Chapter one

"New Girl"

I sat at the regular lunch table with my family they all chated quietly with each other while I sat here. I tried to ignore the adolesent teens as they lusted after the new girl, Isabella swan, but by the sound of it she hates the name Isabells and prefers .

I starred as Bella walked in with a girl whom I know as Jessica Stanely, she wasn't the nicest person in the world and I wondered why Bella was even friends with her. I then noticed Angela Weber sitting beside her and I sighed happily, knowing that Bella had atleast one nice friend made me happy.

I suddenly heard someone say my name from across the crowded cafeteria and I zoned in on the voice.

"who are they?" i heard Bella asked shyly.

Jessica sighed, "Those are the Cullens. They are outcasts noone ever talks to them and they are really weird." She sniffed.she was thinking of the time that I turned her down. Then I heard a thought that mirrored my own.

Bella giggled, "I wonder when he turned her down," she thought.i stifled a laugh and my family gave me weird looks. I just held up my hand and shook my head.

Bella then asked jessica our names, "The big, burly one is Emmett,his girlfriend is the supermodel over there, Rosalie,alice is the little girl with spiky hair, jasper is the one who always looks like he is pain and he is alice's boyfriend, and there is Edward he has the bronze hair." She said with a proud smile. "maybe she will be my friend since I dished to her" the girl thought meanly.

"Does Edward have anybody?" Bella asked with a confused face.Jessica then laughed in her mind, "Ha!like she could get him."she thought sarcasticly.

Jessica shook her head sadly, "No, and he doesn't date, at all." She said dramaticly.

Bella flicked her warm brown eyes over to our table and surprisingly her thoughts weren't lustful only concerened, "That is really sad, must be hard living in a house ith other couples while you are by yourself," she sighed softly and turned her attention back to her friends.

They talked about nonsense the whole time but I listened anyway. Her mind was an interesting place to be. She was soft, warm,sensitive,empathtic,and a really good listener. But one thing shocked me more than anything, she was selfless. No teenagers these days were like that but she was. As everyone was getting up to leave emmett looked at me, "what was that about bro?" he thought curiously.

I gave him a small smile, "New girl," I murmured softly,knowing that he could hear me.

He smiled big showing all of his teeth, "anything good about the Cullen Clan," he whispered back as he rubbed his hands together.

I chuckled softly, "She isn't like normal teens that's for acts like she has lived for as long as I

has an old soul."I said with a soft smile.

Emmett gawfed loudly as we walked down the hall, "Dude, you got googly eyes for the new girl." He said in his teasing tone.

I huffed and crossed my arms, "Goodbye, Emmett, see you in spanish." I called as I left him standing in the halls with a goofy look on his face.

I shook my head as I laughed at my brother, he could be so annoying but he was my favorite brother. I walked into the biology room not knowing the horrifing hour that awaited me.