Author's Note: And thus I begin a little side story. Every Digimon fan will remember the day the original DigiDestined (minus Kari, who was sick) fell into the Digital World for the first time and met with their Digimon partners. Even though the Digimon had been waiting for these people their whole lives, they still didn't quite know what to expect out of them. Join me now as we take a look at the DigiDestined Digimon…as they try to make sense out of "human beings".

Summary: After falling into the Digital World, seven kids each run into a partner Digimon. Obviously, they find these digital monsters to be a little weird. But for the DIGIMON themselves, looking at a human being for the first time isn't exactly their idea of normal. And naturally, there are a few things about humans and their behavior that they're curious about. Hoping to get familiar with the concept of humanity and their nature, each Digimon decides to get his/her partner alone…and get some questions answered. But what KIND of questions? @_@

Getting To Know You: Prologue

For all he knew, this was just supposed to be another day. But today, Koromon got something he never expected to see. He wandered through the trees, bouncing along since he had no legs, until he found something lying on the ground. It was some kind of creature.

It had two sets of long limbs, one set of those limbs having some object at their tips. They looked like shoes. The other set of limbs were mostly bare except for a garment that covered their upper portions. That was a shirt. There was one other thing Koromon couldn't help but notice. This thing had awfully big…hair. The top of its head looked like a huge furry pillow.

That's when it started to hit him. Koromon remembered hearing about one day getting a human partner. The partner was supposed to be something called a human being. Koromon looked the thing over, most likely a male, and grimaced.

"THIS is a human?"

To say it was a funny-looking creature would be an understatement. But this had to be the human partner he heard so much about. All Koromon had to do now was remember what his name was supposed to be. It took him a while to remember, but then he remembered. Now all he had to do was wake him up.

Koromon sat up on his chest and tried to wake him up. "Tai! Tai!"

The human known as Tai shook his head and moaned as he started to come to. He saw Koromon sitting on his chest…and immediately freaked out.


Tai pushed Koromon off his chest and started moving back. Perseverant Koromon bounced towards him.

Tai suddenly spoke. His memorable first words? "That is the last time I eat camp food!"

Koromon tried to calm him down. "Hey, you don't need to be afraid of me! I'm your friend! I'm your friend! I'm your friend!"

Tai blinked. "Uh…just what ARE you? Have you had your rabies shots?"

"Everything's gonna be alright now, Tai!" Koromon said cheerfully. "I've been waiting for you!"

"Waiting for me?"

"My name's Koromon! And we're…partners!"

"Koromon? That means…talking head?"

"It means 'brave little warrior'! And don't forget it, Tai!"

Koromon couldn't help but notice that Tai was giving him a weird look. "What are you supposed to be? And how do you know my name?"

As confused as Tai appeared, Koromon wasn't exactly enlightened either. He didn't know what to make of Tai, either. He knew he'd have a partner someday, but…how did he get one so…weird-looking?

~* Hmm…I wonder if he's like us? *~

Motimon heard something hit the ground with a huge thud. Feeling curious, he bounced over towards the source of the thump. After moving through the leaves and the bushes, Motimon did indeed find something on the ground. But it wasn't any Digimon he knew. This thing was different.

It had an orange cloth on its upper body and a frizzy hairstyle on his head. Motimon found it a little strange, seeing as how he didn't have any hair of his own. He also had a pair of brown shorts on his two legs and a pair of what looked like shoes on his feet. Motimon had never seen anything like this. From what he could make of it, it looked male, but he couldn't really tell. But there was something else that had his attention. It was this thing's backpack.

Motimon looked closely to see that this thing was carrying something. It looked like some electronic device. He didn't know what to make of it.

Suddenly, the thing started moaning. He was coming to. Motimon bounced near his head as he woke up.

"I feel as if an asteroid crashed on my head," he said. He sat up and looked around. "Amazing! I must have been blown to the other side of the campsite."

Motimon decided to make his presence felt. "Hello?"

The thing turned his head to see Motimon. He rubbed his eyes and his temples and looked at him again. Upon seeing Motimon, he started shifting back.

"Prodigious! Whatever it was we saw earlier, it has me hallucinating! I should probably make a note of that."

Motimon decided to chime in. "Hey, I'm no hallucination! I'm real!"

The thing reached over and placed a hand on Motimon's head. "Hmm…this hallucination feels real. And that means…y-y-you're not a hallucination, are you?"

"You're very observant," Motimon said dryly. "Hey, you're a weird-looking thing. Are you what I think you are?"

"Um…I'm not a pink…blotch, that's for sure."

Finally, Motimon began to figure it out. "Hey! Are you a human?"

There was a brief hesitation before he answered. "Yes, I…wait a minute…have I been abducted by aliens? You're not going to probe me, are you?"

"Does this look like a spaceship, genius?" Motimon pointed out dryly.

The human boy looked around. "Hmm…lush vegetation, yet the soil is common. This looks like another part of the campsite. Maybe I can find the others."

Without even letting Motimon get a word in edgewise, the human boy got up and started walking away. Motimon bounced over to catch up to him.

"Hey, uh…you know, I heard your name somewhere. Uh…now which one were you?"

The boy stopped and turned around. "Are you following me?"

"Why…no…I'm…tagging along. After all, you're my partner, aren't you?"

The boy raised an eyebrow. "I don't even know what you are. And I'm most certainly not your partner."

As the boy walked away again, Motimon kept pace. Finally, he remembered his human partner's name.

"I beg to differ…Izzy."

Izzy stopped and turned around again. "How did you know my name?" He was clearly taken by surprise.

"Because we're partners."

"No, we aren't! And stop following me!"

Izzy was walking faster and Motimon just tried to keep up. He looked like he was freaked out, which made Motimon pretty curious.

Do all humans behave like this?

Yokomon heard something land right by her. Thinking it was a lost Digimon, she went over to investigate. But she didn't find a Digimon. She found…something else. It was a thing wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants made of some material Yokomon had never seen before. She also had a funny-looking hat on.

Yokomon was still curious about those pants. She tried to feel the material with her mouth, since she didn't have any arms. But she unwittingly woke the thing up, because it started stirring.

"Tai…what are you…?!"

The thing sat up and looked right at Yokomon. It had a feminine voice and Yokomon determined that the thing was a female. Whatever it was, she reached over and picked Yokomon by the roots on her head.

"A vegetable?"

"Hey, that hurts!" Yokomon cried. "Put me down!"

The girl gasped and immediately let go, letting her fall to the ground with a thud. If Yokomon had a hand, she would have rubbed her backside.

"I'm dreaming!" the girl exclaimed. "I know I didn't just see that radish talk!"

"I am NOT a radish!" Yokomon huffed. "I'm a Digimon!"

The girl blinked. "A Digi-what?"

"A Digimon! Aren't you one, too?"

The girl turned over and put her face in the dirt. "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. This can't be real. That's the last time I eat camp food. Now I'm seeing talking radishes!"

Yokomon didn't inch any closer to this thing. She looked very strange and she was certainly acting very peculiar. It's like she wasn't a Digimon at all. Then she thought of something. She had heard of other creatures out there. And that's when she put two and two together.

"Hey, are you a human?"

The girl raised her head. "Of course I am. Do you think I'm a radish, like you?"

"Stop calling me a radish!" Yokomon growled. "So if you're a human…then that means you must be my partner. Is your name…Sora?"

The girl immediately got to her feet and ran behind a nearby tree. "How did you know my name? See, you can't tell me I'm NOT dreaming!"

"Sora, I don't think you're dreaming. This all looks pretty real to me."

Sora leaned over and examined little Yokomon. "If you're not a radish, then what are you?"

Yokomon grinned. "I'm your own personal Digimon. You and I are partners."

Sora took a moment to absorb that before shaking her head and getting to her feet. She started walking away. Yokomon bounced along to try to keep up.

"Where are you going?" Yokomon asked.

"I'm going to find my friends…or wake myself up."

"Can I come?"

"Uh…I guess so."

Feeling excited about having found her human partner, Yokomon bounced along right at Sora's side. But there was thing she couldn't deny. This human was a weird-looking creature and those pants sure felt unusual.

Did all humans wear such things?

Bukamon thought this was just going to be another day. But when he heard something land nearby, he decided to go see what it was. He didn't expect to see a creature with two long sets of limbs there. Bukamon leaned over and saw the thing was starting to wake up.

It sat up and first examined its own limbs. "Hmm…nothing broken. I might have a few bruises in the morning, though." Then he looked over and saw Bukamon.

"Hi there!" Bukamon said cheerfully.

The thing looked at Bukamon and sighed deeply. "Oh great. I'm dreaming. Well, I guess I'd better wake myself up."

The thing pinched one of its limbs and yelped. It looked around again until it saw Bukamon again and groaned.

"Great. I'm still seeing things that aren't there. I must be seeing hallucinations. Maybe those meteors gave me some kind of radiation poisoning! It's just my luck. Why can't radiation from a meteor do me good, like all those superheroes?"

Bukamon sweatdropped. "Hey, I'm here! You aren't seeing things."

"No, you can't be real. If you were real, then I could touch…"

The thing reached over and tapped Bukamon's nose. He quickly froze in his tracks.

"Um…does that mean you're real?"

Bukamon nodded. "You'd better believe it."


The next thing Bukamon knew, the thing was running towards a nearby tree and trying to climb it. He wasn't faring very well. It obviously wasn't a tree-climbing creature. Finally, it gave up and headed towards a bush and ducked in there. Bukamon curiously made his way in that direction and stopped at the bush.

"Hey, something scare you?"

The thing stuck its head out of the bush. "Well…have you seen yourself? You aren't exactly human."

Bukamon took to the air and flew over the thing's head. "Well you aren't exactly a…hey! Did you say you were…?"


Just as Bukamon was about to conclude this thing was a human, it was already off and running again. It was like this human had never seen a flying in-training Digimon before. Bukamon slowly flew over towards the next bush where the human was hiding, but it started running away again.

"Hey, why do you keep running?"

"Stay away!"

Bukamon found this behavior very odd. But of course he wasn't about to stop chasing what could only be his human partner. This game was pretty fun. Besides, the human had to get tired eventually.

But he started to wonder if all humans were this fearful?

Tanemon was just sleeping peacefully until something woke her up. It sounded like something fell to the ground near her. So she walked over to see what it was, walking up the adjacent hill. There was something lying on the ground, but it wasn't a Digimon. It was something else.

She was an odd-looking creature, but there was something about her that looked…stylish. Maybe it was the dress, the long hair, or maybe it was the lovely hat on this female's head. Tanemon tipped the hat off her head and examined it. Whatever this thing was, she certainly had good taste. But before Tanemon could examine the hat further, the thing was coming to.

"Oh…this is the last time I go to summer camp. Where am I?"

She looked around and stopped when she saw Tanemon. She just slowly reached over for her hat and put it back on her head.

"Um…gee…I must be dreaming. I didn't think vegetables had feet."

"I'm not a vegetable," Tanemon said. "And you aren't a Digimon."

The girl shrugged. "I'm most certainly…" The thing stopped and started backing up. "Uh…I've never seen a talking vegetable."

"Are you what I think you are?" Tanemon asked. "I haven't seen a Digimon like you, so that must mean…are you a human?"

The girl was getting nervous. "W-W-What if I am? You aren't going to eat me, are you? I've never eaten my vegetables before in my life. You don't have to eat me. I've never eaten any of your brothers and sisters."

Tanemon walked over and leaned on the girl's leg. "But I'm not a vegetable. I'm…"


The human girl got up and immediately started running away. Tanemon went as fast as her feet could carry her to keep up. But this human was obviously panicked. Tanemon could hardly believe that THIS could be her human partner. But she wouldn't mind. There was something about this human that seemed alright.

Were all humans this cool?

Tsunomon heard something crash in the area nearby. Sensing it was a Digimon in need, he slowly wandered towards the source of the crash. He saw something lying on the ground and it didn't look like a Digimon. It had a pair of pants with a sleeveless green shirt and a pair of brown gloves. Tsunomon couldn't help but notice the hair on its head. It was blond, but it looked…like there was something different about it. Tsunomon tapped the hair with the top of his head. It felt…crunchy.

The thing started to come to. "Don't…touch…the hair." He sat up and looked at Tsunomon. "What happened? What hit me?"

"Whatever it was, it left your hair pretty hard," Tsunomon replied. "I've never seen fur get so crunchy before."

The thing backed up. "What the heck are you?"


Tsunomon didn't get a chance to answer before something emerged from the bushes. It was another thing, similar to the creature Tsunomon was talking to. The only difference was that this thing looked younger and was carrying around a Digimon in his arms.

"TK, what are you doing? Put that thing down!"

Tsunomon casually inched forward. "Hey Tokomon."

Tokomon smiled. "Hi Tsunomon. Look what I found!"

The thing, Matt, wasn't smiling. "TK, put it down now!"

The creature called TK frowned. "Aw Matt, but it's cute."

"It's not human! You don't know what that thing is and you don't know where it's been! It could be dangerous! It could be rabid!"

"I'm not rabid," Tokomon pouted.

Tsunomon then realized something. "Hey, what are you saying? Are you humans?"

"Last time I checked," TK answered. "But what are you?"

"We're Digimon!" Tokomon answered excitedly. He leaped out of TK's arms and bounced continuously on the ground. "And you're the ones we've been waiting for! Isn't that right, Tsunomon?"

Tsunomon just shrugged. "I guess so. We've been waiting for humans our whole lives and I…guess you're humans. I just didn't think you'd look so…weird."

"You think WE look weird?!" Matt shot back. "Come on, TK. Let's get out of here before these things bite us or something."

TK frowned and picked up Tokomon. He brought him over and picked him up near Matt's face. "But Matt, he won't bite. He's harmless."

Of course, as if on cue, Tokomon reached over with a healthy set of teeth and bit Matt right on the nose.


"I'm NOT harmless!" Tokomon huffed. "Just because I'm cute doesn't mean I can't bite if I have to."

"Tokomon, that's no way to treat a human," Tsunomon chided. "Especially if he's your partner."

"But he's YOUR partner," Tokomon pointed out. "This one's mine, remember?"

It was all coming back to Tsunomon now. He recalled that something by the name of Matt was to be his human partner. This must have been him. But Tsunomon didn't expect such an…odd-looking creature.

"TK, maybe we should find the others," Matt finally said. "Now put that thing down."

Tokomon jumped out of TK's arms again and excitedly headed out. "I'll lead the way!"

TK followed along. "Ooh, follow the leader."

Matt ran after him. "TK, wait!"

Tsunomon just shrugged and followed after the other three. This was starting off as quite an interesting day. He didn't expect to run into his human partner. But he couldn't help but notice how protective he was of the littler one.

Were all humans this protective?

After getting away from Kuwagamon, the seven humans all huddled up in the distance trying to make something of everything's that happened. Agumon decided that getting a group meeting out of the way wasn't such a bad idea. So the seven Digimon, all having Digivolved to the rookie stage, all huddled up.

"So what do you think of them, guys?" Agumon asked.

"They definitely look weird," Gabumon began. "I've never seen anything like them."

"I wonder if other humans look that weird?" Gomamon added.

"I don't know about you guys, but I like my partner," Palmon chimed in. "I think she's really cool. You don't see Digimon with that kind of good taste in clothes."

"Palmon, we don't WEAR clothes," Gomamon pointed out.

"Have you noticed their clothes?" Biyomon asked. "You don't see stuff like that in the Digital World. I've never felt material like the fabric on that girl's pants."

"She's got a funny hat, though," Palmon noted. "Do all humans wear that kind of stuff?"

"There's something about my partner I can't put my finger on," Tentomon piped up. "He's carrying around some portable machine. It looks like a computer."

"Couldn't be," Gomamon scoffed. "There are no portable computers. The only computers we've seen are those humongous ones, like those ones we heard they have in Server."

"I didn't think humans had that sort of thing," Gabumon said.

Finally, Patamon put his two cents in. "You know something, guys? There's a lot about these humans we don't know."

"Patamon's right," Agumon concurred. "All we've been told is that we'd each get a human partner someday. But we were never actually told WHAT a human was."

"You think they're anything like us?" Tentomon asked.

"They look pretty big," Biyomon thought. "They're not quite as big as some champion-level Digimon, but they're bigger than us."

"But what about in terms of personality?" Palmon suggested. "Personally, I think my partner and I have a lot alike."

"How do you know that?" Gomamon muttered dryly. "You hardly know her."

"A girl can sense these things," Palmon responded. "You're just jealous because you aren't that close with YOUR partner. He's actually pretty scared of you."

Gomamon blinked. "He doesn't have to be scared of me. I mean…why would he be scared of me?"

"Don't ask me," Palmon shrugged. "Personally, I don't see anything scary about you. But that guy looks like he's scared of his own shadow. I hope all humans aren't like that."

Agumon then made a proposal. "Well, why don't we find out what humans are like?"

"How do we do that?" Biyomon asked.

"Simple. We have questions. Let's just ask."

"That sounds almost TOO easy," Patamon muttered.

"But it's not a bad idea," Gabumon thought. "We have questions. I'm sure they have answers. Besides, we've been confined to the Digital World and each other for so long. I find the idea of learning about these humans exciting. I know there are some things about Matt that I'm curious about."

"Looks to me like they're in a hurry, though," Tentomon pointed out. "I don't think they'll want to stop and take a bunch of questions from us."

"Then why don't we just do some one-on-one Q&A?" Agumon suggested.

"Sounds good," Gomamon agreed. "I don't want you guys knowing what I ask Joe anyway."

"I'm looking forward to some alone time with Mimi," Palmon grinned.

"I know there are a bunch of things about Sora I want to ask," Biyomon added.

"And I have a lot I want to ask Izzy," Tentomon said.

"And there are some things I want to know about Matt," Gabumon nodded.

"I wonder if TK's anything like me?" Patamon wondered.

"I'm wondering the same thing about Tai," Agumon concurred. "So I guess that it, guys. We're all agreed. Let's get to know these guys and find out what humans are about."

"When do we start?" Tentomon asked.

Agumon turned his head to see that the seven kids were arguing amongst themselves. They weren't quite getting along and didn't look to be in a good mood.

Agumon sweatdropped. "Maybe we should wait a while."

Next Time: We'll get our first one-on-one conversation. Agumon tries to learn about his new human partner. So what does he ask? And how long will it take to get on Tai's nerves? @_@

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