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It was now deep into the night, and the sky was a bottomless, threatening shade of black; not that that would be a problem for me. I may not be a vampire but through my shapeshifter blood and years of extensive experience in this particular type of hunt, it gave me an advantage.

Under normal circumstances fear would be coursing through my body at an alarming rate; I may be good -great even- but I'm not stupid, fear is always necessary. It keeps you alert. Now though, was not a normal circumstance; I knew my prey, and I knew my surroundings. A light breeze wrapped my long black hair around my face, not in an obstructive manner though, it probably only added to the dangerous aura rippling of me like heat waves off a hot concrete road.

I knew and he did too, that I was deadly.

I looked it to his eyes; narrow as they were they still portrayed his emotions. I could see he was working well at controlling them. 'Almost an expert at shielding himself, like me' I thought sarcastically. I rarely let myself be compared to vampires, mostly because I knew we were strikingly similar. And now facing him I saw myself even more; the stance, protective yet ready for an offensive attack at any time, the concentration, aware of everything yet not distracted by anything and the fact that we were both mass murderers.

"We're evenly matched" His voice cut through what had been a thick wall of silence. Eerily echoing my thoughts. I had to agree though; we had been engaged in this deadly dance for what seemed like eons. It was graceful and yet sharp. Each attack was correctly matched by a superb block. Credit was due, his fighting skills were excellent. 'I am Rashel Jordan' I assured myself in my head, 'the best vampire hunter in Circle Daybreak, and one of the best fighters'.

Then unexpectedly I made my move.

He was fast to respond but not fast enough. This was a good move, I'd been saving till the finish line, and I knew it well. I made a sharp kick at his stomach; fast enough that he couldn't grab my leg, but he still dodged as expected. Now the genius part, I flipped mid air- a skill learned through year of gymnastics - and landed a belting kick directly on his right shoulder. As I twirled to a graceful landing he stumbled and struggled to regain balance; I truly had caught him off guard. With the fumble I seized my opportunity and pounced on him. This was a skilled I'd newly acquired though shifter training with Keller; my twin sister, a black panther. He landed flat of his back with me straddling him.

I poised my stake over his heart and uttered the words "you lose".

Quinn looked up at me then, black eyes wide with shock "where did that come from?" Obviously he'd underestimated my 'ninja skills' as he so liked to call them.

My response was simple; I removed my looming stake so I could lean closer to him and whisper in his ear the secret to my success "this kitten has claws".

And with that we both burst out laughing. I loved his laugh; it was reserved just for me. He rarely let his guard down in front of the others. "Ahh Rashel" he said regaining control "my kitten, you do certainly have claws, sharp ones at that". He propped himself up on one elbow, the other arm reaching up to gently brush the hair from my face. I studied him closely; his black hair was in a sexy kind of messy disarray, the type of hair one would get after occupying themselves in certain physical activities. And his eyes, well they spoke legions, they were pitch black and looking deeply into them - as I was now - I couldn't tell were his pupil started or his iris stopped.

"Your eyes are better" Quinn's words were in response to my thoughts. Typical.

"Eavesdropping are we?" I lightly chastised. I don't really mind him reading my thoughts, but I don't know how to respond to compliments well.

"I'll tell you what I'm thinking" he offered, voice sounding a little cocky "I'm thinking 'gosh isn't this a compromising position'" And I realised that if anyone was to walk out into this part of the mansion's huge grounds, and see me still straddling Quinn, with his arms around me, then they would indeed have something interesting to talk about at dinner. I started to move, but was shocked when Quinn rolled me over to reverse our roles. I was wondering how he caught me off focus when my train of thought was suddenly halted by a passion filled kiss.

And oh what a kiss it was. It was as deep as it was long. I lay there Quinn on top of me and lost myself in the wonder that was John Quinn. Deep inside it still felt strange kissing a vampire, that which I have hunted for so long, but the Soulmate boned had already claimed me. 'Why fight it?' I thought

'How about we don't' Quinn entered into my head.

Lost inside his erotic kiss, I murmured back against his lips a smile tangible in my voice 'Yeah this is one fight I don't want to win'.