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Here are the bios. I'll start with Ace cuz someone reminded me that i forgot him. But i purposely did that fangirls will read this and want more chapter.


(Random fangirls scream)

The easily lost Knight of Hearts. He could get lost and never find Nemo. He is probably one of the most bipolar people in WonderLand.

One side he happy and pretty clueless about reading the atmosphere, the other he speaks in riddles(Cheshire cat syndrome) and could beat up just about anyone. He is one of the most evil characters in the whole manga.

He is currently employed by the Clock Tower to collect clocks. He is also employed by the jokers as an executioner( And on the side he works at Applebees Haha*random crowd boo*).

The only people who seem to put up with him are Julius and Peter. Though they are not afraid to try to stab him with a spoon. (:3)


(Random crowd applaud.)

Her royal highness. The queen of hearts.

An elegant figure in Wonderland. She is known to say the magical plural "We" and to execute by beheading. It relieves stress. So next time you're stressed, you can shout out "Off with his/her head" to a person.

She used to be a faceless person but was assigned the role of Queen of Hearts. This also suggests that Blood was also faceless since they are related. A fact Blood wishes to be gone.

She likes cute things and cute people. Like Alice. She also dislikes Ace and Peter, and her brother Blood.

Mary Gowland

Mary had a little lamb

Little lamb Little lamb

Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow

Sorry. I just Had to. So Gowland is the amusement park owner of WonderLand. He owns the biggest territory in wonderland. Awesome. He sucks at playing the violin. Just Sucks. I swear hearing a dieing cat seems nicer(no offense Boris).

He may love the instrument but playing that torture device is another story. I bet that's his plot for wonderland domination. Playing one of the worlds most beautiful instruments and torture every one with it.

His role in the game the duke (*Cough*Duchess*Cough*). It is known that he doesn't like blood on his floors or Blood in general.

Boris Airay

(The whole world shakes with fangirls)

The totally fly Cheshire Cat of Wonderland. He likes riddles, milk, fish, eating mice and cats. Very nice on the eyes. (He solved my sight problem) He is someone who likes to have a collection of guns and other weaponry. He also has a very fluffy pink boa wrapped around his 's his fur. His role obviously is the cheshire cat of wonderland.

He's got multiple piercings on his ears, tail and I honestly don't wanna know where else.( *Hint*Hint*) He seems to be buddies with Dee and Dum. Blood doesn't seem to mind him.

He is also the cause of fangirle Atacke. So to avoid this, use the carrot spray. Or use your Pierce-a-grabber-watcha-ma-call-it. That works too.

Pierce Villiers

(Random crowd Awww)

The little kewpie of wonderland. He got the cutest brown mouse ears. Awww. And he's got this really bomb little black hat. So cute. His role is the Gravedigger so he gets into fights with Ace a lot.

He also likes Cheese and Coffee. Coffee is necessary since he suffers from Insomia. Dee and dum, and Boris used to make fun of him when he lived at the Hatter's. Which makes him suffer from Insomia. He is in someway related to Blood and Vivaldi. How? I'm not sure. Although he doesn't like either of them because they like Black Tea.

Pierce may be cute and adorable, but he is part of the mafia. So that means Epic awesome fight scenes.

( Fear the awesome epicness of Pierce Villiers)

And Last and least


So this probably the villan of the whole series. But fangirls likes both of them so he's not the antagonist.

White Joker owns the Circus of WonderLand. Filled with all sorts of carnival games and treats. White is the nicer part of Joker although he does say lots of riddles and confusing sayings. He seems to be a pretty fly guy. He puts dolls heads on the dead prisoners to decorate the prison. Thats gotta count for something atleast keeping crazy pedephiles out of your neighborhood. Also, He's got an eyepatch. Which means he's okay in my book.

Black Joker is the prison guard of WonderLand, and owns Wonderland's prison. Elliot does not want to go prison again. He is mostly described as short tempered, ill manner and somewhat crude with words. More importantly, he curses a lot and says lots and I mean lots of profanity not suitable to children under 13. It's that bad. In the game, most of his speech is censored.\

Well thats all for right now.

Hi people. How do you like this chapter. It's awesome right. Now I'm braindead in what to make for chapter.5 since I got this part done. Maybe I should finish with 2 more chapter and be done…

Well whatever.

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