Chapter 1


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"Ready for camp, Hun?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, last time I checked." I laughed

"And when was that?" My sister, Pam, asked.

"Probably last second ago." I replied with another laugh.

Well I should probably introduce. I'm Mindy Selene Timmons, daughter of Carl and Melody Timmons, sister of Pam Cecilia Timmons. And just to state the obvious… in the family of the Timmons.

I'm a more expressive person than my sister. Well, that is, on certain expressions. You need something to complain, leave it to me. You could say that I'm a risk-taker, I like to learn new things, but not too over the top. And… I am an over-the-average student in school. While my sister, she's shy around strangers, but very wild with people she's close with. Trust me, I know. She wouldn't do something she's never done before unless someone tried it once, than double checked again, just to make sure it's safe. But the thing is, inside us, we're both alike somehow. We both love reading, and we like our personal time and space. Laughing, and comedy is the thing we both do best.

"I can't wait to go back to camp! I hear their adding dessert into their food menu's this season!" Pam said.

"Yeah, and best of all, they just added a swimming pool near our cabins!"

"Swimming here we come! Which cabin are we in anyways?"

"Mhm… I don't know, I hope it's cabin 3, they have whiteboards to doodle on!"

"We should be getting a text message, or an email any second now to confirm the details." Mom said.

*Beep Beep*

"Just on time" She added. Mom clicked a few buttons on her phone and gave me the phone. I read it.

"Mindy Timmons and Pam Timmons are going to be attending Summer camp at…blah, blah, blah…" Scrolling down the text, I finally found the subheading that read, Cabins and Living. "There! They will be rooming in Cabin 9 with Rosalina Shiner,"

"Yay!" Pam jumped. Rosalina was our best friend since Grade 3; Having her in our cabin will be awesome.

"And…" I read on,

"and?" Pam asked

"and…" I was excited, and then I dramatically fell onto the table. "Isabella… Montez…" I mumbled.

"NOOOOOO!" Pam yelled hitting her head on the wall.

"Isn't that nice… Your best friend is in your cabin with Isabella. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!" Mom said excitingly.

"Nooooo." Pam said, still weak. "You don't get it…"

"She's the meanest, snobbiest, silliest, rudest, craziest, bi—." I was trying to say.

"We get it…" Dad said annoyingly.

"GIRL IN THE WORLD!" I crocked with a fake cry.

"She makes the worst out of everything, and thinks she's miss perfect, with 3 little servant friends of hers. Ugh! Anything, but her! WHY! WHY! WHY! WH—."

*ding dong*

"Thank god" Dad mumbled, thinking I couldn't hear him.

"I'll get it." Mom offered. She came back a minute later holding a shoebox-sized brown box.

"For you." She put the box on the table. I looked at Pam, who was now sitting beside me.

"Me?" She asked

"Both of you" Mom answered.

"Go ahead." She told me. I shrugged my shoulders and opened the box.

There was a flat sheet of paper on top of a huge pile of cotton inside. The paper had a big red skull on it. I picked it up secretly. I looked at Pam, whose face was worried, like mine. I turned it over and read it in my mind.

Close this box.

Re-open it when alone.

Dig through.


Don't mess it up!


My heart jumped. All the 'I's were dotted with an X. Not a good sign. Beware… what was so important that it had to be opened alone. I looked at Pam, she quickly turned to dad, getting up from her seat.

"Dad…" She stuttered, "We forgot something in our… closet."

"Okay, go get it. What was in the box?" Pam nudged my arm, I jumped in shock.

"Umm… Welcome present…"

"From camp." Pam added.

"To welcome us…"

"To camp…" he stared at us weirdly…

"Okay bye." I said quickly. We scrambled upstairs.

"What do you think it is?" I whispered.

"I don't feel like it's a good thing." She whispered back.

"Should we open it?"

"I don't know."

"I'm scared. Why don't we tell mom and dad?"

"You saw the message; I don't think the person was joking." I opened the door to Pam's room, which was the closest room to the stairs.

"Are you ready?" Pam said closing the door behind us.


"Open it." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened the lid. Eyeing Pam every skipped second. My heart was racing. I carefully took out a clump of cotton.


"what?" I stopped.

"DIG through."

"Right." I put my hand in and moved it side to side, I hit the bottom and found nothing. I made another circular motion around the perimeter, still nothing. The middle! I slowly moved my hand in a part I would consider the middle and—.

"OH MY GOD!" I exclaimed in pain shooting my arm up.

"What happened?" Pam asked in horror racing to her bed, which I was sitting on.

"Something stabbed me! It was so sharp!"

"Are you okay?" I showed her my hand, two of them had specks of my blood on them. Nothing major. But it hurt.

"Ew!" She replied flapping my hand away. I turned my head towards the box. Should I take the cotton out? Yes. I want to know what's in there. It wouldn't hurt, I guess. I took it out, with caution. I gasped.

"What is it?" She asked looking over my shoulder. She looked inside and gasped as well. It was a feminine doll with a broken head, arms, and legs, which were scattered around the bottom of the box. And another exact doll that was stabbed in the middle with a pocket knife that stood about an inch tall. A real, sharp, pocket knife. And in the center, the thing that injured my finger, 3 sharp points positioned upright. Made of metal or steel or something like that.

"Oh my god" Pam exclaimed.

"What do you think that means?"

"Pam…" I Though "Remember last week when we went to the fair for an end-of-the-year trip?"


"And remember we bumped into this all old-fashioned dressed lady that said she used to be a physic?"

"Yeah.." She replied in amusement; thinking back.

"She was ''selling'' chocolate for a living now, and we bought it right?"

"And she insisted on us buying the dark chocolate."

"And she told us the ending is closer than you think"

"And when we left all the sudden we heard a woman's voice echoing…"

"You last week…" I wanted to start crying but then dad called.

"Girls! The bus is almost here!"

"oh! Uh! Coming!" We scrambled back downstairs.

"get the box!"

I ran up and got the box.

"Are you ready now?" He asked.

"Yeah." We said in unison.

"Great! I hope you have fun at camp this year. Send me emails and phone calls at least every week, and don't just play the whole time, save some time for school stuff, like reading." Mom said.

"Uh-huh" Pam replied.

"Oh look, the bus is here!" Dad said looking out of the living room window.

"I hope it's an air conditioned one."

"Hope so." He winked.

"oh! I'm going to miss you girls so much during the summer!" Mom sighed. She gave us both a hug, and dad did the same.

"We'll miss you too. And I'm pretty sure the bus will miss us too if we don't get going." Pam added.

"True, Good-bye sweethearts!"

"Bye dad! Bye mom!" We walked out the door, pulling 2 suitcases each, and two duffel bags, and me, holding the box of danger. We went inside and saw a new driver.

"Hi fellers. Mr. Camble's the name. Two per seat. Go on." Mr. Camble explained as we walked inside, through the bus isle. We picked a seat on the right side, in the middle of the bus.

"I want the window seat." Pam complained as I was about to walk into the section.

"No, I'm taking it."

"I. Want. It! Don't make me chop your head off!" She whined. I showed her my fingers and she tightened her eyes.

"I almost got my fingers chopped off."


"It's a 10 hour drive, you can sit the next half."

"fine." She grumbled. The bus started moving.

"Seatbelts everyone!" yelled. Seatbelts? There aren't any seatbelts in a bus! I stood up slightly and found seatbelts on the side.

"great." I mumbled.

"At least it's only the stomach one, I can live with that." Pam said.


Our seatbelts were strapped on. The bus started moving faster now, turn by turn, and we were out of the neighborhood for good. Until the end of summer of course. We sat for about 5 minutes in silence.

"Well. I think we should drop the topic about…" She motioned her eyes at the box.

"I don't know…"

"I mean think about it. It's by, Anonymous, it would really likely just be Bennett and Alex."

"fine, I'll drop it."


"but I wont 'drop the fact' that we're roomies with Isabella."


"Trying to change the subject…" I sang.

"Right!" We were now on the highway, going to pick up the rest of the campers.

"Hey, Where's Rosy?" I asked,

"She told me that her brother has a soccer tournament today near the camp so she's going to be getting a ride with her brother."

"Mhm…" I nodded. The bus turned into an exit and we ended up in front of a fairly big house. Not too big, but not what an average person would own. Out came Isabella. Pam and I exchanged glances. The 3 of her "friends" were behind her pulling her suitcases, fancily.

"What's up with the horrible cat walkers behind her?"

"Tell me about it." I said, "Actually… don't" We laughed. Ms. Perfect entered the bus like she was arriving at prom.

"It's a bus! Not your first summer!" A guy in the back spat out. We giggled.

"ugh. What Ev's"

"Ugh. If I have to, like, listen to her talk, like, every single perfect day of my perfect life, then like, I will so not be cool with it!" I said impersonating .

"O.M.G. Soooooooo true." Pam replied emphasizing the 'so'. introduced himself and she walked down the isle. She past us in glamour, then walked back to us. She bent down to us, sticking her fat butt into the girls across from us' faces.

"Hey… Roomies." She said quietly. I could now see her friends struggling to get her big luggage through the door. I looked at Pam, and saw her rolling her eyes at Isabella.

And as the brave one, I just got to express my feelings,

"If you're going to waste anymore of our useful time, then I'm going to have you waste it at your death memorial.

"Your mean a funeral?" She laughed.

"Yeah. Yours." I replied.

"Oh silly!" Was that a compliment? That's a first. "How would I die before you?" Compliment… broken. I decided to change the subject. I played 100 subjects einee-meany-miney-mo in my head to figure what else to diss her with.

"Seriously?" I scanned her. "Why would you wear heals to camp."

"Makes me look glamorous, duh."

"More like garbage-tastic!"

"Ugh. What. A loser" And she walked off slowly to the back.

"Good one!" Pam high-fived me.

"Just doing my job." I laughed.

"By the way, I hope you figure out what a toothbrush and toothpaste is used for because I can smell your evil-iscious mouth from here." I yelled out to the back, still facing forwards. No need to look at that devil again, everyone whose an anyone knows who I'm talking about.

"And while your at it, get one of your servants to clean your butt!" One of the girls across from us said. We died in laughter a few seconds after. Then the bus started leaving again. 20 minutes covered, 9 hours 40 minutes to go. Camp, here we come.