Chapter 1- What should I do?

Star POV

Just another normal day in Jump City . The normal temperature. The normal sounds. And the normal crime rate. Just as my friends and I were about to sit down and watch our movie for "Movie Monday" night our communicators whet off.

"There is robbery and the downtown storage unit and it's Slade's minions. Titians Go!" yelled Robin.

Oh joy Slade's minions? Great now where gonna have to deal with an over obsessed Robin too. Don't get me wrong I love all my teammates but Robin sometimes jumps the limit with Slade.

Meanwhile everyone head to the doors to get in the T-car while Robin jumped on his R-Cycle. I decided to fly instead to get some air.

Once I got to the scene I noticed my team already in action. How did they get here before me? Oh well better get fighting atleast.

I flew down and knocked out one minion and was on to the next when raven sent it flying with her black magic. I frowned inwardly. They never believed I was though enough. Well I'll show them. I closed my eyes and focused on my energy. When I opened them they were bright green and my hands where covered with power.

I sucked in some air and breathed out while raising my hands. I dropped my hands and about seven minions were on the ground and also beastboy. Oh no did I hurt him as well? I was about half way to him when he got up and turned to me.

"Really Star? I'm not mad but why did you take me out? He said.

" Oh beastboy, I am terribly sorry are you ok?" I asked

" Ya, I'm fine like I said no prob." And with that he took off to more fighting.

I looked around to notice that everyone was pretty good with handleing the minions. What I did notice is that Robin was not able to be seen. Oh no what if he is hurt? I looked around to try and find him but only noticed Raven on the ground and a minion about to hurt her. With no thought at all I aimed a starbolt at the minion that sent him flying, AND RIGHT INTO CYBORG!

He fell down with a thud and wasn't moving. I ran to check if he was ok but he was unconscious. Only he still had a pulse so I turned around for help and saw two other friends on the ground and the minions trying to run away with a giant box.

I ran after them throwing starbolts. Maybe if I stop them the team will not be so upset with me. So I ran taking them down. My aim today was not as great so I only hit like three out of fourteen. Before I could catchup they were outside. As I rounded the door to the outdoors they weren't their. Oh how great is this I thought. I ran back into the main room only to find the three friends still unconscious. But where was Robin?

I ran though the halls hopeing he was ok when I past a door and heard someone.

"Any last words" the person said. The voice was low and mumbled so I could not tell who it was. I went into the room only to find it filled with boxes. Rows and rows of boxes. I crept though each row fast but quietly until I heard a whimper of pain from maybe two rows away. I looked over one rows to see two shadows of men, even though I could not tell whose was which I knew it was Robin and Slade. One was on top of the another about to plunge a knife into the bottom ones heart. I knew the bottom one was Robin so I took the last bit of energy I had and shot the top figure with a powerful blow from my hands. The top one tumbled over and the bottom one got up and ran.

I flew over to see if I did not harm Slade as bad as I thought when I noticed…

It wasn't Slade.

CRAP! CARP! CRAP! I HIT ROBIN! Oh no, oh no, oh no.

I checked his pulse and he wasn't dead so checked for any broken bones too. None. Ok so he didn't get hurt that bad. Oh my do I hate Slade. And while we are on the subject where is he?

I took off hard onto the path he ran. I flew as fast as I could go until I heard heavy footsteps a few yards in front of me. I slowed my pace and peeked around the corner. I saw Slade trying to run to where his minions escaped. I flew in front of him which made him stop dead in his pace.

"Ah Kori, how wonderful it is to meet you?" he said.

"Ya, I wish I could say the same. What are in those boxes?" I asked.

"Oh nothing much. Just some busness. Do you know how strong and great you are?" he asked.

Wow is he hitting on me? Gross. Why is he even telling me this?

"What do you mean?"

He looked at me weird then answered.

"You have to much perfection and power to be with the Titians. Why do you even stick around? They have been acting very unkindly to such a wonderful girl like you."

"That is none of your business." I replied. Although it was very true. They have been very mean to be. Always treating me like a baby. But they need me. Don't they?

"Come with me Kori. I will alow you to put your powers to use without they need to hurt anyone. I will train you. You will become better than any of them. You don't need them. They treat you wrong. And you do not need them. Think about it with out even knowing you hurt them. I bet if you left they would only feel a tiny bit of sorrow but then it would be gone. Think about it and tell me if you decide." He said.

Oh my god. I believe him. But I could not just leave. But they would be better off without me. Not getting in the way or having to worry about me. Should I? Wait how would I contact him if I did choose? I looked down in question.

"How would I call you if I did decide?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry you would you where to find me." He answered.

I looked up only to find he was gone.

Ok so here is the first chapter. Tell me if you like it lol but only if you want!-Kbaby