would like to thank you for you quick work, Ookamiki was…an annoyance the Yui clan did not need."

Trowa nodded taking the black suitcase, "Silver platter was an ironic touch, call me any time you Yui need to put down a dog, and you have no free time" Hiro was his best friend, or as close as people like them got to such a normal thing, and the other had more clan responsibilities then he did.

Hiro nodded formally, he normally did not relax around strangers even ones with Quatre's reputation, "I will pass that along. Winner-san I do not think that jacket suits you. Good evening to you both."

"So that was work?" Quatre asked, he assumed he should not be surprised, thinking back on what his sister had said he reached up pulling Trowa's chain out from under the black tee shirt. He blinked at a fang of tiger's eye not the Lycan fangs he had been expecting. Not even considering just grabbing people's personal items was very rude, sometimes he could be too curious.

"The chain broke in a fight and I lost them. Katharine gave this to me, the pendent is bespelled so it won't break as easily." Trowa shrugged there was not much else to say, "I should be getting back there is still blood to spill, and yelling to ignore."

"I understand," Quatre watched him turned before grabbing his sleeve, "Your duster?"

Trowa turned shaking head, "Keep it, it's a walk back to where you Witches are staying, I'll get it back tomorrow." With that he turned, black clad from merging with the shadows and he was gone before Quatre could protest.

Quatre frowned looking down at the black garment before sighing, there was nothing to be done about it he would have to make sure he had it with him tomorrow. He slipped his hands into deep pockets wondering when Barton would return for it, "Barton I wish I knew what your first name was, Barton just sounds so cold no wonder you use it." With another sigh he headed back towards the mansions the Witches had claimed, hoping he could get to his room before running into Iria.

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

"Ah the prodigal son returns, you sit!" Lord Bloom snapped, pointing at the chairs before his desk, blinking when Trowa actually sat without a word. "My dear daughter seems concerned that you have gone and done something that will yet again make question my kindness in letting you live. Out with it boy, what did you do now?"

Trowa sighed propping his feet up on the Lord's desk, crossing his ankles, blowing a puff of smoke at him, "Well I killed Ookmaiki for Hiro, but he was no friend of yours either. I think it's just because we are on the same island that she is worried. So Pops is there some little Lycan head I can bring you on a silver platter?"

"You and your impudence, if you were my sired I would rip that tongue of yours out and slap you with it every time it regrew until you learned to either dull or hold it." Lord Bloom glared at him with golden eyes, "As it is you are spared the brunt of my wrath because my daughter chose you, and you are at least obedient to her whims. If she ever becomes bored with you child you will become mine to do with as I please, and I will break that will of yours."

"Why not just resurrect Tobias, oh that's right Vampires pass on permanently, no second chances how quaint. How's her mother?" Trowa asked, he knew she was sick, at any rate he did not want to kill her.

"She wants to see you, but you will put that out, even if it cannot kill our kind," Lord Bloom did not snap he knew this upstart did not wish his wife any harm. His daughter and his wife were the only two people Lord Bloom cared about, the Made cared about them as well. "She's in her room, down that hall through there, go it will do her some go to see you, though why I can never guess."

"She is your daughter's mother that is all there is to it," Trowa got to his feet, dropping the half burned cigarette into a glass of wine before walking out. He thought back on his foster father and the night he had killed him, the night after his own death, Lord Bloom reminded him of that man, his blood had been bitter. Opening the door he nodded to the two Lycan before slipping inside, closing the door quickly behind him as he moved to the bed sitting down, "You wanted me?"

Silver eyes turned to him and the distant look faded with a smile as she took his hand, "You came back, Kathy told me you were here and that you would come. Something has changed I see it, tell me who did you meet child?"

"The Winner's heir Quatre. Did the spirits tell you?" Trowa took her hand gently, Katharine's mother had been kind to him before her sickness made her bedridden, and even now she only smiled for her husband and her children.

"Aye, they came with the candle's light to whisper to me, they dance and lap the air like cats. You are so warm, so very warm I miss you when you go away, yes miss. You look like him do you know? Yes, your father knows, he was dear once but I lost him, that I did," Lady Bloom whispered stroking his cheek.

"He who? Who do I look like mother?" Trowa asked, she had never spoken of another man, let alone one who looked anything like him, "Can you hear me?"

The red head smiled tenderly, "Yes, I hear your soft voice, so worried, so scared, it is all right I hear you. He ah yes he, the Lord of the Winner house he has hair much like yours," Long crimson nails trailed over his bangs. "Not as graceful, nor as beautiful, you are beautiful, very beautiful, and so young, so very young." She smiled again, "Quatre yes, I know him, gentle as a Summer breeze, I can smell him on your hands like a flower, soft and delicate…you are sharp and strong like a blade, good for our kind and for humans." The pale Vampiress sniffed at his hand, "Mmm…a pleasant scent, yes a very pleasant scent, don't you think?"

Trowa nodded, he had no idea he looked anything like Quatre's father, was that why Quatre was not as afraid as others were? Could that even be why the young Witch had sought him out? "Yes Mother it is. Have you ever met Quatre?"

"I do so love to hear you call me that you poor motherless child," Crimson lips curled into a smile, "No, only seen, he looks like his mother. You would look nice with red hair like your sister…no darker like night spilled blood, yes with such cold eyes. I have seen them like gems empty, lifeless, cold, my son so cold but never to me, no always warm."

"Outside is cold, this place is stagnate, you need to be in the real world with real prey, you need life not death," Trowa looked away. He did not know magic he only knew the art of killing, but he wanted to help this women. The only other person he consider family, he would do anything to help her but he did not know what to do.

"Outside yes, I was good then in the world of humans, I still remember when she pointed you out in a crowd to me, and I watched you kill. I knew then you belonged with our kind, and now I wonder what My Love wants from you? He shows you no warmth and he wants…he is the one who is sick not me." Lady Bloom closed her hands around Trowa's wrists, "You are a good boy, you love me, you don't want me to be here."

Trowa shook his head, "No I don't, but I can't help you, there is no one I can kill to fix this. I'm sorry, I've failed you and Katharine."

"No, no you have not failed, if there never was one then you could never find one, not failing." Red curls fell around her bare shoulders as she sat up pulling her son to her, she had always wanted a son, one with bright green eyes and she loved him, even half mad she loved him. "No one has fed me yet today, have you tasted mortal blood this night?"

"Yes, and Lycan," Trowa answered before he frowned, "Why haven't you been fed you need to…does he know?"

"My Love is not trying to starve me my dear boy he just has been busy, he wants to keep me here away from hunters for a while. There is one thing you can do for me, only one," The Vampiress stroked his hair he was such a good boy.

"Name it Mother?" Trowa meet her silver gaze it was different, her pupils were silted, the silver darken to crimson, she was transformed and he was confused for a moment before realizing what she wanted. Vampires could feed on each other, it was not as filling as mortal blood but it restored them. She wanted his blood, that was why she had asked if he had fed, why she was holding him. Normally he would dethroat someone for even thinking they could taste his life but he would not fight her, he could kill and heal she could not, "It's all right Mother I understand."

Lady Bloom smiled tears in her eyes, "That man he should not yell at you so much…not at my sweet son." A pale hand turned his face as she struck, long snake like fangs sinking into his darker flesh, he did taste of wolf and man, she still knew a wolf's taste. She held him close, her sweet child so weak she could feel it and she stopped, looking up when the door opened.

"She needs her rest…Dear God Rachelle what did you do to him?" Lord Bloom looked at the limp youth cradled in his wife's arms, blood staining his throat, "Your so called son, look what you've done to him. If I had known you were this far gone I never would have allowed him…"

Rachelle hissed resting Trowa's cheek on her shoulder, "Allow? He does not heed you, all your warnings would not have stopped him, he loves me, I am his mother!"

"You are not, he's a stray your daughter brought home, he is not your son. Now give him to me?" Lord Bloom was confused, the headstrong former human could have gotten away so why had he not fought back?

"He is, he loves me that is all that matters! He let me Daniel, he let me because he wants me to be better. My sweet boy wants me to be me," Rachelle stroked his cheek and he moaned softly. "Shh…be still it is all right…yes all right. You hate him no hate, hate is not right!"

"Rachelle please he needs to rest, give him to me so I can look after him?" Daniel pleaded, he was afraid his wife might hurt the Made more is she kept him, let her or not he was too weak to have a say in the matter.

"Kathy look after not you! You hate, I heard what you said, no hurt my son!" Rachelle shrieked crimson eyes narrowed, fangs bloodied. She looked down at he son reverting, stroking his cheek before nodding allowing Daniel to take him.

"My Love I hope he did allow you, otherwise you will not be allowed to see your children until you are better," Daniel turned walking out, wincing at the banshee like wail of his wife. He stormed past the guards moving quickly to the Made's room, laying him down and just stared at him before touching his arm, "You are a fool if you let her, but what else could you have done?"

"Trowa?! Father what did you do to him? Why is Mother crying?" Katharine rushed to her brother's side glaring at her father, she knew he hated Trowa but to attack him like this was just wrong.

"It was your mother, she wanted him so I sent him to her once he came home, and she said he let her. I came in to see if she was all right and I found her just cradling him, if it was not willing then I will have to keep you from her." Lord Bloom watched the bloodied chest of his often time nemesis rise and fall slowly, head turned towards his sister, her arms loosely around him.

"Oh Father what can we do? Mother has been getting worst for almost thirty years now? She would never hurt one of us Father, he let her I know he did, he loves her like a son should," Katharine sniffed she wanted to help to but Mother had never asked that of her.

"I do not know child," Lord Bloom answered softly, "Go to bed I will see to him all right?"

Katharine shook her head, "No Father, I will stay with him." She looked up watching her father nod before walking out, "Oh Trowa how can Father be so cruel to you?"

As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

Rachelle is modeled after Drusilla a bit, or at least what I remember or her, didn't like Buffy so I didn't watch the show every time it was on. I have left Trowa's mother alive in a few AU's, in which Trowa/Triton, and Katherine are related, dad is usually dead. If this is in any way Twilightish it is news to me, I HATE the rabid fans of the movies, just like Harry Potter, I am staying far away from it. The Night World came out in like the 90's and is way deeper, and has real Vamps and werewolves, sadly no movies. If you liked this then by all means leave a review and check out my other Gundam Wing works, I have quite a few posted.