Chapter 1 ~

'Despair. Your time of easy single jobs is over, your skills are good enough for the real missions. So that's why I'll pair you up with another fast rising killer. Be careful - living together can easily become a blood house itself, don't hurt each other too much, his codename is… Zero,'

Despair, no, Shimizu Megumi walked with her cases of stuff as clothes and make-up to her new home. Especially for this pairing up did he get a new house to live in. With that person; Zero. She had no idea who it was, nor male or female. No, it will definitely be a female; Who would place two opposite genders in one house? Though, codenaming a woman ''Zero'' isn't really common. Maybe she wouldn't be a common woman killer. Maybe she's special.

Megumi felt lucky, able to admire any amazing woman killer out there. She haven't met anyone like that yet, though. The security let her in when she used her poker face to come in. Putting her brief cases with stuff in a corner of a room, she suddenly saw a moonlight lamp popping on. She didn't lift her head at first.

'You'll be… my new partner, huh? I am Shimizu Megumi. You should at least call me Despair at work,' She introduced herself when she still has her eyes focused between the floor and her briefcase. She lifted her head slowly and her eyes widened her eyes by surprise - not believing what she saw. A guy with purple hair, pale skin and an smirk on his face.

'It's a honour to meet you. I am Yuuki Natsuno, codename: Zero - We'll be starting as partners from now on,' he answered her introduction. Megumi still found herself dumbfounded. She could be fantasizing the wrong things - remember failing things and hoping impossible things but she definitely saw her crush from two years ago standing in front of her.

She believed he was dead, but still hoped him to appear in front of her. But now he's here and she's scared to be seeing ghosts now. She stared at his purple-greyish eyes as he's watching her, waiting for her to react. 'Yuuki-kun… Yuuki-kun, I am also… I mean, I … You… You remember me, don't you?' She didn't know what to do. She held her fist clenching her heart. Her eyes were about to pop out and she felt like she was shaking like crazy. The Natsuno in front of her, is different from the Natsuno she knew before; She already realized that. But it wasn't like that was weird - she changed also and they are both older now so they're mind setting and character matured as well. Especially after such a tragedy as in Sotoba - no one would stay the same.

Natsuno lifted his eyebrows, changing his expression to a careless one. 'You're called Despair, don't you? Of course you would; after all that happened,' it didn't seem like an answer on her question at all, but it was more than an satisfying answer to her. Her teary eyes became larger than usual as she ran into him and hugged him as tightly as she could.

In the past, she wouldn't do such kind of thing but since she changed her stalker skills into murder skills and personally changed too, she didn't care. Everyone else would do the same in her state. 'Yuuki-kun, Yuuki-kun…! You're really, alive? I've given up so many times, I've desired this for so long and now… You're even talking to me!'

Warm tears were burning in her eyes but she wouldn't let them go at all. She couldn't bring herself to.

'I've… I've loved you, you know,'

Natsuno slowly wrapped his hands around her hips and squeezed softly. He just accepted her sudden or rather obvious hug even though it was totally out of place. Two killers embracing each other, two vampires facing each other without any love or hate is definitely out of place. Slowly did he let her go. 'Despair…' he called her. Megumi didn't seem to mind the way he called her - it wasn't officially her name, it wasn't how he knew her too but everything was better than the monotone sound of his voice that he used when he called her ''Shimizu''.

Even though it never was in public and never when she's around, she knew he wouldn't call her ''Megumi'' or anything. It's only just, plain Shimizu. But now it was Despair, the despair he left on her shoulder the last few years. 'How did you survive?' she asked bluntly, wanting to know the truth. Natsuno walked over to the couch of the living room and sits down peacefully. 'In fact, I'm the Jinrou type of Okiagari, I just didn't follow the Kirishiki family, I have blown Tatsumi and myself with dynamite, just to cover my own escape later on. They picked me up on the road and made me like this,' Natsuno explained his way easily. His voice didn't change at all, his appearance only a little but to Megumi, it was even better than before.

Megumi walked slowly over there, standing in front of him, with her eyebrows frowned. Natsuno got a slight grin on his face.

'What's with your face? I thought you would be fine with it, psycho stalker,'

She twitched. Oh yeah, that's right. He thought it was weird to watch the person you love as long and as much as you want - even if she has to stay up late and have to hide to look at his window. See what he's doing. She didn't had much to do in the past anyway. If she looks back; she still hates living in that kind of place.

But everything is alright now, everything she wanted is right here. Somehow, it felt nostalgic to her and her face softened for only two second. She sat down in a chair, closing her eyes as if she lost her temper. 'Well, we both have what we wanted now,' she said. He didn't answer her. They both wanted to escape to the city and now they did.

Natsuno stood up already, while Megumi watched him; surprised he stood up so suddenly. 'Where are you going?' she asked him. 'I'm going to check out my room and put my stuff down. We'll be here for a long time. You should do that too, sometime soon,' he answered. She noticed his sentences were pretty long too. She didn't expect that from him. Two years ago, he didn't even care to say ''hello'' to her, or to look at her in the face. The only thing he did only to her, was ignoring her presence and anything she did.

This makes it easy to see how much people can change from what happened to them and if they age. They van become differently. She guessed the reason of his sudden peace towards her was definitely because he didn't care anymore about what happened so Sotoba, to him, to his best friend and to the Village. Some of the old Villagers are still out there. She believes that some Shiki's also survived.

She looked at herself into the mirror and frowned. 'Come on Megumi, where is that cold-killer character now? Where did it go~?' she muttered madly to herself. At the moment she saw Natsuno, she felt at ease, relieved, happy and a whole different person.

Natsuno has the greatest impact on her and her life. Everything she does, is because of him. Every move she makes, every step she takes - it all belongs to him. She picked her suitcases from the floor and brought them to her new room what she found quickly; it had some female shades to it what makes it easy to recognize. Especially when all your senses are this sharp. She decided to take it easy today, tomorrow will their first mission as an pair start, she guesses that she'll do some solo missions too, with him being her back-up. You can't just abandon solo jobs.

She puts her suitcases on her bed and opened one of them. She first looked at the order, where will she start. She decided to start and give everything a place. She shouldn't forget her calm, sadistic output what she used for the last two years.

Once a cold serial killer, forever a cold serial killer. She killed a young, innocent girl on her way last month for god sake, she shouldn't let herself break down so easily.

She loved him, yeah. In the past tense.

Now isn't he much more than her partner in killing, a companion of the same sort and a former classmate, a villager she's familiar with. She sighed as she finally completed her task. She really hated to pack her things in and out, it was boring and annoying to walk all around the room for million times in a row.

'What are we going to eat?' a voice behind her asked. She wasn't surprised at all. 'What do you think?' she answered him at ease, turning around so she could face him properly. They needed blood, it would be reckless if they drink reach other's. 'Let's go out then,' Natsuno sighed and he walked away.

Megumi didn't respond, but just turned around to finish hiding the suitcases. In the past; She would go fangirling all over him, scream from happiness if he would say something like that to her. She seemed not to care anymore, not anymore.

They left the building, at 3 AM, still dark enough for them. But though, Megumi had to admit that it feels awkward to be walking around at night with someone, especially this kind of guy.

'So, where is the biggest catch possible?' she asked, actually already enjoying before her meal. 'There's a party from some famous Royals a few blocks away from here. They came especially nearby to celebrate it with ease. Megumi felt like giggling but she didn't do it, she just kept her blunt face with a lusting sparkle in her eyes.

They snuck into the palace-like building where the parties full of Royals is given. They sprang with ease over walls, climbed easily into things and finally reached a dark spot from a window, in the corner of the dancing room. Their vampire marks slowly began to appear, their red eyes were at least not as bright as you could think of, if you hear ''vampire''.

'Let's do this after one minute,' Natsuno stated, already picking his first target. Megumi's crimson red lips curled to a sadistic, cold smile. 'Are you ready, Yuuki-kun? It's time for dinner…'