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Chapter Two

I felt silk under my hands and body. Shifting to the right I rolled into something hard and cold. Opening my eyes I looked over to see what it was. Betelgeuse wasn't wearing a shirt, his surprisingly defined chest was covered in a swath of thick golden hair. Looking at his face I noticed that he still seemed to be sleeping. Soft snores emanated from between lips that somehow looked oddly sensual; the daylight striking the side of his face creating a golden, almost angelic profile. This imagery was then ruined when Betelgeuse spoke. "See something you like, Babes?" He cracked open an emerald green eye and smiled invitingly.

I blinked at him, feeling a little overwhelmed and confused for a moment, as I stared at him; memorizing the lines of his face, the exact shade of his eyes and the angle of light as it hit his golden chest.

"Well, are you going to stare at me all day or are you actually going to do something?" He placed his fingers on my cheek, arresting my attention to his touch, a shock of awareness burning across my cheek. "Or do you want me to do something?" He asked as he slid a finger languidly down my neck, stopping just below my collar bone.

A single moment passed before I sat up, pulling myself away from him slowly. I rubbed my eyes and looked around, ignoring the heavy presence of the man beside me. The room looked a lot like my room at home. Clothes were littered across the floor and miscellaneous piles of junk were scattered in piles here and there making it look messy and dirty.

I gave a yawn and looked back down at Betelgeuse who had remained silent as I surveyed my surroundings. Realizing he wasn't about to receive an invitation or answer to his previous question, he posed another.

"Still tired?" he asked, an eyebrow raising in question. I nodded my head in acknowledgment and stretched my arms in the air stretching my muscles before falling back in exhaustion.

Betelgeuse grunted as I hit the mattress beside him, but made no additional comments. We lay in a comfortable silence for a moment before I acknowledged to myself that I needed to get up.

Sitting up, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed then pushed myself upward into a standing position, rocking back slightly on my heels as I did so. Noticing a mirror on the wall I thought might as well look at the damage. That was when I got the shock of my life or I suppose, afterlife.

My hair was longer than it had been, falling over my shoulders and down to the middle of my back. My bangs had been a mix of violet and white, but now my brown hair was also the mix of purple and white that my bangs were. My face seemed slimmer and blemish free. The scar above my right eyebrow stood against the paleness of my face. However, my eyes were what drew my attention the most. They were still a light honey brown now sprinkled with green flecks and an emerald green ring around the outside. I blinked in shock as I took in my image and for the first time in my life, I felt pretty.

My mind was happily focused on this thought until my eyes drifted down to what I was wearing. My mouth dropped open in shock. Instead of my gray tank top, blue jeans and boots, I found I that I was wearing a thigh hugging, sheer, blood red nightgown. The straps and the hem were made of black lace, the color was blood red. I stared at my body. I knew I had lost a lot of weight but now my whole body was in proportion. My face turned bright red when I realized I could see everything through my gown. Horrified, I realized that Betelgeuse had an excellent view of my exposed ass.

I thought of covering myself with my hands, but I knew that he would giggle and leer at me. So I turned with as much grace as I could muster and walked back to his bed, sitting lightly on the edge. Anger flowed hotly through me until I felt cold fingers whisper up my back. I flinched slightly when I felt his other hand slide around to grasp my waist, pulling me back and slightly towards him. His cold breath skimmed across my neck before I felt his nose press against it. A million nervous butterflies flooded my stomach, making me tense uncomfortably.

I realized that I was essentially trapped against a pervert whose nose was nuzzling my neck with keen interest. From there it became more uncomfortable as I felt the cool press of his lips against the sensitive skin of my neck. I shivered slightly in response and a whoosh of air flowed past my ear as he suddenly pushed me back into the soft mattress. His lascivious smile said it all; he was thinking bad-oh so very bad-thoughts. The confident, satisfied smirk on his face finally managed to snap me out of whatever trance I had fallen into.

I punched his chest and pushed him back, but it did nothing to deter him from leaning forward and trying to claim my lips in a kiss I was not ready for. "BJ, get the hell off me!" I snapped silently seething inwardly.

He paused in his movement, a look of puzzlement stretching across his face, "BJ huh? Well, at least it's not Cupcake." Betelgeuse leered at me again as I hit him against his chest again, trying to put some space between us and to encourage him to get off of me. Before I could hit him yet again he grabbed both of my hands and slammed them above my head. I hissed and growled at him, but he only smiled widely and licked his lips in anticipation. He moved forward, his lips an inch or two above my own, when I tried to kick him off me. He slid back on my legs and snickered, watching me struggle ineffectively against him.

I took a deep breath, frustrated and feeling a flicker of fear fill me. "GET OFF ME DAMN IT!" I screamed.

His response was a simple, "No." He closed the distance between us, his lips a hairs breadth away from my own when the bedroom door suddenly slammed open.

A thick silence engulfed us before the person in the doorway let out a shocked gasp.

My head swung to the side as I stared at my savior. He stood about 6'1" and was nothing but bones; literally. He was a skeleton clad in blue workout shorts, red short sleeved shirt, and a red beret that had been placed at a rakish angle on his head.

"Betelgeuse, what are you doing?!" He yelled, his pleasant voice thick with a French accent.

Betelgeuse rolled his eyes and replied sarcastically, "Playing Patty Cake. What does it look like what I am doing, Bonehead?"

The skeleton tisked and ground his teeth together before answering. "I know what you are DOING, you lazy piece of wasted space, but I wanted to know why you were doing THIS instead of attending the meeting."

Betelgeuse laughed, causing me to roll my eyes at him before I got the last laugh when I kneed him in the gut while he was distracted. He moaned in pain as I rolled out from underneath him and onto the floor, grunting slightly as I hit the floor.

Betelgeuse collapsed onto the bed. For a moment I thought that he was groaning in pain, but I soon realized that he was attempting to stifle his disturbing, sly, giggling. God, what did it take to beat this guy down. I wondered to myself before changing my focus back to my inappropriate attire and my ungainly pose upon the floor.

I shyly looked up at the skeleton man, before shifting my focus back to the man still giggling on the bed. "Hey, BJ, you mind doing something about my clothes?!" My voice snapped.

The Skeleton studied me more closely, a blush somehow forming across the white of his cheekbones."Oh my, where are my manners? I am most sorry." He said nervously as he frantically looked around the chaotic room, looking for something he could give me to cover myself with.

Betelgeuse gave a snort of derision and snapped his fingers. I suddenly felt less exposed and I gasped when I looked down at the dark blue washed mini shorts with a silver studded belt. Complete with black and white striped leggings that ended just below my knees and the matching black and white striped tank top, and flats that I wore on my feet.

I raised my eyebrow at the black and white stripes and said, "Do you have a thing for stripes or something?"

Betelgeuse just grunted and replied, "Would you prefer your birthday suit?" He asked sweetly.

"NO." I said quickly as he gave me a mocking grin. I stood up quickly and dusted, myself off.

I then turned to the skeleton and extended my hand out in greeting." Hi, I'm Moirai."

He shook it lightly and said, "The pleasure is all mine Mon Amie."

I smiled at his French accent always having enjoyed the lilt and cadence of the language. Before I was able to tell him this I heard a sharp snap and suddenly felt Betelgeuse's arm wind around my neck. "HEY, no flirting around here, Kids. Especially from you, Bonehead." When he said this I noticed he had narrowed his eyes at the man.

"Thanks, Dad." I snapped angrily. This only cause Betelgeuse to frown in irritation.

The skeleton spoke before Betelgeuse could reply. "Not to interrupt anything, but we need to get going. Oh and by the way, the name is Jacques."

I grinned at this and we finally walked out the room, Betelgeuse's arm still negligently draped across my shoulders. Looking over at him I saw that he was in his black and white striped suit again and I could not help but smile at this.

He saw me looking at him and asked, "What ya smiling at, Babes?"

I lowered my voice, looking at him archly I said, "Your suit….I like it."

He leered at me then. "I know, but I look even better without it." He then raised his eyebrows at me in a suggestive waggle. I slapped his shoulder softly and rolled my eyes. He is such a horn dog. I thought to myself. Still… he is sort of funny. I mused.

We walked down a long hallway and passed a few doors before entering a living room. Sitting upon a worn leather couch was what I would think of as a big and hairy monster. He was tall and had broad shouldered, with long orange hair that covered his entire body all the way down to his cowboy boot covered feet. He was covered in so much hair that I couldn't even see his eyes, just a hint of them beneath a massive forehead.

Sitting next to him was a young woman with spider-like features. She was the exact opposite of the other monster being small and petite. Her skin was a soft pastel purple with black accents that were almost like tattoo's that swirled and wove across he skin. Her arms and legs had fine hairs on them that looked like fur from far away. Long luxurious black hair tumbled down her shoulders and onto the couch probably ending at her hip when she stood. Her hair framed coal black eyes that shined and sparkled in her fair and beautiful face. Although I felt some unease at her small spider-like mandibles.

The monster stopped talking and looked over at us. At least I thought that he did as I could not actually see his eyes. I shifted my gaze away and noticed a small dog sitting beside him. The dog was kind of cute, if you liked dogs. At least, I believed it was a kind of dog, or a pet of some sort. It had small bull-like horns and had a bull dog head and face. The body was like that of a poodle, its tail shaved and ending with an 'X' shaped poof of fur.

"WELL, shave me down and call me a naked mole rat, who's this purrty little lady here?" I blushed at what the monster said and shifted around nervously.

All my friends and family had always told me that I was pretty, but I never believed them. Hearing the monster tell me I was pretty made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. "Thank you. I mumbled hoping the heat left my cheeks soon. I'm Moiria." I said in a soft voice.

The woman sitting on the couch turned to me and smiled revealing pearly white fangs. Instead of feeling frightened, I felt myself smiling back. She winked at me and said, "Name's Ginger, Sweetie."

I nodded and the monster spoke up."And I'm The Monster across the street. And this here is Poopsie." The dog walked up to me and then sat on my feet grinning up at me. Smirking at him I patted his head hearing him sigh at the same time.

Betelgeuse sneered at down at him hatefully. "Stupid ball of fur," he grumbled.

The dog growled at him and I groaned inwardly. Did Betelgeuse not get along with anyone? I wondered. The three of us walked further into the room and settled ourselves on an available couch.

Ginger began speaking once we were seated. "We are – Jacques and I- Betelgeuse's roommates. The Monster lives across from here."

Betelgeuse snorted. "Duh, Shit-For- Brains, it's in his name."

Ginger scowled back at him, "I was not talking to you, Betelgeuse."

"Blah, blah, fucking blah. Let's get this meeting over with already." Betelgeuse shot back, gesturing with his hand for Ginger to get a move on already.

It was weird watching them bicker, almost like siblings. This thought caused me to remember my own siblings Adam and Grace. Thought of my siblings brought with it a wave of sadness and confusion as I wondered how I had been killed and what exactly was going on with me now.

Jacques finally interrupted the squabbling between Betelgeuse and Ginger which had devolved into cheap shots and name calling.

"What this meeting is about is Moirai here. We need to figure out how we will settle you in Mon Amie, since you are now Betelgeuse's apprentice."

Snapping my focus back to the problem at hand, I nodded my head in understanding.

"Well," Ginger began. "We should probably put her right next door to him." She said to Jacques. "That way Moirai doesn't have to go searching for him and end up lost or who know what." Jacques and the Monster next door nodded their agreement. And," Ginger shot a look at Betelgeuse who opened his mouth to interrupt. "NO, she will not be staying in your room you letch."

Betelgeuse snapped his mouth shut and glared in irritation before grinning. "I think you're just jealous. Don't worry, you can have a piece of me any day, Sweetheart."

Ginger looked not only disgusted, but insulted as well. "I wouldn't let you touch me with-"

"Maybe I should be thinking twice about you touching ME. After all, I know where you've been." Betelgeuse mocked interrupting Ginger's words.

Ginger's mouth fell open in shock, her face turning beet red as she obviously struggled to come up with a retort. Ginger snapped her mouth closed and went to stand, her teeth clenched, jaw ready to deliver a scathing set down.

The Monster suddenly stood, cutting off whatever Ginger was about to say. "Hey now, Tender Foot, it ain't nothing it's personal, you are a letch and we don't want you breaking her. "Ginger smiled at this as the Monster continued. "We'll take it to a vote." He suggested reasonably.

Betelgeuse just humped and crossed his arms over his chest, finally releasing my shoulders. He looked pissed and I was glad it was not at me.

Jacques then spoke "Agreed." All in favor of this young lady moving in next door to the teacher, please raise your hand." Everyone rose their hands except for Betelgeuse. "Now, all in favor of Moirai moving in with Betelgeuse raise your hand."

Betelgeuse looked around at his lone hand which was raised and scowled angrily.

Ginger smiled and looked at Betelgeuse, "Sorry Betelgeuse, but your vote is overruled."

He smiled back, but his smile contained a deadly edge, like the blade of a merciless razor that promised swift retribution.

"Now, now, Betelgeuse, we won fair and square." She paused in thought for a moment; obviously not worried a bit about the hateful glare Betelgeuse continued to level at her. "Oh right, you hate to lose, don't you?" she asked sweetly. I suppose I wouldn't like losing either if I lost as much as you did. I guess getting eaten by sand worms with the frequency that you do is rather...annoying.

Belelgeuse returned her sweet smile, his dripping with a malicious syrupy sweetness that made my jaw ache right in the corners looking at it. "Why don't you come over here so that I can-"

Jacques cut him off before he could finish his threat. "Before you finish what no doubt will be an incredibly colorful statement filled with no doubt many references to specific body parts, how about we get Moirai settled into her room and then you can get Moirai into your bed the old fashioned way, by seducing her. I am sure you will enjoy the challenge. Until then, Moirai, come with us."

Betelgeuse grumbled and I swore I could hear him cuss under his breath. But there was now a hint of challenge that lit his eyes as he looked at me with determined speculation. I swallowed at the look and turned my attention away.

Everyone then stood up, and we all filed into the hallway, Ginger leading the way back to Betelgeuse's room. We all stopped in front of the door, my mind spinning as I wondered what crazy, insane thing would happen next. Ginger motioned to a white washed door that was next to the brown door of Betelgeuse's room. I briefly wondered if the door had been there before and if I had not noticed it, or if it had just magically appeared. I decided that I didn't really care either way as I reached out and grasped the golden knob, and turning it, knowing that whatever lay beyond the threshold was my new future; a future I was so not ready for. I always knew the past was going to come back and bite me in the ass someday, and today was apparently that day.