Chapter 1: The Beggining

January 1, 3000 was a day no one would forget. The fear in everyone's eyes as the teams fought. Sadly, it wasn't teams such as Team Hero and Team Dark. It was the skills. Flight was better, no, power. After all it was speed. Those were the only words heard that day. January 1, 3000 was also the day after Melissa, the one of speed, Michael, the one of power, and May, the one of flight, were born into the royal family of Mobius. Now the only royal was the people. They had all split up into 3 lands: Power, Flight, and Speed. Enemies became friends and friends became foes. The past was foretold to be forgotten, as it would never return to the land of Mobius.

My crown was locked away forever in the castle that now stands on the borderline of the 3 lands. I was stuck on the speed continent. It includes the hedgehogs and others. Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Blaze, Espio, Sliver, as well as I, were here that were known off the spot. I hoped for a day where I could be reunited with my brother and sister, my only family since now. I turned around and saw a statue of someone everyone knew out my window. Sonic the Hedgehog was the one. I grimaced at the name. He was known for his cockiness, attitude, and charm. Too bad that he split up Mobius, or he would've been a nice guy.

A heard a bell in my ear. I resumed my lesson of etiquette. Just because I was split from my brother and sister didn't mean I couldn't train to be a princess. It didn't matter now, though. By the rate this has been going on, we weren't getting any closer. She put down the book at talked to me with a calm look. "Whatever is the matter, dear? You seem distracted" Really? I shook her arm off of me. She knew what was wrong with that. I didn't like being touched. If my trio never get to hug me, no one lays a finger on me. I didn't know what to do. I was the youngest of them all, though the healing powers in my body, and my sister's, let us age to our likings. I may be 10, but I think and act like a 16 year old, so I'm not an outcast.

I grabbed my coat and walked out into the now-snowing continent. I looked around at the damage done. Our powers weren't just aging, but as well as amazing memory. The world was calm and beautiful, with fountains and gardens around every home. Now it was a disaster of a place. Buildings were broken down, children were hurting inside. I thought of them. This was the only home they ever saw. They could never go up into the clouds, or if there was a wall in their way, they never got around it. Tears slid down my face, though I wasn't sobbing. This war had ruined our way of life. It was time to stop it. I marched over to the pesky little hedgehog. "Do you see what this war is doing? It's hurting bystanders, both emotionally and physically. You better stop." He stood there with an absent look on his face. He was eating a chili dog, which meant that he never heard a word I said. I walked away with my face red. Red was a bad comparison to my purple skin.

I went home to speak to my brother and sister. My teacher, Emily, was the only person who knew. Talking to the other siders resulted in punishment. I wanted family more than life, and freedom more than war. I walked beneath the home into the secret hideaway and called my groupie. It was connected to my trio's houses and mine. I heard a noise down there though. Speed Bots, I thought to myself. I raced down to the cellar. I couldn't have my family taken away from me once more.

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