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Pairings: Kouga/Kagome, Sesshoumaru/Kagome

Rating: MA for adult content! Please NO ONE under the age of 16! You have been warned!

Summary: To be born under a blood moon meant many things. At the time, her memory still cloudy, Kagome had no recollection of who or what she was; or that she was born under said moon one night. She had no idea of where she was or where was safe to hide. With only her name and her blood heritage in mind, she travels the countryside alone for a place to belong too. In her travels, it wouldn't be long before she meets a certain hanyou...

Inu: Blood Moon


The day was drawing to a close, dark clouds moving in as a storm was imminent. The ocean was alive beneath the crashing waves, the dark waters turbulent as the wind picked up. A village was on the edge of a cliff which hung slightly over the shore below it, a perfect view of the open ocean but also a deadly place to be.

Leaves were being picked up by a now harsher wind that brought a chill down the villagers spine as they tried to finish up their chores before the storm hit. But it would be in vain as lightning flashed and thunder cracked across the sky and the first drops of rain began its decent.

A young girl whom stood next to a much older woman stared out over the water, gripping onto the woman's robes as lighting flashed once more. Thunder boomed above them loudly, causing her to flinch at the sudden sound as she moved closer to her.

"Sister! Go back to the hut! Now! This storm isn't natural, tell the villagers to take shelter!" the older woman ordered, her voice firm.

The young girl looked up to her and said, "But Kikyo...what will you do!?"

The woman now known as Kikyo looked down to her younger sister and knelt to her level as she said, "Just do as I said Kaede. Now before its too late!"

Bottom lip trembling at her words, Kaede turned and ran back to the village that was behind them as Kikyo stood at the edge of the cliff watching as the clouds moved across the darkening sky.

Slowly she turned, her aura tingling with pure energy as the woods on the other side of the village came alive with low level demons and a few high level ones. Her eyes narrowed as she moved back toward the village to make sure her sister did as she was told too.

It was quiet as she made her way passed the huts, the wind clanging the occasional pots together hanging outside some of them was the only sound. Rain began to pour at that moment, the cold drops went ignored as Kikyo tried to figure out what it was she felt that was off.


In the woods youkai gathered, all lower levels, for that which called to them.


It was something that youkai in their very nature came to crave and was the sole reason they attacked mikos. Power had called them to this place, a village set apart from the rest of the world it seemed like.

They also thought it convinent as no help would come to their aid this night.

Unbeknownist to them was a hanyou with silver hair and red fire rat haori running at top speed, making his way toward the village miko.


Kikyo turned to the west, feeling the spike in youki headed towards her at top speed. Looking to her right she spotted a bow and grabbed it and the quiver quickly, putting the quiver of arrows on her back as she readied the bow with ease.

Taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly, she waited and she didn't have to wait long before he finally broke through the trees with a crash that was somewhat muted by the storm raging on around them.

He came to a stop a few feet in front of her and cracked his knuckles, a glint in his eye as he stared at Kikyo.

"Kikyo, hand over the jewel now! Or your life is forefeit!" he yelled, readying his attack as his feet slid apart to widen his stance.

"Inuyasha, you know I won't hand it over willingly. To think I would make a wish on it for you was foolish of me." she raised her bow, pulling back the arrow and holding it there, "Now leave!" She was determined to protect the village from any and all harm.

"Feh, have it your way wench!" Inuyasha growled and jumped, kicking up dirt as he did so. Kikyo released the arrow, her purity imbued in the arrow itself as it left a trail in its wake and helped push it even faster towards it target.

Dodging the arrow as it flew over his head instead, he glared at her as he jumped at her again after he landed, dragging his claws down her left side; causing her to drop the bow.

She fell to her knees, gripping her left side in hopes to slow the bleeding. Her head lowered, concentrating as Inuyasha now stood over her, a smirk on his lips thinking that she was surrendering.

"Now for that jewel around your neck." he said simply as he reached down and grasp the chain.

Her right hand shot out to grab his wrist, her skin glowing white from the purity in her form rising; smoke raising from the contact on his skin. He tried to pull away but she held on tightly as she slowly stood up; her wound forgotten.

Breathing heavily, she sent a burst of power through her hand and into his body; causing him to almost rip her hand off in the process as the power forced him to release her. His body crashed into the trees several feet from the village itself and he wasn't moving right away.

Using the bow as leverage, she dug it into the ground as she pushed herself up to stand as best she could before losing her footing slightly and fell to one knee; resting against the bow. Slowly with her mangled hand, she managed to somehow pull out an arrow and strung the bow; gritting her teeth against the searing pain it caused her to do so.

Concentrating all her energy into this one attack, she released the arrow and watched as it shot across the clearing between them. Time seemed to slow as Inuyasha looked up just in time as the arrow connected with his shoulder, throwing him back into the forest with the force behind the arrow; taking him about a half mile from the village.

She struggled to stand, stumbling as she did so as it caused searing pain to shot up her arm and side as she took a step forward. Her eyes dilated, unfocused as the pain increased. Suddenly small hands were on her cheeks, causing her slightly focused gaze to land on Keade's brown orbs.

"Keade, you shouldn't be out here. It isn't safe." Kikyo said, gritting her teeth against the pain as blood pooled at her feet; staining the ground a dark red.

"Sister, we need to tend to your wounds, you have lost too much blood already..." Keade said, trying to wrap her little arms around her older sister's waist but Kikyo pulled away quickly.

"No! I must make sure Inuyasha was sealed." Kikyo said quickly, stumbling passed her before stopping to look over her shoulder at Keade.

"Keade...?" Kikyo began.

"Yes, Kikyo?" Keade responded fearfully.

"When I finally leave this world, make sure to burn my body and the shikon with me. We must rid the world of the jewel..." Kikyo said, her breathing labored as she pushed herself forward before Keade could respond.

She reached the forest, could tell that Inuyasha fought the power of the arrow in vain as claw marks ripped up trees and the ground as he tried to ground himself. Moving slowly, she followed the path he had forcefully gone until she came to a small clearing.

Looking around briefly, she spotted the large oak tree with the Inu hanyou bound to the tree by the arrow. His body was frozen in place, his heart beat a slow rhythm and his eyes were closed in deep slumber.

She sighed, finally at peace knowing he was sealed. "Farewell Inuyasha, my love..." she whispered.

She turned and made her way back slowly, stumbling as she did so as the loss of blood was making itself known.

Arms were suddenly around her, supporting her body as she was on the verge of losing consciousness. She could feel her body being moved back to the village, the two men carrying her silent as they made their way through the still pouring rain. She could feel herself slipping away, the darkness calling her soul.

A form was pressed into her chest, small arms around her neck in a tight hug by her younger sister; bringing a small smile to her lips.

Moving her head slightly, she said softly into Keade's ear, "Remember my words my dear sister...and all will be well...you will be safe..." her words trailed off as her body went slack, her arms limp and hanging at her sides.

Keade's mournful cry was heard over the booming thunder, as she cried over her sister's body. The rain began to let up finally, the clouds parting to reveal a blood moon above that was almost high in the sky.

Everything was a blur to Keade as the villagers readied everything for her sister's funeral, not once saying a word to anyone as the rain drops cascaded down her face; mingling with her tears.


Soon a funeral pryer was set up, Kikyo in the center in clean miko garbs and the jewel in her hands with the chain wrapped about to keep them in prayer position. Above them, the full blood moon was closer to the high point now; making the villagers uneasy.

One of the men turned to Keade, waiting for her permission to start the fire. At her nod, he held his flaming torch near the edge of the gathered wood and took a few hurried steps back as it roared to life.

Those that gathered to watch as their protector burned within the flames, cried silently; the women holding each other in their grief. The men stood by, some with arms around their wives and children in comfort. As the fire consumed Kikyo's body and finally the jewel as well, Keade and the villagers watched as the jewel glowed. As the moon was now high in the sky above them, a blinding light erupted from the jewel as it shot up toward the moon.

Seconds later, the same light came crashing back to earth but instead of moving toward the villagers, it hit the wild ocean. Keade and the others rushed to the cliff's edge, all wondering what the flash of light meant. It wasn't long before the night slowly started to become more calmer, quieter; the waves crashing against the shore the only sound now heard.

With the red full moon now free of being hidden behind clouds as they dispersed, the stars twinkled above. With the soft light from the moon and stars, a lone figure that was stranded on a large rock several feet from shore itself, caught Keade's attention with ease. Turning, she pushed her way past the villagers and made her way down to the shore; jumping from rocks and over logs as she went.

Feet hitting the cold water didn't faze her as Keade rushed to the forms side and the closer she got the more she realized it was the form of a small child. She swam the short but seemingly long distance to the rock the form laid upon and pulled herself up with some difficulty.

Catching her breath, Keade looked over her shoulder to see that some of the villagers, mainly the men, gathered on shore waiting for her to return. Turning back around, she moved closer to the body that she could now define as a very young child, maybe the age of four or five if the size was any indication. Rolling the child onto its back to get a better look, she gasped to find the child was a little girl, with sharp features that defied her age. With high but chubby cheekbones with two red stripes lined both, were free of any smuge marks or scars. Her hair was black with gold tipped ends and silver dusting the bangs, reached the middle of her back if she was standing.

Upon closer inspection, Keade could tell there was a red crescent moon on the child's forehead and could see the red stripes on her wrists, hips that were bare and on her ankles; as they stood out against the tanned skin that was also mark free. Suddenly apprehensive, Keade gently moved the hair back from the child's face and placed the strands behind her ear; a pointed ear.

Pulling her hand back as if burned, she was now torn between leaving the girl to die or take her in. Biting her lip in contemplation, she looked over her shoulder to the men waiting on the shore and to the village. She sighed and turned back to the child and decision made, she pulled the child into her arms gently before standing.

Turning to the direction she came, she realized a bit too late that she had no way of swimming back; at least not without the child drowning or any other such harm coming to her. The waves crashed against the rock, bringing with it a boat and a hand reaching out to her; shocking Keade out of her stupor. Looking up at the male who had a tender smile on his lips for her but eyes that were guarded when he glanced at the child in her arms, Keade took his offered hand and got in the boat.

This night would be the beginning of many challenges and changes to come, Keade knew this to be true as she felt the faint hummings of the Shikon Jewel within the child she held close to her chest.

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