Hey, guys. It's me, Sunshine. I just have a few things to say:

1) I would like to apologize for not updating in about a year and some months. I wanted to update, but I'm really lazy and I get distracted easily, but when I commit to something I plan to do it…eventually.

2) I would like to thank the people who reviewed my story and who gave me input. (Because everyone knows I need it).

3) I would also like to ignore the flamer who flamed my story. Your words don't affect me. (:

4) I was on a HUGE writer's block for this story, but now I'm back and I'm ready. I will be rewriting this story and editing it A LOT because I feel that it is mediocre and not the best work I can do. The plot will change slightly but it will still be Chuckie & Angelica, just with one-sided Chuckie & Lil, but that's about it. I also changed the title, summary, and category.

5) This new version will be better than the original, believe me. So just bear with me during this grueling re-writing process, okay?

Anyways, that's about it. I hope you guys will understand this. I want this story to be really successful and popular in the Chuckie & Angelica category and it will only happen if you help. I would really appreciate any pointers and ideas that will help me improve.

I should have the new 1st chapter up by tomorrow or Wednesday. So, until then…