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Chapter 1- Kathryn's Past

It all started on a warm sunny day in Springwood. Kathryn was running around with her dad, Fred Krueger, in her red and white dress and her hair was in pig tails with red ribbons, Kathryn was just about to be hugged by her dad when Kathryn's mom screamed, she came out of the cellar telling Fred she wouldn't tell, Fred told Kathryn to go inside so Kathryn did, while Kathryn was going up the stairs she heard the door to her dad's special room open. Kathryn was told never to go in there, but Kathryn's curiosity got the best of her. Kathryn walked in slowly, Kathryn saw gloves with butter knives at the fingers and pictures of children who looked her age, Kathryn was terrified at what she saw, just then Kathryn heard her mother's cry's, Kathryn ran out of the cellar to find her own dad, her hero, her life hurting her mom "NOOOO" Kathryn screamed it was too late, her mom fell to the ground and Kathryn knew what that meant, her mom was dead. Kathryn looked up at her dad. But stared at him in disbelief, instead of his short brown hair and blue eyes and cream skin, her dad was now in a red and green striped sweater unlike his gray and brown Hawaiian shirt and instead of his skin looking real, it looked burnt terribly, and he had a brown hat and that glove with the knives at the finger tip's "Don't worry Kathryn" Kathryn had a modified expression on her face "Your nightmare's just begun" He raised his gloved hand and brought it down At the Kathryn's face. Kathryn woke up, panting, and sweating. Kathryn wiped her face and made sure that her white under shirt and gray peace sign pants weren't slashed. Kathryn turned off teen nick and got up from her black bed with white head boards; Kathryn walked across the dark hardwood floor boards to the bathroom to check her face but before she did that she went over to the black curtains and pulled them back it was still dark or maybe it was her purple and black and white room that made it dark. Kathryn was now 16 it had been 10 years since her dad and mom had been killed and during 3 years of that period of time Kathryn had spent at a foster home and 7 years with a foster family, The Gilbert family. Her family had been so nice to her she had a brother named Kyle, he was 3 months older than her, a sister named Natasha, 3 months younger than her, a dad named Will, 30, and a mom named Caddy, 30. Caddy was a lawyer and Will was an owner of a construction company, Natasha worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, she was the queen be, Kyle worked at Zumiez, silent, party type, and Kathryn worked at hot topic, she had no friends, Kathryn's life was going great in fact, it was a miracle. Kathryn walked over to the bathroom and when she turned on the light she gasped at what was on her cheekā€¦ 4 small cuts.

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