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Summary:He is the bad boy of Hollywood,she the new rising star. Their first film together promises to be a huge succes. Will her past hunt them down and separate them or will they conquer everything together? Not only they are complete opposites but fate seems to keep them apart at any cost. Can they make it ? It's only one way to find out...
AH Canon pairing Angst/Romance Edward and Bella Rated M

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I kept walking .

And faster...
And faster...
Well as fast as my injured leg allowed .

I couldn't stop . I had to put my fears aside . They couldn't find me.
The light was fading, creating new shadows and dark patches around me . The forest looked so horrifying at twilight . I kept looking from side to side, paranoid that somebody was going to come and find me . I tried not to look behind me .
I silently sobbed as I carried on, sniffing and then letting out a croaky noise, tears falling . There was a tight pain in my chest because of my cries . The further I got , the louder I allowed myself to cry.
The longer I advanced the more I felt like a part of me no longer lived . From the moment I left Edward behind I felt like I had to go faster ,to thrust myself more . I couldn't let him die .
I couldn't be weak again.
I needed to do this for him,for me,for my mother,for our child.
I moved faster, ignoring the twigs scratching my face,grass sliding against leg ,moisture seeping into my shoes . The wind against my sweaty face, ruffling through my hair and the sticky clothes made my progress heavier .
I ducked and dived under branches, few of them hitting my face as I pushed them away with my hands . But the stinging I felt when they hit my cheek had nothing on the pain in my heart.
I could feel Edward right beside me telling me to hurry and find a way home . Go love! Go ! Don't look back,always look right ahead . You have to do this for us ,for the baby , his green eyes piercing into my soul.
I couldn't let my fears invade my mind,I had to think about the baby.
I ran and ran, stumbling over my own feet . My hands skimmed the ground as I struggled to keep balanced and upright as I ran.
Every time my foot landed on the ground,I felt a sharp pain . I had to find a way out of this green hell . The forest seemed like a ghostly disfigured hand stretched up, swaying it's fingers up to the dark sky . Everything looked the same . Green trees, green grass... Even I was green from my fight with nature around me.
Hours passed and passed . Time was dead for me . I feel that life is passing me by, not slowly either, but with ropes of steam and spark-spattered wheels and a hoarse roar of power or terror . It's passing, yet I'm the one who's doing all the moving . I pushed forward and I kept running and running until my legs couldn't physically move anymore .
I was stone cold and sopping wet, and the rain didn't seem to stop . My hair stuck to my face and my shoulders and my clothes stuck to my skin, tight and freezing . I wrapped my hands around myself as the forest started to darken . I could hear soft hums, my mind automatically scared that they were following me . I was walking numbly, slipping on wet leaves as I did . The last ray of the sun was streaming in .
I couldn't walk anymore .
I had to find a place to hide for the night.
Charlie always said Don't let the fear overwhelm you . Remember,there is always a way out of everything.
I had to stay calm and think logical . As I searched for a place to stay for the night and get some rest I forgot to watch where I was putting my feet and suddenly I slipped . I screamed as I plummeted down , rolling and as I started getting faster I tried to clutch onto some branches but they slipped past me and hit my already troubled leg .
"Please let the baby be okay . Please don't let him die God ,please . Not the baby!" I screamed before the darkness overtook me .

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