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I walked through the dark cave, as each of my foot steps bounced of the walls, letting anyone who was near know that I was coming. After the rains the whole cave had smelt fresh and clean, though in only a few days it began to smell stuffy, and sweaty. I didn't mind really, the smell was familiar like an old blanket that should be washed but every time you do, you don't enjoy the sent as much. I let my fingers tips trace the wall as I finally entered the kitchen. I grinned at those who walked past me and then slipped behind the counter, pulling on an apron. Pet enjoyed cooking and often did, it seemed I had picked up her passion and now I cooked (along with a few others) dinners, lunch, and breakfast.

I spent the rest of the morning cooking lunch for the workers in the fields. On the menu today was grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, and yogurt. I finished the last sandwich as the first hungry, sweaty man entered. I loved my time in the caves, even at work I seemed to be able to always have a smile, though I suppose this was mostly due to one man that kept me whole. As I handed out the sandwiches, I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist

"Hello there" I said grinning more now, I kept handing out each meal as he pulled me closer

"Hi" he said, I could almost hear the grin in his voice. Mel stepped forward smiling at me,

"How are you?" I asked handing her, Jamie, and Jared a meal.

"Great, I would ask you the same, though I suppose I know the answer." she laughed nodding at Ian.

After the last person past by I turned around in Ian's arms. When I came face to face I sighed, I had forgotten, which seemed impossible since I thought of it so much, how incredibly stunning his piercing sapphire eyes were.

"Hi" I whispered, he grinned, now leaning down to kiss me lightly on the lips.

"Thought those people would never leave" he said,

"Speaking, are you hungry?" I said beginning to turn around, though this motion was impossible with Ian's arms holding me in spot.

"Later. Right now is Wanda time" he said leaning down again and kissing me on the forehead. I closed my eyes, it seemed I didn't get enough time with Ian, that when ever I finally got to see him, he had to do something or go somewhere, I treasured every minute I had with him. He started to sway back and forth his chin on the top of my head.

I forgot how long we stayed like that, not moving in each others arms, it could have been only a few minutes or hours, I wasn't really sure. Though as the dinning room began to quieten, Ian looked up. Before he began his speech, I already knew.

"I have to get back to wor-" I cut him off before he finished his sentence though

"I know"

"I will see you at dinner though." he said reassuring me, or maybe himself.

"I know"

"I love you Wanda" he said before kissing me, his kiss was so light but so powerful, as the emotions soaked into my inner core, as hot as lava. The sensation filled each nerve in my body. He broke away and with one last glance he ran off, hopping over the counter. Just like that my Ian time was up. But I would see him again, tonight, my face grew warm and my blood ran up to my cheeks, tonight. What would happen tonight? After the rains I had moved in but since we left on the raid we haven't slept in the same bed. I looked around the kitchen whipping off a trail of sweat, this was stupid really

"Wanda" the voice made me jump, oh yeah there was other people on this planet other then Ian and I, I had almost forgot. I turned my head to see Lily looking at me with a worried glance "You look like you just ran a marathon, are you okay?" she asked reaching out

'Me? Oh I'm fine." I said leaning back on what should have been the counter. I suppose my judgments where wrong because in the next second I was falling, Lily dove to the ground trying to catch me but I slipped and fell on my back, though I didn't feel any pain.

"Are you okay?" she said now at my side "I'm sorry I tried to catch you!" I lifted my hand

"It's aright, I thought the counter was behind me." I said simply as Lily helped me up

"Are you sure you are okay? Maybe you should go to Doc get checked." she said helping me to a chair

"No really I'm okay, I just need to sit for awhile, I just got a little dizzy." I sat closing my eyes

"Here I'll go get you some water." she speed away, and then came back with a plastic water bottle. "drink." she commanded, I nodded taking a small sip, I needed to keep it together, there was nothing to be worried about, this was normal this nervousness was not uncommon, I thought. I mean, I guess I couldn't really make this assumption. I had never really talked about it to anyone other then in Mel's memories. But it seemed possible, that other girls felt the same pit in their stomach not knowing if it was a good or bad thing.

Lilly sat beside me until I finished all the water,

"Now, do you want to tell me what happened before, to make your face so red?" she asked taking the empty water bottle, I looked at the floor

"The heat" I lied poorly, she grimaced

"You are a horrible lair you know? I don't know why you keep trying" she said, I looked up though not at her

"It's nothing really, don't worry, it's something more personal."

"I suppose I will respect your privacy then, but if you need someone to talk to..."

"I'll talk to you" I finished for her. She put her hand on my shoulder before getting up.

I sat there for a few extra minutes to regain my breath. I then stood up walking back into the kitchen, I believed then that when the time came, I would know what to do. I shouldn't worry about that right now, I had to get back to my work and not think about Ian, and tonight. I successfully didn't think about it for a total of five minutes, before my mind raced back and I once again was lost in my own head.

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