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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chasing after dreams~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 1: Introducing Anne

FuushaTown. A quiet village in Goa Kingdom known to be the home to the pirates Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, Marine hero Monkey D. Garp and the number 1 criminal Monkey D. Dragon.

A girl runs frantically through the village. She has black hair in a ponytail and big brown eyes with a small scar underneath the left. She wears a little red dress and sandals.

People look up to her, only to return to work after they see she's just a villager like themselves.

She starts slowing down when she reaches the port only to stop completely when she arrives at the old pier.

She breathes some air in and yells to the sea: "Baka-Luffy! Baka-Ace!"

She sits down with her feet dangling from the pier holding her tears up.

"Ace-nii…Don't you dare die, Luffy! You promised!" she cries.

A woman comes close to her. "Anne..." she says quietly.

"I told you to leave me, Makino." says the girl now known as Anne.

Makino sits down next to her and pulls Anne closer.

"They only said in the paper that he suffered severe injuries. Luffy won't die just like that."

"He better not!" she sits up straight. "He better not break his promise like Ace-nii did. I won't forgive him ever. Just like I'll never forgive Ace for just dying like that."

Her eyes start filling with tears. She shakes her head and mutters: "Don't cry, don't cry."

Makino smiles at the stubborn girl.

"It's better to release your tears instead of holding them up like that."

"I don't care, I won't cry."

Makino smiles again. "Luffy also used to cry a lot."

"Well I'm not a thing like him." Anne exclaims, while new tears are finding their way to her eyes.

Makino pulls her closer. "Go ahead and cry. You cried when Sabo died, right? Why won't you cry for Ace?"

"Take me with you!" a small girl yells to her three 'brothers'. "Not a chance!" Luffy yells. "Not until you can keep up with us." Ace laughs. "Well, maybe we could take you with us?" Sabo says. Luffy and Ace both fall comically. "You're too soft on her!" they burst out on the blond boy. "Well sheisa girl. Our 'sister'." "I'm not a 'sister'! I 'm a 'brother', just like you."
Smirks spread across the faces of her 'brothers'. "If you're a brother, you'll get to come with us,…when you can catch up to us!" and they ran away laughing. "Bye Anne." Sabo smiled apologetically. She tried to keep up but tripped and by the time she stood up, the boys were nowhere to see. "Meanies!" She sat on the ground and sobbed. Suddenly she was lifted up in a tree and before she could even scream, she was clinging unto Ace's back. "Guess there's nothing I can do. Hold on tight, 'caus I ain't holding you!" Anne smiles broadly. "Un!" "Now who's too soft on her?" Sabo grins. "Aw, shut up!" "Hey Ace, not fair! You wouldn't ever do that to me, unless I was injured or nearly drowned!" "Your fault for being able to keep up. We're going to leave you behind if you don't hurry, Luffy!" "Ah, matte, wait!" Everybody laughs.

Remembering this memory, finally brings all the tears out.

For the loss of her 'brother' Ace, his little 'sister' cries.

Two weeks later.

"It's Garp-san! Garp-san has returned from Marineford!"

The news spreads like fire though the village.

"Everyone. How are you doing?" "Garp-san we read it in the paper. What happened to Luffy? What'll happen to the world without Whitebeard? There've been pirate ships in the sea. We can't sleep at night."

Everybody throws their questions at Garp.

"Ah, don't worry about that, we just sank one before we landed. Novice pirates aren't as prepared as they were." "Really! That's great!"

He then turns over to his men.

"While the world is in turmoil, we'll have to keep an eye here. Don't let your guards down even if you're in peaceful East Blue."

"Osu!" A while later, there's already a sign standing at the coast with the marine emblem on it.

"Now that's reassuring!"

"Garp-san, there's something else. For the past days some mountain bandits have been occupying Makino's bar."


"Garp!" A large woman, to all of us known as Dadan, steps out of the bar and punches him in the face.

"Vice Admiral Garp!" His subordinates hurry to his side.

"Leave her alone! I know her." Garp states calmly.

"You were right there with them! Why didn't you anything! Why did you let Ace be killed?" she rages while tears are falling at Garp's face. She then begins pounding on him.

"Is your job that important to you? More than your family! Drop dead, you stupid old man!"

"Boss stop it!" Her troops try to stop her to no avail when suddenly Makino jumps in.

"Stop it, Dadan-san!" Dadan is just stopped in her tracks and she and Garp just looks astounded at her.

"Garp-san was right there and he couldn't do a thing! He's the one hurting the most!"

Silence falls until it's broken by Dadan.

"No. Luffy…is the one hurting the most."

"I'm Ace! Who're you?" The boys and Makino are sitting in front of the bandits' hideout practicing manners.

"Dame, you can't just say 'Who're you?'. That's rude." Makino smiles while making an X with her fingers.

"It's 'who are ya', right?" Luffy adds.

"Whom are you?" Ace tries again, while losing his patience a bit.

"Hahaha. Boys, you can't be serious?"

"You know how much he loved his brother." Makino cries running away, tears running freely on her face.

The mayor steps in: "Garp what happened to Luffy? The paper doesn't even mention if he's alive or dead."

"He escaped on a submarine. We couldn't find a wreckage, so he must be alive."

"Of course he is, he won't just die like that."

A fifteen year old girl in a red dress approaches the group and when Garp sees her his eyes soften.


"I'm going to prepare a meal." She states while entering Makino's bar.

In the bar she hears Dadan saying something about Luffy.

Garp comes in when the food is ready.

They sit next to each other silent for a couple of minutes.

"So how are you, Anne?"

"I'm fine, jii-chan."


"So about my offer last time. Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm not joining the marines."


"And I'm not planning on becoming a pirate. I'll continue staying here at Makino's, helping her."

"You sure? That sounds nothing like you."

"Perhaps, but I like this way of life: it's calm and if I want adventure, I can just go for dinner in the forest."

Garp sighs.

Suddenly there's a big commotion outside.


Garp grunts. "Who has the nerve to attack a town under the protection of the Marine?"

"I'm Crescent Moon Gyari! Capatain of the Crescent Moon pirates! Marines, meet your doom!"

Anne giggles. "There's your answer."

As Garp makes his way outside, he turns back to Anne.

"Won't you join me?" He knows she had been training with the boys since she was little.

"Nah, you'll handle it yourself. I need to clean the dishes." She turns to go to the kitchen.

Garp smiles sadly.

"She used to be such a cheerful girl, just like Luffy. Guess Marineford was a shock for her. At least she won't become a pirate." He mutters as he goes out.

Shortly after that the noise subdues and Makino joins Anne.

"Did you mean that?"

"Mean what?" Anne asks innocently.

"That you're staying here with me, instead of traveling the world?"

Anne turns to her, grins and shows her index and middle finger crossed over. (For the ones who don't know, you do that so you can lie to someone.)

"Like heck I am!" she laughs.

"When I'm seventeen, I'll become a captain myself, just like I promised them. I just had to lie to jii-chan or he would've dragged me to the marines."

Makino smiles.

"But he probably couldn't do that because of my heritage." Anne adds.


"So you're disobeying old Garp and plan on becoming a pirate?" Dadan, who just walked in, cuts in.

"You do know, he's going to blame me, do you?" she asks menacingly.

Anne just smiles broadly.


They all laugh and even Dadan joins them.

A long-time promise! It won't be long until it will be fulfilled. Seventeenth birthday only a year and a half away!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chasing after dreams~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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