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Chapter 13- Now who the hell is this?

Kori's POV-

"What the hell…" I groaned to myself as I sprawled out on my old bed. It's been like two weeks, where the hell is Alex. He should have been here by now, right? What if he'd hurt? Or if he just doesn't care? What the hell am I thinking! Get it together girl! Yet, I still had that small amount of doubt that I'd be here for quite awhile longer….


I jumped up from my bed. Who could it be? Rae? BB? Cy? Fuck tard? Or maybe Alex?

I mentally slapped myself. It's just one of the Titians, probably. There the only ones knocking on this door lately.

"Star, you awake?" it was BB. Fuck. Hope had washed away into the river of lost dreams.

I looked over at my alarm clock, 12:00 on the dot.

"Yupe." I said back as I dropped back down on my bed.

"Can I come in?" he called back.

They would obviously come in anyways. Cy, to give me some weird pills so I don't go crazy, yet I think I already have. Rae visits often to talk, give me books, or play some board game; like I'm some kind of mental patient. Sometimes it's even Robin, the fuck-tard, to interrogate me on my husband, yet no one knows that except Rae. But today it's BB, who will most likely come in to give me food or water.

It feels like prison here. I only get small daily meals, and water. Only certain time slots for different activities. And anything, and everything that could possibly be harmful was removed from my room.

I don't blame them, something is wrong with me. I don't sleep normal hours, only two-three hours a night. I despise the sun. It makes me sick. I'm also hostile. One of them says one wrong thing to me and I'm practically at them with fists in the air. My reflection is horrible, I look like a zombie. I hate being this way, it had to of been something they gave me when they took me from my family. They say they had nothing to do with it.

I was fine the first couple of nights though. Then it got worse, I've been throwing up, and I've felt as if what they were feeding me was not even close to enough.

The worst part about it, is that my powers don't work at all. I can't fly, can't have star-beams, nothing. It won't work.

I've had a few theories of what my problem is, yet they don't quite match aswell.

At first I thought I had the flu, but then why would I be so hostile?

Then it was being Home sick, yet the hostile part possibly could fit, I didn't feel that I was away long enough to feel this way.

Then I thought I could be pregnant, it could explain why my stomach seemed a bit rounder and larger, but it wouldn't work to well because Alex and I always used protection, I think? I don't remember, my head hurts, my mood spasms are starting again.

Maybe its some other human disease, or maybe it's only because I'm tameranean?

"Star? Are you still there?" BB called in, I almost forgot about him.

"Yeah, fine whatever." I replied.

I stuffed my face into one of my pillows as I heard the door to my room open.

"Here's lunch, I'll come back in an hour to take back the plates." He said. As I heard metal on metal.

I just stayed quite. He knows I heard him.

I heard the door close and I picked up my face from where it was in my pillow and saw the plate with a sandwich and some chips, next to it, a bottle of water.

I sighed and lifted my self up to sit at my desk and eat the lunch. When I was finished I looked at the clock, 12:12. Wow I ate that fast? I just shrugged and went to take a shower. When I was done it was 12:25. May be my body is feeling something today, actually wants to get up and do stuff. I walked over to my closet and picked out the most basic of things, my undergarments and a blue tee shirt and dark wash jean shorts.

I even decided to put on some low cut sock and my red converse. Wow I felt so into it that I even put on light make up and brushed out my hair the was already almost dry. I didn't really feel like having my hair down so I put it up in a loose bun, I looked myself in the mirror and realized I didn't look so zombie-ish, that what I get for being bored.

I knew I wasn't going anywhere today, but it was a good idea to waste some time.


That surprised me, was it really 1:00 already?

I looked to my clock, it read 12:51.

BB was always here on the dot, never a minute late, and defiantly never early. Maybe is watch was broke or something?

I walked over to the door to answer it. I stuck my ear to it first, I didn't hear anything, was the person still there? I slowly made my way to the floor and looked under the door, there where black boots as far as I could see. I don't know if BB wears boots still?


This person was impatient. I can't hide, there's nowhere to hide. I'll have open the door and make a run for it. By the time I was about to reach for the door it opened by itself, this shocked me and delayed my actions. I still had my plan set in my head though.

When the person came into full view I push them aside and ran down the hall. My mind flashed back to when I played "run away" with Alex. No, I have to push those memories out of my head at the moment, I have to worry about getting out of this place alive. My main goal was the front entrance, it was the closest to where my room was. I took a corner and saw three people in black suits with black masks. I quickly went back behind the corner and peaked around the corner to see what they were doing.

Two of them where doing something to the main entrance, looked like some kind of box of sort. The other two people were talking to each other, discussing over something in there hand. It was hard to tell, but it looked like one female, and three males, yet I'm not positive.

Thank god I have sneakers on because I feel like I'll be running real soon. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned about something like this, but how I've been acting lately made me wonder how far I would go to protect myself. I hated killing, but I'm not sure what a fight with me would come down to.

I saw another one of the black-suited come from another hallway that meant into the main entrance. By how the person walked I could only assume it was a female. She meant up with the others and conversed with them as well. She then moved to the two who were talking about the object in ones hand.

She said something to them that made them look up from what they were discussing, to where I was, I quickly moved back behind the wall.

'Shit' I muttered under my breath.

There was only one other way I could get out of here, and that was from the sub-dock. I'd have to swim. I hate not having powers sometimes.

In order to get to the sub dock I'd have to run across the main entrance which is a totally give away. Even though they most likely already know where I am.

I looked back around the corner to see one of the boys was slowly walking close to the corner. This is my chance; I have to run for it.

So I did.

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