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The Children received a gift no one could take from them when they were 2. It was a garden, but not just any garden. It was a magical garden, though the children didn't know. Nosy little Ashley couldn't stop poking her head into things, singing tunes to herself. Mike spent most his time listening to his father play the guitar, while May listened to her mother play the flute. Someday they would learn, soon enough….

Mike said he would meet me and May here. May was here, on time. I stared at my watch. It was 11:50. The bots watched the borderline at midnight. Where was he? I let out a frustrated sigh. May smiled at me, and I couldn't help but do the same. Then I saw dirt coming through the ground. I stomped on the annoying thing's blonde hair. He said ouch, of course.

"That's the thanks I get for building the tunnels?" He asked while rubbing his head. I nodded nonchalantly. "Okay," he shrugged. Did I really step on him that hard? He handed me something. It was a sheet of paper. "I got it from a stranger in the power island. He said he knew mom and dad." I looked at the photo. It was of us 5 in front of a green landscape. I remembered this. It was the garden we got for our birthday. I didn't notice the note that fell through the slip. May picked it up with her white gloved fingers.

"The answers you seek are hidden between the cracks. If you find your heart's desire, it will return back. All love is hidden; all love is kind, keep as such. Signed Q.R and K.E."

. "Do you know who signed this?" I said cheerfully. The others looked again. "It's Queen Rosalina and King Edward!" I hugged my family tight. We were close to being together again. We stepped into the passageways, hoping to find hope soon.

The garden was beautiful, still. Almost like nothing happened. This was our meeting place now. No one would search here. Although the castle doors were locked, the garden wasn't. I sat by the fountain and hummed a song. Michael found a guitar sitting by a bench and started playing the exact tune I was humming. "I didn't know you could play."

"I don't," he said with a chuckle. Meanwhile, May took a flute from underneath a bush and played along. I looked at Michael's and May's necklaces. I gasped. They weren't wings and emeralds anymore. They were crowns. I looked at mine. It was the same thing. The gates to the castle opened slowly.

"Oh my gosh, this is part of mother and father's plan! They're here!" I ran to the castle. I thought I saw a pink and green blur go through the curtains above. My joy changed when I saw a red one as well.

"Give me that picture, NOW!" I stared at the picture. No one was red. Though I looked pass the trees in the background. There was a slight distorted figure in the sky. It looked like a ship. I looked up away from the picture. There it was again.

I looked at M&M. "You don't think…" I drifted off. They shook their heads and shrugged. We ran towards the house. Hopefully we weren't too late.

"Mom, Dad? Where are you?" We searched all around. I went towards the curtain that had the blurs. They were still there? Then I realized it was a trap. The lights went off, leaving only the light from outside, although it wasn't much. I saw a figure in the darkness. It walked towards us, showing off her appearance. She had long, brown hair with piercing blue eyes. Her skin was an aqua color. She smiled and flashed off her straight, white grin.

"My name is Rebecca. I've been sent from your parents. I am to train you to defeat Robotnik and release the 5 he has taken captive." I stared.

"5? Who's the other 3?" She pulled out a picture. All 3 of our eyes widened. "Justin Beiber making out with a chipmunk?" She quickly put the picture away. "Sorry. That's my blackmail picture. This is it." Now our eyes widened again, but this time with shock. It was Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

"Robotnik has made clones of these 3 and has sent them off into separate lands. He figured with that done, he could find you faster. I hope you received the note?" We nodded. She must have paid that man to pretend to know mom and dad. "Do you feel rady to take on the challenges. Robotnik also made the necklaces, which you've broken," she smirked before continuing. "If one wears one, they are locked with that power. May," She looked up quickly. ""break this pillar." She showed a dis attached column. May walked over and punched it, breaking it into small, little crystals of rock. We were all in shock, except for Rebecca.

"You have the same powers as your siblings. Use them wisly and you shall defeat Robotnik. If I stay here, I will be roboticized. But whatever you do, DO NOT take those necklaces off." And with that, she left us and the lights came and left us, confused and hurt. We walked slowly out of the castle full of now bad memories, hand and hand, into the war that would end soon.

The End…..For now. Yes, The trilogy is still continuing, but I cant start until you tell me who you want. Do you want to know what greed almost got to May's head, or about the girl Michael could never get? I'll write both, you just tell me which one you want first. I got the ideas down already.