Sorry for the very, very long absence. I wrote my chapter a long time ago on paper, at school but I never published it. I'm sorry that it took me so long. However, I should warn you before reading this. This chapter is filled with murder and I also wrote it when I was angry at school. Ready for psycho Megumi?

The humans were in shock, when the two of them broke the glass and jumped into their feast meal. To them, this was heaven. Megumi had targeted a general of Japan's local army. Oh, how she loved to suck the life out of real leaders with power. He wasn't easy, she had to use her long nails as claws to scratch two or three soldiers, such a waste of blood. She had no time to even lick them so she went straight for the main meal.

The general got his gun and shot all of his bullets towards her, desperate for saving his own life, no matter the cost. Without success. One of them had touched her upper arm. She laughed, reaching out to him, the general trembled which caused Megumi to enjoy this even more. A mere human, he should be grateful to die here and serve as her meal.

'G-go away! you...' he stuttered and she stared at him when he sputtered those words, she was looking right through him. Through his helpless soul.

'You vam-'

He got cut off before even finishing his sentence as Megumi kicked him in his stomach, so he fell over.

'You silly existence,' she spoke, mocking him. 'You shouldn't be talking to me,' Her words ran through his ears as whispers, she was that close. Blood spat everywhere, all over her clothes. She liked it, adored it, loved it. Natsuno had sucked a lot of people into a lifeless state already. She noticed that a long time ago. All of the running people from before are lying dead on the floor. All of the people who went into hiding are left. Megumi came closer to her partner with her eyes darted to the hallway.

'Let's hunt them down,' she said with a voice filled with desire. It took only one knock with his head as answer, to release Megumi's inner. Each and every minute did she fall in love with her instinct even more as she did before. They disappeared from the ballroom and reached the hallway almost unseen.

The preys, or humans could feel their presence so clear that they knew their hiding was useless. One person moved a little from his place of hiding, this alone made him meet his death. Megumi's lovely giggling was filling the hallway, supported by an echo. She appeared, walking slowly without even looking around to find them. Then she suddenly moved to the white piano, holding a woman at her throat. While she didn't move an inch, the woman cried, looking at Natsuno, who was watching them from a distance with nothing but a cold stare.

'What? You like what you see there?' she mocked her victim again, as if she heard a funny joke. the woman gave her no answer, probably not even understanding the connection.

'Awwh, don't worry. I'll kill you very painfully now!' she laughed as if her guess was confirmed. The audience was stunned by her, how she drank the woman's blood like she was missing something out. By turning around and seeing Natsuno grin, she started even more murders.

'He likes seeing me like this,' she whispered to herself countless times. 'It's okay to do this, he wants this,' Her smile was creeping up even more after other 25 kills. 'This is the madness we create together,' she said laughing and excited. Like she was running on Ecstasy. She was completely drawn to her desires. The cool-headed killer that she was, was already gone. Replaced by a killer who is destined to be the mad queen, herself.

'You bitch!' a fat man growled when he watched her killing a child with pleasure. Natsuno guessed it was his, or at least a brat that he knew. He captured one of the blades that were hanging on the wall and dashed forward. 'Don't get in my way!' he yelled at Natunso.

The vampire boy sighed and ripped his head of with only his hand, as if his slender fingers were a blade itself. Megumi couldn't stop giggling from excitement and walked over to him, holding him by his shoulder as if he was her property. He didn't move away or anything, just stared blankly at her.

'You're gone, huh?' he guessed, seeing her not respond to him and still going on as if there was something hilarious. He thought he was right and came to the conclusion he had to stop her, before she sets the whole city on fire. He got closer to her when she continued her doings and knocked her out, to keep her safe.

'Silly girl, it's okay to go all out, but losing your own sanity goes too far...' He held her close and disappeared through another window. She was heavy, too heavy. She should learn not to wear that many weapons. Once they were home, he placed her on her bed and wiped the last drop of blood of her face away. Then he walked away, grinning while he recalls the dinner they just had.

That woman really surprised him just now. He always knew she was crazy, psycho, dangerous, but he never expected her to end up like this. Not here, not as his partner and certainly not without boundaries. After her kill on the general, which he saw, he decided to keep her pleased. He couldn't have her turn on him. He'd die for sure.

No actually, he knew that from the very beginning when he saw her as a Shiki for the very first time. That was the first time ever that he thought he'd die. The creepiness of the girl 2 years ago never changed, it was starting to even scare him.

Megumi had to force herself to open her eyes again. The urge of sleeping the whole day was eating her, but she won't give in. When she was able to look around she noticed a few things: Natsuno brought her home. Her clothes were unchanged and blood was stained on her bed. It wasn't even cleaned. Also: Natsuno has been in her room for a while. His scent was strong. Luckily he hasn't forgotten that she wasn't the daywalker kind of Shiki, like him. So he kept the daylight away. Was it daytime? Or did she sleep all day?

Slowly she tried standing op, only remembered now how wild she was. Clearly, that wasn't planned. She couldn't remember how she ever stopped, though. She went to the living room - as far as you can call it a living room - and noticed Natsuno lying on the couch, just staring at the ceiling. He turned his head when he noticed her presence coming closer.

'Despair. Glad to see you're okay now,' he greeted her, it was distant again. She started even remembering more of their killings, her killings and it made her tremble, not in fear, but it made her weak. Whatever it meant, she wasn't meant to show it. She won't show him. She swallowed the nasty feeling in and forced a smile for him. Forcing meant distance, there was no room for anymore feelings.

'Hello Zero. Glad to notice that you didn't let me burn in my sleep,' She noticed by seeing a small window showing some moonlight that she slept for the whole day, as she expected. 'I'd get killed if I did,' he answered her while standing up, walking over to a table. 'There's a solo mission for you. You have to get it cleared in 3 days or you'll get punishment, by me,'

She shrugged, whatever it was, he couldn't scare her. Punishment? Since when did she ever need punishment? She was great, one of the best, her pride was too strong to ever mess with that. 'I don't know if you got told already. But there's a device in the kitchen for you, if you ever need help with a solo mission, you just have to call me with that and I'll take over. Just in case, you know, you are hurt or something, keep it close'

'Easy,' she told him, taking one of her knifes to play with. She took it out of the table and then threw it at his bedroom door. 'I'll start tomorrow,' she said and with those words she walked over to the kitchen, saw the device lying there and took it with her back into her own bedroom. As if she'll ever use that.