Summury:Takes place right after jacob kisses bella against her will and how she should have reacted.

I smiled as jake said something completely off the wall and hilarious. But he abrubtly stopped and just stared across the pond.

I frowned and my brows pulled together, "Jake, you okay?"I asked as I touched his arm. He was scaring me.

His eyes flashed to mine and he shook his head, "no,bella, nothing is okay. Im in love with you." He said bluntly a mean look in his black eyes.

Before I could say anything his lips were on mine. I pushed but he was too strong. His hands slowly started to travel and when his hands touched me inappropiately I bit him and screamed.

He eyes came back to reality and he finally realized what happened, "Bella, im so so sorry" he said sadly. He tried to grab my arm to explain but I jerked my arm free as tears raced down my cold face.

"no,jake, don't touch me!"I screamed through my tears.i took off towards the border line knowing that if I got far enough away from him alice could see me and edward could pick me up. I cried as I ran and thought,how could he do that he knows that I love edward. I felt so violated and dirty and ashamed that I was weak enough to let him kiss me.

When I arrived at the border line I saw a silver volvo flying around the corner. I smiled through my tears and yelled my beloved's name as he got out of the car and swept me up in his arms.

"Im so sorry," I sobbed into his neck as he carried me back to the car.i heard him sigh as he nuzzled his face into my hair.

"no, bella,don't you dare be sorry.i love you." He whispered as he sat me own in the passenger side and got onto his knees in front of me. After a moment of me crying and edwards comforting words edward said, "What happened, love?"he asked softly as he brushed his hand across my cheek.

I sighed and leaned toward the cold but comfortable touch, "we were just talking and then he told me that he was in love with me and I didn't have time to tell him no before he started to kiss me." I said with fresh tears in my eyes.

Edward sighed angrily, "did he touch you?" he asked giving my body a quick once over. I didn't want to tell that he had touched me but not raped me or anything but I did because I knew if I didn't alice would tell the words left my mouth he was cradiling me in his arms telling me that he love me.

After a few minutes we pulled away and he said he needed to get me home.i just he stood up I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him back down to my level, "I love you,edward,nobody else." I whispered softly.

He smiled, "I love you too,bella." He responded with a very passionate kiss which I gladly returned. The cold lips were like a home that I welcomed with open may think that he has no soul but I see how he treats me and I know there is a soul there wether he likes it or not.