So, this isn't going as well as I hoped it would. Not to say I don't like how the reaction base is to the story, because I'm so happy that so many people are taking the time to follow this story by reviewing and fav-ing it, it really means a lot.

However, I just really don't have the time to write, so instead of putting myself on a deadline where I'm exhausted half the time while I write, can hardly think straight, and I dread doing it because I'd much rather go to sleep, I'm going to stop.

Not to say I won't ever finish the story. On the contrary, I plan to finish it, but I also plan to revise it, and I plan to finish it before I post it on here, so that way I'm sure to post at a constant pace.

Not only that, but for anyone who keeps strongly up to date with AC news, you'll know that details for the next game (Assassin's Creed: Revelations) have been announced. Honestly, I don't want to make my own universe that parallels to the series, and if I keep writing the story the way I'm writing it, and it ends up (which it will) conflicting with Revelations, that's just going to bug me so much.

(If you're interested in reading some details about the game, you can probably look it up on google and get a good amount of info.)

So, here's what's going to happen that really affects you guys right now: I'm going to leave my story up for a while, but when the time comes for me to post the revised, finished version, I'm going to delete this version, so be forewarned.

If anyone has any questions, complaints, concerns, wants to have the ending ruined so they have closure, send me a PM and I'll most definitely reply.

In other news, you may see me post some other stuff on here, but I promise you that everything will be short stories, probably one shots, nothing will be up to the scale in length to this story.

Anyway, take care all! Until I write to you again!