So you think you know Sir Leon? You're wrong. Time to know the truth, his secret, the one thing they've yet to reveal on the show… And crack!fic, crack!pairing, crack!idea. Should be short chapters filling in the missing plot holes from the end of s2 to s3… in the view of what you're about to learn about Sir Leon.

Knight in Charred Armor

A Merlin Fanfic by Kitty O

A small foot landed on the armored man's back, pushing gently until he rolled over onto his back with a peculiar crunchy sound.

The large-eyed blonde woman bent down, but immediately lurched back to her feet, assaulted with the stink of burned flesh. She stared down, lip curling in distaste, at the blackened face.

Dead. This one was dead.

Faintly disgusted despite being fascinated, she moved on. She'd been wondering around the carnage for what felt like hours, and they were all dead, without exception. The blonde couldn't stop now though; there was an off-chance one still lived. She went to the next one.

A dark-haired, burly man with a square jaw.


A thinner man, almost unrecognizable behind the blackness of his skin—crusty burnt skin.


A man with a big nose and blond hair.


A light-brown-haired man with light skin, barely burned.


No, wait.

She leaned close, ignoring the smell, and watched as his chest rose once, a pained, slight movement, and then fell. As she watched, it came back up. His face spasmed in pain for a moment, and she realized that he wasn't so near death that he couldn't feel. Then the expression fell away, and she wondered if he was conscious and trying to be brave.

Whether or not he was aware, he was alive. Most definitely. How exciting.

"You," she whispered, laying a hand on his cooked breastplate, "must have a charmed life. Surviving a dragon attack? Amazing. What do you say I help you with these injuries, hmm?"

He didn't answer, but he breathed, and she decided to take that as a yes.

Her wide eyes flashed gold.

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