Title: Five Things about Aaron Hotchner that Aren't in His Personnel File

Author: Kuria Dalmatia

Rating/Warnings: R (profanity, offensive language, physical and verbal abuse), spoilers for Season 5. Occurs after "Faceless, Nameless"

Characters/Pairing: Hotch (Hotch/Haley, Hotch/Reid)

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Fact Five: Aaron Hotchner loves Spencer Reid.

With Haley, Aaron Hotchner knew immediately that he was going to marry her. He was never able to explain how he knew or aptly describe the emotions that came over him. He just knew.

It wasn't after the divorce was finalized that he realized that 'going to marry' didn't necessarily translate as 'being in love' or 'staying in love' for that matter. Again, it wasn't something that he could adequately explain except that he set the goal of marrying Haley back in high school and, while it took a bit longer than he expected, he still reached that goal.

If he had taken the time to really examine the relationship, he would have seen all the indications that perhaps he and Haley shouldn't have married in the first place. But that was 'water under the bridge' as they said. He couldn't change it. And, honestly, as much as it hurt, he didn't think he wanted to change it.

Because when he fell in love with Reid, Aaron knew exactly what it was and exactly why it was. He could spend hours talking about why he loved Reid, if he were the type of person to do that. He wasn't. So he didn't.

He knew he loved Reid. Reid knew he loved him. It was that simple. It was that solid.

It also wasn't something Aaron was about to share with Doctor Frost, patient confidentiality or not. He offered up, "The only photos of Jack I carry with me are on my cell phone."

Again, Frost took the meager thread he was offering her and proceeded to unravel it with such predictability that it annoyed him almost to the point of tipping his hand so that she would see that she was being manipulated.

He didn't.

Frost connected Jack to Haley to the Cha-Cha to Han Solo. She didn't include the McRib.

Hotchner Four, Frost One.

Oh, who was he kidding?

Hotchner Five, Frost Zero.

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