Reality is an option. Wonderland is an option

When you play a game, there are rules you must follow

Rules that were put into play even before you started

If you do not follow these rules, you lose the game

Without the game, what more do you have

Here are some of the ten rules; you must follow if you want to continue the game

#1- Never fall down the rabbit hole

This is a big one. Young girls are known to have followed the white rabbit in a waistcoat. And they come back, scarred for life, need intense therapy, and having homicidal tendencies.

#2- Never drink anything the White Rabbit offers you

Very important. Keep this in mind.

#3- Never cross the mafia

This is includes insulting Blood Dupre, and calling Elliot a rabbit does count as an insult. You shall be shot or might be sexually harassed.

#4-Never insult the queen

You shall lose your head.

#5- Never follow the Knight of Hearts

He will get you lost for heaven knows how many days and nights. He will say he knows a shortcut but he doesn't so don't encourage him.

#6- Never eat anything the lizard offers you if you know he made it.

You shall suffer food poisoning, indigestion, and diarrhea and all that good stuff. To avoid this, you either need to make your own food or get someone else to cook. Like Alice.

#7- Never play one of the twins game

Unless your masochistic like that. Then it's okay when they stab you or shoot you with a gun. Their treasures are weapons and if you are lucky, they will test it out on you.

#8-Never attempt to play a card game with the Jokers

You will lose. Period….

#9-Never try any of the new Amusement park rides

Unless you wanna die or feel that life is pointless. But you could end up as a safety tester. No refunds. You die, you stay dead.

#10- Never go anywhere without a weapon

This is wonderland filled with flippin hot guys and of course they might have lusty intentions for anyone interesting. Beware especially if you are a girl. You need a gun or a spoon to defend yourself. A playboy magazine will not work so carrot spray is a necessity.

Hey Everyone, this is VampiresSuck. i'm typing up this like manual to help any new players come into wonderland. Wolfie and I will eventually update Never Go down the Rabbit Hole. i mean, we got so far, 1,300 words up so far. Who thanks to all our readers who liked the story. Eventually, it'll all flow right and we will get on the plotline. Eventually.

So these rules, i based on the manga and could maybe of helped Alice in the story. So i think wonderland to me personally, is like a game of monopoly. Rules, the banker, dealer, money, cards and all that shiz.

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