1942 - Alice

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Deep in thought I stared out of the classroom window. The room, situated in a nearly deserted wing of the school, offered an excellent view on the fields. It was early in the afternoon, so the sun was still high. I could hear a familiar, soft, short buzz, sounding like the rapid wings of a fly. My eyes flickered briefly up to the sky, located three black dots, and settled back on the landscape. The grass wasn't just green anymore. The sky wasn't just blue anymore. The wheat, swaying on the rhythm of the wind, wasn't just golden anymore. It just wasn't. Not anymore.

"Alice Cullen!" A stern, yet a warm and familiar voice called.

"Eyes over here, young lady. Pay attention."

I tore my gaze away from the window and settled them on the teacher behind the desk. My lip twitched just slightly before I answered with the polite and required response, "Yes, Mr. Cullen, I'm sorry." With a twinkle in his eyes and a small smile, my brother nodded at me in acceptance of my apology. He then returned to his book and continued droning up the mathematics we were supposed to learn.

The clock was just an hour and a half away from signalling the end of the day.

But then it happened.

We could hear commotion from down the corridor, the heavy footsteps of leather boots approaching in a firm pace. A sound that, we all knew, could bring us something that could shatter our worlds. Or anyway the pieces of it that were still standing. People in the classroom started to murmur and shift in their seats as they were trying to speculate what was going on.

"Shh, please keep quiet until it's over." Emmett tried to calm everyone as he stood up from behind his desk. The class complied and stayed very still, all heads turned towards the door.

Except for mine.

I was searching the eyes of my brother, so he could offer me comfort, explanation, reassurance… anything. But all I seemed to read in them was an I love you, a pleading for me to keep safe, whatever was about to happen.

The class door was thrown open and my eyes flickered over to the German officer entering the room.

"Good afternoon," he nodded with a pleasant smile towards the class. The sound of his serpent tongue left a bad taste in my mouth and I a jolt of repulsion went through me upon seeing the crosses and Eagles patched up on his uniform.

But I remained frozen in my seat.

A hesitant "Good afternoon" was offered in response, and my hitched, whispered words were drowned out by those of my classmates.

"Mr. Cullen," the officer said after he smiled another smile at us. The dark of his eyes stood in an extreme contrast with his pale skin. His hollow face was brought to life by the evil glint in his eyes, and I realized, my stomach churning, that today it was my world that was going to get shattered.

Emmett straightened up and nodded at the man.

"Yes sir, how can I help you?" The tremor in his strong voice only recognized by me.

"Hmm, if you could maybe step outside with me for a moment? Just to… have a little chat?"

My heart started thumping furiously in my chest and my eyes widened.

Not Emmett, please not Emmett.

"Is that really necessary at the moment, sir? I'm teaching right now," Emmett told the man.

"Hmm, yes. I was aware of that. Unfortunately the matter is rather pressing, so if you will just follow me?" The officer quirked an eyebrow, awaiting a response.

When Emmett didn't answer, two of his guards took an intimidating step forward.

Emmett, wanting to prevent a scene in front of his students, nodded once and complied to the request.

"Actually, the officer halted on the doorstep, "you go first. I'm sorry, I completely forgot my manners. I hope you'll forgive me." He smiled and took a step back so Emmett could pass. Just before he disappeared through the door, his eyes flickered to me one more time.

The officer paused in the doorstep to sweep one more glance over the frozen students heads, and then disappeared like the others, into the corridor.

For a few seconds there was a deafening silence.

My hear was pumping loud, furiously, echoing in my ears.

Then the sounds of a struggle could be heard. Some aggressive shouting followed by a grunt, indicating a hit on the head or something similar.

I forced myself out of my frozen state and rose quickly and quietly from my seat. My heart thumped wildly, filled with fear.

I scanned the room, unsure of what to do. I needed to escape.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand grabbing mine and tugging me away from my seat. I followed Tommy over to the windows where he helped me climbing down.

I landed on the ground with a thud. My schoolbag followed only seconds later.

"Run Ali." Tommy whispered.

Tears of panic and fear started to leak from my eyes. Tommy closed the window and scrambled back into his seat. Only a moment later, I could hear the thundering voice of the officer.

"I believe," he started in his menacing voice. "There is supposed to be a little Alice Cullen in this classroom? Where is she!" He snarled.

That is when I started to run.

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