This is my first fanfic, so I hope you guys like it. It's about Otani wanting to be a better boyfriend to Risa, but doesn't know how to be better. So he tries a lot of things to be the best for Risa. Otani goes through a lot of obstacles and always looks like a fool around Risa. Will Otani ever be a good boyfriend? I know the summary sucks, but the story is a lot better trust me. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Mean Love

Otani's POV

"You know you're an idiot right?" I said this to Koizumi while hitting her with my fist on her head. We were going to an Umibozu concert when suddenly Koizumi said she forgot the tickets to the concert.

"I said I was sorry you don't have to yell at me!" Koizumi shot back.

"Oh so now it's my fault for everything that's happened?" I looked at Koizumi as if she was a retard. "Why don't you just bury yourself in a hole and never come back?" The moment I said that I regreted it. I knew Koizumi would start to cry because of what I said. Oh well, the words were already out so I can't do anything about that. I'm just gonna have to apologize to her like I've always done for the past five years we were dating.

"Fine! Maybe I will bury myself in a hole so I won't have to see your stupid face ever again!" Koizumi yelled as she ran off to the other direction of the street. Now what am I gonna do?

Risa's POV

"That stupid little midget! I can't believe he would say those stuff to me! I don't even know how I fell in love with someone like him!" I was talking to Nobu on my cell phone while I went to a store close by the Umibozu concert.

"Don't tell me you don't like him anymore. I mean, you struggled so much just to gain his love." I thought about it for a second and shook my head. I knew I still liked him, but I just wish he would be nice to me for once.

As if reading my mind Nobu said, "You want him to be sweeter to you, don't you?" I felt my face get warm when Nobu said that.

"It wouldn't hurt if Otani was a little nicer to me, or maybe be more of a gentleman infront of me." I said

"Don't worry Risa I will tell my darling to get some sense into Otani." Nobu told me before she hunged up.

OH NO! I can't let Nobu do that! I only wanted Otani to be more comprehensive with my feelings, but I don't want Nobu to take control of the situation.

Before I knew it there was a guy shorter than me standing infront of me."What do you want Otani?" He tried to say something, but I cut him off. "If you came here to bother me some more than you can just go to hell." I told Otani as camly as I could.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Otani said with a clueless look on his face.

I knew he would just say sorry. I just wish he would get more romantic with me and say something that will take my breath away. Sadly, Otani isn't that type of guy.

I finally sighed and looked up at him. "I guess it was also my fault for forgetting the tickets, so it's okay." I tried to look happy so Otani wouldn't be able to read my face.

"Okay then, now that you're happy, why don't we go for a walk?" Otani said.

As enthusiastic as I could be, I dragged myself ouside to go with Otani.

Next Day- Otani's POV

"What's up?" I asked Nakao while sitting on a bench of a park. "Why did you tell me to come here?" I questioned him. Usually when he tells me to meet him somewhere it's for something bad.

"Do you love Koizumi?" He asked me. I looked away because I felt a blush spreading around my face.

"Why are you asking me this?" I didn't want to answer him because it's embarrasing to tell your feelings to someone.

"I'm just asking because if you liked her so much then you would do what ever you can to never lose her. But, from what Nobu tells me you are not romantic at all." I should've known Nobu was in this.

"It's none of her buisness if I'm romantic or not! Why should I care what she thinks!" I yelled at him. I know I might have been overreacting, but it's better then telling him what I feel.

"You might not care what Nobu thinks, but I think you care what Risa thinks." This got my full attention. I thought Koizumi didn't care how I acted. I mean, yesterday when I said sorry to her I could tell she wasn't happy, but I just chose to ignore it.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"What I mean is maybe she doesn't like the way you treat her and is only letting it pass because she really loves you. I know if I was a girl I would of dumped you the very first day you treated me badly." Nakao had a point there, but I don't mean to treat her bad, it's just the way I am.

"You know there's two kinds of love. Theres the sweet and gentle love that every girl prefers, even Risa, and theres the mean type of love. What I have with Nobu is the sweet love and what you have with Risa is the mean love."

"I DON'T TREAT KOIZUMI BAD! I'm just not the type to give her flowers every day and tell her how pretty she looks!" I screamed as loud as I could at Nakao.

"And you think Risa won't like it if you do give her flowers each day and say how pretty she looks? You know, Kohori stole a kiss from her once. Who knows if he starts liking her again and actually wins her love because he's romantic." Nakao said camly.

I hate it when he starts talking about that midget infront of me. "Koizumi said she never liked him so stop bothering me about this!" I started to walk off when suddenly Nakao started to talk again.

"Do you really think she'll like you for long? Every day you call her an idiot and I don't think girls like it when their boyfriends call them idiots."

"I don't call Koizumi..." I started to protest when I suddenly remembered I called Koizumi an idiot yesterday and the day before that and everyday before that.

"I'll get you something tomorrow that might help you with your love problem." With that Nakao left the park without turning back.

I knew he was right I just didn't want to admit it. Before my brain could react I called Koizumi.

"Hello?" Koizumi answered.

"Hey Koizumi, it's me Otani. I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go get something to eat tomorrow at six?" I asked her hoping she would say yes and hang up already.

"Sure, but you usually never call just to go eat something. Are you feeling okay?" I couldn't believe she just said that.

"If I'm your boyfriend then this is what I have to do. Really Koizumi, can't you not act like an idiot for once?" Shit. I called her an idiot again.

"Stupid midget! I was just worried about you! You don't have to call me an idiot every freakin single day!"

so this is what Nakao meant by mean love. I said the only thing I could think of saying right now. "Sorry."

"...It's okay I have to go now so bye." She hung up. I knew she was still upset, but what can I do? I just hope Nakao will bring something good to help me tomorrow.

Sucks for Otani doesn't it? I guess he finally knows what mean love is. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and please tell me if I misspelled any words so I can correct them. I will try to write the second chapter as fast as I can so you can find out what happens next. What do you think Nakao will do? Do you think Otani will evar become a better boyfriend to Risa? Don't forget to review!XD!