"Hello Molly." Gabriel smiled, and I nearly 'squee!'d like one of those freakish twi-hards. His voice was so amazing, and his smile could melt anyone. If I had a brother, he'd want him! Straight or not.

"Yo.." I replied, very dorkily, I might add. Who says 'yo' anymore? Thankfully, he chuckled (not at me, thank you very much!).

"Shall we?" He took a step back, gesturing for me to come outside.

I giggled moronically at the chivalry, and took a step forward, stumbling over my boot cut jeans and nearly down the stairs. He caught me, grabbing my forearms, and when I looked up, my nose brushed his chest. He didn't seem to notice, but my mind shot into the gutter faster than a bullet.

"Erm.." I cleared my throat, making no move to pull away. "Thanks.."

"It is no trouble." He smiled again, and reached for my hand. It wasn't like Xavier held Bethie's hand. It actually reminded me of old movies my mom and I used to watch, where the man would grasp the woman's hand and hold it high as they walked in the middle of the dance floor. He didn't raise my hand to his shoulder, obviously, but that was how my hand was in his. He helped me down the stairs, and I realized how dorky he must think I am. I trip out the door and into his arms? Seriously?

I was trying to think of trivial things, because brushing my nose against his chest - which was rock hard, I must say - was making me think of other situations where that could happen. Only he would notice, and he would shiver, and be writhing under me as I-


I jerked out of my very yummy day dream. "Yeah?"

He nodded toward the door, which he was holding open for me, and gave me a concerned look. "Are you alright?"

"Er..yeah, w-why?" I asked, sitting down in the car. He didn't answer until he was sitting with me. "You just seem a little...spacy."

The way he said it reminded me of someone trying to speak a language they didn't know. It was intensely cute.

"Sorry, just tired, ya know.."

"I do not," He replied.

"You've never been..tired..?" I asked, confusing lacing my words.

"Um.." He swallowed, looking like he said something wrong. I'd never seen him so fidgety. "I get the proper amount of sleep each night."

"Proper doesn't mean it's enough," I said. "Sometimes you need..more."

He smiled at me, again. "That's very insightful for someone your age."

For someone my age? What? I wasn't six years old. He could only be a few years older; mid twenties at the latest. Seventeen versus twenty five was not that bad.

Still, it made me blush. "Thank you."

"You are welcome, Molly," He said. I swooned at the way he said my name. Molly..it had never sounded so beautiful.

The rest of the ride was a comfortable silence, and I would like to believe I caught his eyes shoot to me once or twice. Bethie didn't know what she was talking about; he was so into me.

Well..she said he wasn't the kind of guy for a relationship, that didn't mean he'd never been in one. I mean, anyone that hot had to be gettin' some. But maybe he wasn't one to settle down, maybe he was a bed hopper. Holy shit, what if he did it to students and left town?

What the hell? My mind went from yummy, dreaming sex with the hottest man alive to thinking he was a perverted pedophile. God, I really am tired.

When we finally pulled into the drive of the Church's home, I had settled my mind. I reached for my purse, and by the time I was reaching for the door, Gabe was holding it open for me.

"Thank you, sir," I said, kind of teasingly. Playfully teasing.

"You are welcome, ma'am." His smile almost never faltered.

Okay, Molls.. I told myself, silently, as Gabe opened the front door. Keep it together.