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"Daddy, Daughter bonding"

After the incident at the party, and the paramedics came and took Lydia's body, Caddy had told everyone to go home "Why?" Natasha screamed and wailed, Kyle and Will were trying to calm Natasha and Caddy down. Kathryn was standing in the doorway silently staring at the Gilberts, how could Freddy do this to her new family, why out of everything in the world, he had to attack one of Natasha's friends, but also one of Kathryn's. Lydia, Nina, Mia, Emma, and Cora were so nice to her when, she was in the 4th or 5th grade, when she got out of the foster home, a girl, Cindy Edwards, had told the whole school to hate her because she was the daughter of a killer "I have to go" Kathryn grabbed her coat and started to walk out of the door "Wait a minute" Natasha had already beat Kathryn to the door "Don't you see what has just happened don't you care at all?" At that point Kathryn snapped "She was my friend to, I know you think I don't care, but its just killing me inside knowing I've lost a friend so just get out of my way or I swear Natasha I wont come back at all!" Natasha looked scared and ran back to her dad who held her. Kathryn stared back at Caddy, Will, Kyle, and Natasha, seeing there sad and scared faces "Im so sorry, I don't even know why you guys even adopted me. All im going to do is ruin a perfectly good family" Kathryn ran out of foster family house, went straight to her Truck started up the engine, looked back at her family, who had concerned faces, and left.

Going down the road at night sometimes made Kathryn fell relaxed, it some how made her feel free. Kathryn had planned on going to stay at a Hotel for a couple of days, weeks, or maybe even a few years. She just couldn't be around the family she had caused so much harm to. Kathryn looked down the road staring into the fog as she passed by corn fields, and a couple of houses. Down a few yards from Kathryn's truck was Freddy waiting, When Kathryn saw him she slammed on the brakes, her truck spinning in the air, then the sound of glass and metal crunching together, Kathryn lay upside down, in a sleep not even she could wake up from.

Kathryn woke up coughing, she was expecting the boiler room as usual, but instead it was a house with a red door, and the place looked old and worn out that it look like it was about to collapse on the spot "I remember this place" Kathryn looked around in a trance, this was where Kathryn had been born this is where she had been almost her whole childhood "Teen drivers these days, they have no respect for the road" Freddy was sitting in chair, his feet on the table, he was examining one of his claws "So have you come up with an answer yet" Kathryn knew this was the final showdown, if she didn't say yes she knew he would kill her, she would make him kill her she couldn't have anymore bad stuff happen to her family "Yes I have, no" Freddy looked up from his claws a frown appearing on his face "No, No, are you sure about that?" He was know in front of her circling her "No you aren't going to say now to me" Kathryn smirked turned his direction "No, no, no, no, no, no, oh that wasn't bad" Freddy chuckled and the grabbed her by the throat and threw her, she knocked into a book case with a bunch of china, she got up and now he was in front of her he stabbed her in the leg making her scream. Kathryn looked to the right of her, she saw a broken glass piece of glass, she picked it up and stabbed it in Freddy's leg he screamed in pain. Kathryn managed to get up and kick him in the stomach causing him to fall backwards. Kathryn limped to the door and started to run out of the porch but then fell through what looked like one of those things at a photo shoot, she fell into nothing then met the roof top of the house, and fell on to the floor, she laid there. Freddy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up, and threw her into a chair, which suddenly grew four snakes that curved around her arms and legs, Kathryn was trying to break free, but he stuck, when she looked up she saw Natasha and Kyle sitting on the floor tied up together "No! What are you doing with them Freddy "Leverage" Natasha and Kyle looked worried and scarred when they saw me "Don't worry I'll get you guys out of here. I love you guys" Kyle and Natasha together said they loved me to "Well now Kathryn final word" Freddy raised his claws in the direction of Kyle and Natasha face "No" Freddy smiled and then as he was about to throw his claws down Kathryn said something "Wait. I'll do… I'll do it, just please down hurt them" Freddy smiled and snapped his finger suddenly Natasha and Kyle were gone and now it was just Her and Freddy "Good, first your suppose to cut your pointer finger" Freddy grabbed Kathryn's finger, and cut it. The pain didn't hurt it just felt like a paper cut, it felt like all of her cuts and bruises were like paper cuts "Then…" Kathryn looked up at Freddy "Wait, before we proceed I will become your little scare girl or something, I want a promise you will leave all my friends, family, even my pets alone and im not going to kill anybody" Freddy stuck out his gloved hand "Deal" Kathryn smiled and put her finger out again. The ceremony wasn't all that bad all Kathryn had to say was a couple of words in Italian or something and then for some reason she felt more alive, more alert of her surroundings. Kathryn then looked down at her hand it was gloved with the same knives on it she smiled an evil twisted smile , and then she woke up.

Kathryn was laying in a hospital, she felt a neck brace, a cast and an iv. She looked up seeing her family happy smiles and Dean was there as well they all gave her hugs, and after that Kathryn had to explain why her car was flipped over, well half of the reason, and then Kathryn's, friends and family left all saying good bye and they loved her, but Dean stayed around, he said that he loved her and missed her and then he kissed her on the head and ran out of the room but he looked back one more time and then he was gone.

Kathryn had fallen asleep again and this time she was outside a house that was painted white with blue shutters and a big front porch "I've seen this place before" it was Cindy Edwards house "I thought maybe it was your first time maybe you would like to scare someone new" Kathryn looked back up at the house, On the second floor was Cindy Bedroom, and it looked like she was having a sleepover. Kathryn smiled and went into the house.

"Girl that color is so you" Cindy said to one of her friends "Thanks girl, I think you and Chase are the hottest couple and school, also did you see Kathryn and Dean at the Fund raiser" Cindy rolled her eyes and scoffed "That little creep is so annoying I wished she just leave" As soon as Cindy said that the whole room changed into the boiler room all of her friends gasped their perfectly tanned skin went pail there strawberry blond hair turned a whitish blond "You think its funny picking on the week" They all jumped and turned around screaming "You know what Cindy, I thought you were pure evil, but I was wrong your nothing" Cindy straightened her cotton wool night shirt and pajama bottoms, "You have no right to say that to me you… " Kathryn had grabbed Cindy by the throat and pulled her up high "Shut up" Kathryn dropped Cindy to the ground and looked in the way of her friends who came to her rescue who helped her, and then Freddy came up behind them they all screamed "Oh there's nothing to fear but fear himself" Just then he made all five girls somehow get tied up with snakes, oh and this was good because Cindy and her little comrades are terrified of snakes, Kathryn thought, Just then Freddy's song came over the yelling and screaming and begging, and then Freddy turned to Kathryn and asked "Torture, or Death" Kathryn thought of this for a minute "Torture, death is to easy" He then started to slash them all, screaming and crying and blood flying everywhere. Kathryn watched it all, and Then she smiled sinisterly and thought this is going to be so fun.


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